Water Vending Machines : Indian Railway

Water ATM by Indian Railway

Indian Railway is installing various water vending machines / Water ATM across various Railway stations in India for giving good and hygienic water to the passengers. It is very help full to the passengers because the rate of this water is low compared to other bottle water.  Following are the details of Water Vending Machines / Water ATM by Indian Railway.
 Updated : 21.06.2017
Following are the details of water charges of water supplied from the Water Vending Machines by Indian Railway. 

 Water Charges
Commuters with a container/bottle are charging
Water Vending Machines : Charges of Water
Water Vending Machines : Charges of Water
  • Rs.1 for 300 ml
  • Rs.3 for 500 ml
  • Rs.5 for 1 liter
  • Rs.8 for 2 liters 
  • Rs.20 for 5 liters

Commuters without a container are charging

  • Rs.2 for 300 ml
  • Rs.5 for 500 ml 
  • Rs.8 for 1 liter 
  • Rs.12 for 2 liters 
  • Rs.25 for 5 liters 

Water Vending Machines : Central Railway

37 Water Vending Machines at 20 Railway Stations under Central Railway. Thirty Seven water vending machines have been commissioned at 20 stations across the Central railway, a famous Newspaper reported.  
Name of the Railway Stations :-  The water vending machines have been installed at the Dadar, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, LLT, Thane, Kalyan, Panvel, Ijatpuri, Byculla, Mulund, Kalwa, Mumbra, Dombivali, Mankhurs, Kings circle and Reay Road Stations.
Technology Used :- A water Vending Machines users Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification Technology which helps in removing bacteria from the water. These machines will enable passengers to purchase purified water at reasonably low rates. 

Roll out plan of Water Vending Machines during August 2016 by Indian Railway

Updated : 03.08.2016
Indian Railway decided to install more Water Vending Machines in Railway Stations for the comfort and convenience of the passengers.  In a move to improve the passenger amenities railway will install total of  270 Water ATM in stations in this August.
Water Vending Machines
Water Vending Machines
  • Lucknow Division : 10
  • Ambala Division : 15 
  • Jaipur Division : 5 
  • Firozpur Division : 10
  • Moradabad Division : 12
  • Delhi Division : 10
  • Ajmer Division :  5 
  • Ratlam Division : 12
  • Mumbai Central Division :  10
  • Kota Division :  12
  • Trichi Division : 9
  • Chennai Division : 30
  • Bangalore Division :  15
  • Hubli Division : 12
  • Vijayawada Division : 17 
  • Hyderabad Division : 10
  • Samastipur Division :  15

    Water Vending Machines by Indian Railway
    Water Vending Machines by Indian Railway
  • Khurda Division :  10
  • Sealdah Division : 5
  • Mugalsarai Division : 10
  • Asansol Division : 10
  • Ahmedabad Division :  10
  • Lumding Division :  10
  • Khurda Road : 10
  • Danapur : 10
  • Sealdah : 5 
  • Guntkal : 15
  • Solapur : 5
Total Nos. 270

Water ATM in Railway Stations

Updated : 02.08.2016
Indian Railway launched new initiative called Water Vending Machines for the aim of Making Drinking Water Available at Railway Stations. Water ATM is a unique initiative to deliver pure, chilled water to passengers at a very low cost.It is Railways’ endeavor to provide drinking water at all stations on Indian Railways. As such, eight stations viz. Bhopal, Dwarka, Gadag, Guwahati, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Madurai, Patna and Tirupati stations have been identified for provision of RO drinking water units on experimental basis. Further, 346 Water Vending Machines have been provided at stations. 
Indian Railway installed 300 water ATM across 18 divisions, 60 stations. 1200 stations are identified, 3000 water ATM planned for installation. 500 to be earmarked for self help groups. It will generate employment and will reduce environment pollution by reducing consumption of plastic bottles. Railway is planning for 8500 Water Vending Machines and will cover all the station.

