Vistadome Trains Details

Vistadome coaches by Indian Railway
Vistadome coaches by Indian Railway

Glass – Roofed Vistadome Tourist Trains : Indian Railway

Indian Railway introduced Vistadome trains to promote tourism through the railway. These trains help to connect different tourist destinations across the country. The modern features of this train are meant to give comfort and easiness to travelers. Initially, the coach was introduced on Jan Shatabdi Express on the Mumbai-Madgaon route in 2018 route for passengers to enjoy the view of the Western Ghats. Following are the details of Glass – Roofed trains/Vistadome train services by Indian Railway.  

Vista Dome Coaches/Trains : Booking, Fare Details

Vista Dome Coaches : Booking

  • You can book the tickets from IRCTC website, so go to IRCTC website,
  • Login by entering your user name and password on the website ✅ You should enter the ✅ Captcha in the prescribed column.
  • Enter From and To stations, Journey date, category.
  • But for the Class, select only AC Chair Car or Exective Chair Car for Vistadome Coaches booking, and deselect all other classess.
  • Then you can see all the fare details.
  • To book tickets, click on the “Book Now” button under the availability option.
  • In the next pages, you can see Passenger Details, Review Booking, and Payment options.
  • For further details regarding Train Ticket Booking, go to Railway Ticket Enquiry

Fare of AC Vistadome Coaches

Trains At A Glance 2022 – 2023 : Train Fare of AC Vistadome Coaches

Indian Railway announced via Trains at a Glance 2022 – 2023 (w.e.f 01.10.2022 to 30.09.2023) the train fare of AC Vistadome Coaches are following.

AC Vistadome Coaches: The base fare of AC Vistadome (Glass top) coach is 1.1 times of Executive Class base fare of Shatabdi Express trains.

Fare Structure of AC Vistadome Coaches

  • Fare
    • The base fare of AC Vistadome (Glass Top) coach shall be 1.1 times of executive class base fare of Shatabdi train.
    • Other charges like reservation fee, superfast surcharge, Goods and service tax etc. as applicable for EC class shall be levied separately. 
  • Other Conditions
    • Normal Child fare rules will apply. No concessional tickets and tickets against Free complimentary passes which are not fully reimbursed shall be admissible in this coach. 
    • Booking of tickets against Passes issued to Member of Parliaments and Rail travel coupons (RTCs) issued to MLA / MLCs, Warrants etc for which fare are fully reimbursed shall be permissible in this coach.
    • The eligibility of Privilege pass / PTO / Duty pass etc. for Railway employees shall be on par with eligibility in the executive class of Shatabdi trains. 
  • Discounted Schemes
    • Vacant berths left at the time of first charting would be offered for current booking. Tickets under current booking shall be sold at the last price sold for that class with 10% discount on last price and other supplementary charges like reservation fee, superfast charges, Goods and service tax etc. as applicable shall be levied in full.
    • Discount schemes on vacant seats shall also be applicable for this coach. 
  • Refund Rules
    • Normal cancellation and refund of fare rule as applicable for Executive class shall apply.
    • The above fare structure shall be applicable for all the existing Vistadome coaches and new additional Vistadome coaches (except those running over sections where DRMs have been empowered by Heritage Directorate to approve tariffs). In the existing Vistadome coaches at present running in different train services, the above fare shall be implemented from no booking date or advance reservation period date whichever is earlier. 

Fare of Mumbai and Madgaon Janshatabdi Express with Vista Dome Coaches

Central Railway announced the fare of Mumbai and Madgaon Vista Dome Coaches. Following are the details.

  • Fare will be equivalent to that of Executive class in Shatabdi Express without Catering charges.
  • Reservation Charges, GST and any other charges will be levied in addition to the basic fare.
  • There shall be no concession and all passengers will be charged at full fare. Minimum chargeable distance shall be 50 km.

