Train Live Running Status on Mobile

Whats Up Live Train Running Status
Whats Up Live Train Running Status

Whats App : Real Time Train Status

Train running information via WhatsApp is the latest trend of Real Time running status inquiry.

I know you are thinking how its possible ? Yes! You are hear right, now its possible to check the Train Running status of any train in just a WhatsApp message distance.

Please follow below steps to know the Train Running Status via Whats Up Step by step

  1. Save a new Contact No 7349389104 in your mobile on any name. But I recommend you to specify like “Live Train Status” for the easy identification on future.
  2. For checking the Train Running status Type your Train Number and send message.
  3. You will get corresponding Trains Running Status information immediately on the same What’s App contact.

Sample output image is as follows

Whats App Train Tracker

Yes its that simple process. Try it now.

The Whats Up train running status is provided by famous Make My Trip Website only. By the help of this we can find the PNR Status as well.

For identifying the PNR status you have Enter message in following format.

Check your PNR Status Now


Where PNRNO is the actual PNR Number. 

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