List of Stations having Water ATM

  • Religious places provided with water vending machines: Haridwar,Mathura,Ujjain,Varanasi,Rishikesh,Puri,Madurai. 
  • 2 Water Vending Machine commissioned at  Raja ki Mandi, Agra div and 
  • commissioned at Bettiah, Samastipur division. 
  • RO plant installed at Pune Railway station and it has a capacity of 72000 lit water per day.

Water Vending Machines commissioned Dates

  • Two at Mathura
  • Two at Samastipur div at Raxaul
  • One at Hyderabad div of Nizamabad
    in Telangana
  • One Mathura in UP
  • Two at Mumbai BCT division of
    Marine Lines in Mumbai Suburban of Maharashtra
  • Two Moradabad division
  • One Samastipur division
  • One at Motihari in Bihar
  • Two at Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh
  • Four at Chandausi in Uttar
  • Two at Nizamabad in Telangana
  • One at Bhubaneswar in Odisha
  • Two at Dhanu Road in Maharashtra
  • Two at Sugauli in Bihar


  1. Hi I am passenger travelling from Newdelhi to Chennai. While travelling towards chennai in Itarisi junction I stepped down to refill my drinking in the RO water vending machine of irctc. The sign boards shows a price of Rs 5 for refilling without CONTAINER. But the shop vendor sales its for Rs 10.. If he sells Rs 10 for everyone means ok.. If I ask he is arguing with us.. Not only in water in every item we purchase these fraudsters are selling the everytime to us like this..

  2. Ajmer Railway Station water vending machines of platform no. 1, 2&3 ,4 are selling direct tap water in the name of RO
    Pls look into the matter.

  3. Manmad railway station platform number 5 and 6 water wending operator manner less and chutiya banao .com schmee mashine is not operating properly demanding 10 rs

    Operator outside and station pakit chor in side
    Plz take serious matter


  4. I was waiting for water at water vending machine,nobody came, it was open,but closed by vendor, I asked near by stalls, they said he will come, but he didn’t came, kindly take of this issue.because many went with thirsty,
    Place:ratlam junction, platform no6

  5. Water vending machine installed at Bhopal Junction on Platform inbetween 2 & 3 is both working properly since long.As 300ML dispenser rap is not working almost 3months.Which force to passengers to pay more amount and it’s water of water and money.
    Please look into matter and resolve the issue.

  6. सर हम भी वाटर एटीएम मशीन लगाना चाहते हैं इसके लिए हमें जानकारी चाहिए प्लीज रिप्लाई मोर कमेंट इसके लिए हमें क्या करना होगा सर हमें विस्तार से जानकारी दीजिए

  7. 1 LTE.water selling form water vendor machine Rs.10/- including bottle but actual price 8/- also water machine vendor argumen with me for price
    It was selling howrah railway station platform no 18 plz do something

  8. Water vending machine (1A) at Platform 1 of Kanpur Central is providing pess than the standard. I have even checked with standard litre available with vendor.

    Isn’t an organized loot by irctc?

  9. It’s literally un hygienic water, people carrying their own bottles to connect directly water filling point without inspecting, any person can pick empty water bottle from garbage and directly connect to the filling point? Any guarantee of hygienic water gives to customers??
    What’s FSSAI Says??

  10. Gaziabad station per water atm machine opreator jyada paise wasool rha h…or jyada paise na dene per gali galaz or marpeet krta h….

  11. Pune pletform no 1 pe ho ro plant lagaa hai o Paani maganae per bolta hai ki Pani nahi hai,or Pani ki meri samne black supply karta hai or bolne per kaha hai ki Maira complen Kar do?

  12. Unnao station par water ATM ka cooling plant train aane se phahle band kar diya jata hai.operator se complain no.mangne par koi response nahi diya jata hai.awaidh wendor se santhghat hai uski kanch kijiye sir please jisse hum railway ki suwidha ka Labh utha saje


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