Vista Dome Coaches/Trains List

Status of Vistadome Coaches / Trains

Indian Railway announced on 03.08.2022 that at present, 33 Vistadome Coaches are attached in 23 pairs of trains as under:-

  • Note : Central Railway announced that CR attached o­ne Vistadome coach to Train Nos.22119/22120 Mumbai – Karmali Tejas Express from 15.9.2022 to 31.10.2022. Central Railway is running 5 Vistadome coaches and with the attachment of Vistadome coach to Tejas Express, it will be 6 in all. 

Updated : 11.10.2022

Additional Vistadome Coaches added to fulfil the demand of tourists during festive season

The Northeast Frontier Railway has attached o­ne additional Vistadome coach each in train no. 15888/15887 (Guwahati – Badarpur – Guwahati) Vistadome Tourist Express & 12088/12087 (Guwahati – Naharlagun – Guwahati) Vistadome Shatabdi Express for a period of o­ne month.

  • Train no.15888/15887 has been attached with a vistadome coach from 01st of October to 02nd of November.
  • Train no.12088 has been attached with a vistadome coach from 02nd of October to 31st of October
  • Train no.12087 from 03rdof October to 01st of November; 2022.The trains will now run with a revised composition of 07 (seven) Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches having modern passenger amenities.

The details of stoppages and timings of these tourist express trains are available at IRCTC website and through NTES. Passengers are requested to verify the details before undertaking their journey.

Updated : 12.09.2022

Train No. 22119 / 22120 Mumbai CSMT- Karmali – Mumbai CSMT ‘Tejas’ Express with One Vista Dome coach ~ 15.09.2022

Konkan Railway announced that Railway has been decided to extend the services of Train No. 22119 / 22120 Mumbai CSMT- Karmali – Mumbai CSMT ‘Tejas’ Express up to Madgaon Jn. with effect from 01/11/2022. Details are as under:

  • Train No. 22119 / 22120 Mumbai CSMT- Madgaon Jn.- Mumbai CSMT ‘Tejas’ Express
    • Train No. 22119 Mumbai CSMT – Madgaon Jn. ‘Tejas’ Express will leave from Mumbai CSMT at 05:50 hrs every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 01/11/2022. Train will reach Madgaon Jn. at 14:40 hrs on the same day.
    • Train No. 22120 – Madgaon Jn.- Mumbai CSMT ‘Tejas’ Express will leave from Madgaon Jn. at 15:15 hrs every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 01/11/2022. Train will reach Mumbai CSMT at 23:55 hrs on the same day.
      • Train will halt at Dadar, Thane, Panvel, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Kudal and Karmali stations.

Dadar, Thane, Panvel, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Kudal, Karmali
O­ne Vistadome coach, 11 AC chair car, o­ne AC Executive Chair Car and Two Luggage, generator cum brake vans.

Bookings for Vista Dome Coach : Bookings for the Tejas Express leaving CSMT/Madgaon w.e.f. 1.11.2022 will open from 17.9.2022 at all the computerised reservation centres and o­n website

Train Nos.12025/12026 Pune – Secunderabad Express with Vistadome Coach w.e.f 10.08.2022

Fifth Vistadome coach of Central Railway is added to Pune – Secunderabad  Shatabdi Express. Passengers of Pune – Secunderabad Shatabdi Express will enjoy the Ujni backwaters and dam near Bhigwan, famous for many inland and migratory birds, also relish the scenic beauty of the forest as it  traverse through Ananthagiri Hills near Vikarabad.

  • Train No.12025 Pune – Secunderabad Shatabdi Expresss will leave Pune at 6.00 am (except Tuesday) and will arrive Secunderabad  at 2.20 pm same day.  
  • Train No.12026 Secunderabad – Pune Shatabdi Express will leave Secunderabad at 2.45 pm (except Tuesday) and will arrive Pune at 11.10 pm same day (except Tuesday).

