YES scheme or Yatri Empowerment through SMS on Indian Rail

YES scheme or Yatri Empowerment scheme through SMS Launched

Indian Railways Western railways zone announced a new Passenger friendly service called YES scheme or Yatri Empowerment scheme through SMS scheme for onboard passengers. YES, service is currently available on important trains of BCT division of Western rail. By the help of this service, passengers are getting long time demand facilities on SMS.

What all services are offered on YES Scheme or Yatri Empowerment scheme through SMS by Indian Railways?

Indian Rail offers several passenger-friendly facilities are offered in association with Yatri Empowerment through SMS scheme.   Following are the summary facility offers on YES scheme

  • Watering
  • Linen
  • Pests/ Rodents
  • Cleanliness.

Highlights of YES Scheme or Yatri Empowerment scheme through SMS

  Following All In One Solutions provided to both Passengers and Railways  

For Passengers

  • SMS based Linen / Bedroll Request
  • SMS Based Water Filling Request
  • SMS based OBHS Request Capturing
  • SMS Based Pest / Rodent Control Request
  • SMS Based feedback System

For Railways

  • Graphical Analysis of Data
  • Instant SMS alerts and Detailed Position on Email

Benefits of YES Scheme

Following are the benefits of YES scheme introduction  

  • Transforms On-Board Services On Demand service.
  • One system integrates all onboard services.
  • Redressal Confirmed by Complaint directly using e-generated code.
  • Empowering Rail Passengers by Automated System.
  • Virtual Communications between Rail Administration and passenger
  • Easy to Spot the passenger to serve him better.
  • Closed-loop Passenger Driven feedback system to ensure complaint low.
  • Close monitoring of action taken on request by Login to the web page of the system by Admin Anywhere / at all times.

Another noticeable benefit for the Indian railways is that no need of increasing the Man Power. Because the YES scheme aim is to utilize the person for your service on truthful manner.

What all ways we can register the service Request for YES Scheme?

We can request the YES scheme service via following methods. Its not necessary to SMS always, you have other options also allowed by railways.

  1. SMS
  2. Webpage
  3. Mobile App
  4. Mobile Page

Step by Step Method to Register on YES Seva through SMS

Yatri Empowerment through SMS formats to be send

Cleaning For cleaning you have to send the SMS on the following format to Indian Railways attended YESWR10 Digit PNRC   to  Mobile No: 9200003232   In alternatively you can report via YES scheme Website with PNR Number

YES Facility - Online Website Registration Process

Bed Roll

For getting Bed Roll you have to send the SMS on the following format to Indian Railways attender   YESWR10 Digit PNR B to 9200003232


For getting Watering you have to send the SMS on the following format to Indian Railways attender   YESWR 10 Digit PNR W to 9200003232

Pest Control

For getting pest control service you have to send the SMS on the following format to Indian Railway’s attender YESWR 10 Digit PNR P to 9200003232   In summary for getting the services from YESWR you have to send SMS to 9200003232 by typing CLEAN  Space  10-digit PNR number  Space  SERVICE TYPE CODE The Yatri Empowerment System will forward the request to the mobile phone of the onboard staff present in the particular train directly or the concerned Divisional control office if onboard staff not available. The Railway Administration will also simultaneously receive an intimation of such requests for follow up.  

Response SMS after YES request

Once you have send the SMS request, will receive message like

“Thank you for contacting YES:- FEEDBACK CODE:1111, Name (Mobile Number) will report you shortly, Please share the feedback code with Him”


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