Waiting Rooms in Railway Stations

Waiting Rooms in Railway Stations
Waiting Rooms in Railway Stations

Waiting Rooms in Railway Stations

Waiting rooms are available at major stations for use by genuine passengers. These can be ✅ used free of cost on production of journey tickets for a few hours till the connecting train arrives. Till departure train comes. This logic is somewhat similar to airport waiting systems. If the passenger wants to stay, Railway arranged Retiring Rooms in Railway Stations. For the passengers, IRCTC opens a world-class Executive Lounge (private waiting Area) also at the Railway Stations.

Dormitories Closed By Railway

Central Railway announced that In order to restrict spread of COVID-19, dormitories at CSMT and LTT station have been closed untill further notice. All are requested to kindly co-operate as preventive measure against Covid 19.


Types of Waiting Rooms

There are 3 types of Waiting Rooms

  • Lower Class Waiting Rooms – Non AC
  • Ladies Waiting Rooms – Non AC
  • Upper-Class Waiting Rooms – AC

The lower class and ladies are non AC but the upper class is AC. The upper class is for 3A/2A/1A/EC/CC passengers and non-AC rooms are for SL/2S passengers having confirmed or RAC tickets. There is a toilet usually in most waiting rooms but no shower facility.


Waiting Rooms : Rules by Railway

Waiting Rooms are present at all major railway stations in India mostly on Platform no. 1 or on the terminus side. They are for short term duration use and are free. They are for passengers waiting for departure (outbound trains) and not for arrival. They provide limited seating areas for passengers waiting to catch a train and so no reservations are allowed and seating is first come first served.

  • According to rules, it is 3 hours before departure or after the arrival of your train.
  • One should possess a valid ticket with a PNR number.
  • An entry needs to be made in the waiting room register.
  • Passenger can only enter the respective waiting room for the class of travel.
  • At the destination station, passengers are not allowed to spend time in Waiting Room.
  • At intermediate station where you have to change the train, you can spend time in the Waiting room till your train arrives.

If the train is late and you are not getting the waiting room you can ask for help to railway police and stay in the waiting room or a station in the permission of the Railway Officer, in that time no restriction for time.

Stations List

Waiting Rooms in Different Stations Details

Details of Waiting Rooms in different Railway Stations in India

Waiting Room : Kannur Railway Station

Waiting Room : Dimapur, Nagaland Railway Station

Waiting Room : Mumbai Central Railway Station

Waiting Room : Anand Vihar Railway Station

Waiting Room : Guntakal Railway Station

Guntakal Waiting Area at Guntakal Railway StationRailway Station Waiting area details

Waiting Room : Ahmedabad Station

General category Waiting Room in Ahmedabad railway station on Platform 8/9.

Waiting Room : Bhagalpur Railway Station

Renovated Ladies waiting Hall at Bhagalpur Railway Station

Ladies waiting Hall at Bhagalpur Railway Station
Ladies waiting Hall at Bhagalpur Railway Station

Waiting Room : Kalupur Stations

IRCTC lounge in Kalupur (Ahmedabad) railway station is available for ₹ 60 per hour. AC sitting, wi-fi, toilet, and charging port are available over there.

Waiting Room : Kollam Station

At Kollam station the Waiting Room facility is manned by Kudumbashree and the hall has a seating capacity of 40. A mini library, TV, washrooms and a kids play zone are additional features of these AC waiting hall. A reasonable entry fee of ₹ 25/hour is charged.

Waiting Room : New Delhi Railway Station

Two upper class AC waiting halls have been made available at New Delhi Railway Station, one each on Paharganj and Ajmeri Gate side. Passengers can avail the facility by paying a Nominal charge of ₹ 10/hr per person.

Waiting Room : Puratchi Thalaivar Dr M G Ramachandran Railway Station (Chennai Central)

Waiting Room : Puratchi Thalaivar Dr M G Ramachandran Railway Station (Chennai Central)
Waiting Room : Puratchi Thalaivar Dr M G Ramachandran Railway Station (Chennai Central)

Waiting Room : Patna Jn. Station

New waiting hall at Patna Jn. Station in 7500 Sqr ft area with over 300 persons seating capacity. Further 200 more seats can be added, 65″ – Digital screens with entertainment and train information 24×7, Madhubani Paintings, Centrally air conditioned hall, 100% Led lighting.

Waiting Room : Patna Jn. Station
Waiting Room : Patna Jn. Station

Waiting Room : Sambalpur Railway Station

A modern and Integrated Air-conditioned Waiting Hall is in Sambalpur Railway Station. This Integrated Waiting Hall is attached to Food Court of the Station and passenger need not go outside to get Snacks and Drinking Water. 1900 sqft modern waiting area facilities have been provided to the passengers at a cost of about ₹ 25 lakhs. Public Address System has been installed in the Integrated Waiting Hall to enable the passengers to know about information o­n arrival and departure of Trains.

Besides choice of refreshments, Modern Steel Chairs are available in the Integrated Waiting Hall. The state of the art Integrated Waiting Hall is the o­nly of its kind in Sambalpur Railway Division where passengers can get relax during waiting their trains with the option to munch o­n snacks, chocolates and other food items or sip tea, coffee and juice. Apart from the above, the well furnished Integrated Waiting Hall has been given look of local Arts and Culture having Divyang Friendly facilities.

Waiting Room : Sealdah Railway Station

New Upper Class Waiting Room for more comfort to the passengers commissioned at Sealdah station (Eastern Railway) on 21.9.2019. The new Upper Class Waiting Room at Sealdah opened on 21.09.2019 by an elderly lady passenger in presence of DRM/ Sealdah and other senior Divisional Officers.

Waiting Room : Trivandrum Central Station

AC Paid waiting room at Trivandrum Central with seating capacity of 48 passengers has been set up in association with Kudumbashree, an all women Self Help Group under Govt. of Kerala.A reasonable entry fee of ✅ ₹ 25/hour is charged.

Vishakhapatnam Railway Station Gaming Zone For Passengers

First time in Indian Railways a gaming zone has been developed at PF No.1 of Vishakhapatnam Railway Station for waiting passengers and their children. This is an innovative initiative by Waltair Division.




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