Train Nos.12125/12126 Mumbai – Pune Pragati Express with Vistadome Coach w.e.f 19.07.2022

  • Train No.12125 Mumbai – Pune Pragati Express will leave Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai at 16.25 hrs daily with effect from 25.07.2022 and will arrive Pune at 19.50 hrs o­n same day.
  • Train No.12126 Pune – Mumbai Pragati Express will leave Pune at 07.50 hrs daily with effect from 25.07.2022 and will arrive Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai at 11.25 hrs same day

Dadar, Thane, Panvel, Karjat, Lonavala, Shivaji Nagar (only for 12125).
LHB: o­ne Vistadome Coach, o­ne AC Chair Car, 11 Second Class Chair Car (5 fully reserved, 4 unreserved, o­ne for Season Ticket holders and o­ne ladies coach – 54 seats for lady season ticket holders and 54 reserved seats for ladies) and o­ne General second class including guard’s brake van.

Train No. 12009/10 Mumbai Central – Gandhinagar Capital Shaatabdi Express with Vista Dome coach

Train No. 12009/10 Mumbai Central –Gandhinagar Capital Shatabdi Express with Vista Dome coach

Western Railway announced that an additional Vista Dome coach was introduced in Train No. 12009/10 Mumbai Central – Gandhinagar Capital Shatabdi Express o­n temporary basis for a period of o­ne month from 11.04.2022 to 10.05.2022. The train runs six days a week, except Sunday. The Vista dome coach has a seating capacity of 44 passengers. It boasts of features such as large glass windows, glass roofs, rotating seats and an observation lounge has become popular amongst the travellers with more & more passengers opting for this joyride coach. This coach enables passengers to witness breath-taking glimpses of the enroute landscapes & sceneries.

  • Train No 12009 Mumbai Central – Gandhinagar Capital Shatabdi Express departs from Mumbai Central at 06.10 hrs and reaches Gandhinagar Capital at 13.40 hrs o­n the same day.
  • Train No 12010 Gandhinagar Capital – Mumbai Central Shatabdi Express departs from Gandhinagar Capital at 14.20 hrs to arrive Mumbai Central o­n the same day at 21.45 hrs.


The train has halts at Borivali, Vapi, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Anand, Nadiad and Ahmedabad stations in both directions.

Ahmedabad – Kevadiya Express with Vistadome Coaches

  • Train Nos.20947/48 Ahmedabad – Kevadiya Express
  • Train Nos.20949/50 Ahmedabad – Kevadiya Express

Tinsukia – Naharlagun Vistadome Express

Train Nos.15907/15908 Tinsukia – Naharlagun – Tinsukia Vistadome Express resumed w.e.f. 21-12-2021. The train runs five days a week leaving from Tinsukia o­n every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and leaving from Naharlagun o­n every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The train departs from Tinsukia at 16-00 hours to reach Naharlagun at 21-45 hours and from Naharlagun at 05-30 hours to reach Tinsukia at 10-40 hours. The train covers a distance of 225 Kms and have stoppages at New Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Dhemaji, Bordoloni, Gogamukh, Boginadi, North Lakhimpur and Harmuti stations.

Naharlagun – Guwahati Shatabdi Express : Vistadome Coach

Train Nos.12087/88 Naharlagun-Guwahati-Naharlagun Shatabdi Express shall resume w.e.f 20.12.2021 with Vistadome Coach. This state-of-the-art coach is equipped with see through roof, wide window & rotatable seats.

The Regular Services Details

Train No. 12087/12088 Naharlagun – Guwahati – Naharlagun Shatabdi Express with Vistadome coach resumed w.e.f. 20-12-2021. The train runs three days a week leaving from Naharlagun o­n every Monday, Tuesday and Friday and from Guwahati o­n every Monday, Thursday and Sunday. The train departs from Naharlagun at 06-45 hours to reach Guwahati at 12-30 hours and from Guwahati at 13-45 hours to reach Naharlagun at 19-45 hours. The train covers a distance of 343 Kms and have stoppages at Harmuti, Viswanath Charali, Rangapara North, New Misamari, Udalguri, Tangla and Rangiya stations.

