Western Railway :: Transparency Portal

Western Railway Transparency Portal
Western Railway Transparency Portal

Waiting List Clearance Position and Additional Coaches Details In 3 Days Advance

I think we all need to thank western railways for getting fantastic gift like Transparency of the Ticket confirmation and additional coach information. Western Railway Transparency Portal details are following.

Western railways announced that, they will provide transparent information about the Probability of the ticket confirmation as well as additional coach announcement in 3 days advance, so that we can plan our travel accordingly.

All these information incorporated on the Western railways official website under Passenger and freight service menu.

The tentative plan of extra coaches may vary subject to the availability of coaches and other constraints.Western Railways’s website also gives the current information on availability of vacant berths in its major trains in each direction.

Similarly, it also provides current position of clearance of waiting list in each class of major trains in each direction to enable the passengers to have an idea of pattern of confirmation of wait listed tickets.

Western Railway Transparency Portal : How to Work

This passenger friendly information is uploaded on WR’s website under the menu “Passenger  Freight Services” on the home page.

The waiting list clearance position of the previous days is uploaded under the head “Waiting List Clearance Position” in the same menu.

Availability position of vacant berths in major trains for next few days is made available under the head “Availability Position“.

Western Railway Transparency Portal
Western Railway Transparency Portal


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