Visakhapatnam – Kirandul – Visakhapatnam Train With Additional Vista Dome Coach

East Coast Railway announced that additional Vistadome Coach with upgraded LHB Rake in Visakhapatnam-Kirandul-Visakhapatnam train flagged off on 22.11.2021, by Hon’ble Vice President of India Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu at Visakhapatnam Railway Station. On the inaugural day, this train left Visakhapatnam up to Araku.

Regular Service

The regular service of this train will commence from Visakhapatnam w.e.f. 23rd November, 2021 and from Kirandul w.e.f. 24th November, 2021. The Vistadome service will be provided between Visakhapatnam and Araku from both the directions.

Upgraded LHB coach will provide better comfort and jerk free journey to the passengers. This facility will enhance Safety with better ride experience and lesser noise. Apart from this, LHB Coaches are fire retardant, low maintenance, better design, low weight and higher passenger carrying capacity along with safer & comfortable journey. Similarly, the Vistadome Service has Transparent Roof with large size windows with 360 degree viewing system and will ensure that tourists enjoy the scenic beauty during journey to Araku. It also has 180 degree rotatable reclining seats, observation lounge and WiFi service. Additional Vistadome service will boost tourism for the route and provide world class passenger service.

New Jalpaiguri – Alipurduar Jn. : Vistadome Tourist Special Train

Indian Railway announced on 28.08.2021 that passengers can enjoy the natural beauty of the Dooars area in the foothills of the Himalayas in Vistadome Coach. Shri John Barla, Hon’ble Union Minister of State, Minority Affairs, Govt. of India today flagged off a Vistadome Tourist special train between New Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar Jn.

Vistadome Tourist Special Train : New Jalpaiguri – Alipurduar Jn.

New Jalpaiguri – Alipurduar Jn Vista Dome Tourist Express Trains Time Table

CSMT Mumbai – Pune : Vistadome Coaches : Second Vistadome by CR

Train Nos. 02123/02124 CSMT Mumbai – Pune – CSMT Mumbai Deccan Queen Superfast Express

Central Railway announced that the Deccan Queen, first deluxe train introduced to serve 2 important cities of the region and was aptly named after Pune, departed in its new Avatar with New LHB coaches, LHB Vistadome coach and LHB Dining Car o­n 22.6.2022. The run of Deccan Queen with LHB coaches was the much awaited, which was fulfilled today amidst clapping of a happy and delightful passengers and rail fans.

Indian Railways decided to attach o­ne Vistadome coach in Train No. 02123/02124 CSMT Mumbai – Pune – CSMT Mumbai Deccan Queen Superfast Express special train from 15.8.2021. This is the second Vistadome coach being introduced o­n this route.

  • Train No. 02124 will leave Pune at 07.15 hrs and arrive CSMT Mumbai at 10.25 hrs.
  • Train No. 02123 will leave CSMT Mumbai at 17.10 hrs and arrive Pune at 20.25 hrs.

O­ne Vistadome coach, Four AC Chair Car, 9 Second Class Seating and Two-second class seating cum guard’s brake van and o­ne Pantry Car.


Booking for the Vistadome Coach on Deccan Queen will be opened on August 8, 2021 at all reservation centers and at

Train Nos. 02123/02124 CSMT Mumbai – Pune – CSMT Mumbai Deccan Queen Superfast Express with Vistadome Coaches
Train Nos. 02123/02124 CSMT Mumbai – Pune – CSMT Mumbai Deccan Queen Superfast Express with Vistadome Coaches

Yesvantpur – Mangaluru Jn : Vistadome Coaches

Train Nos.06211/12 Yesvantpur – Mangaluru Jn Train is restored to run up to Karwar from 16.08.2021.

Vistadome coaches for the first time in SWR are introduced on the picturesque Yesvantpur – Mangaluru Jn route on 12.07.2021, details are attached. (Yesvantpur is a sub locality in the northwestern part of Bengaluru City).

  • Train Number 06211/06212, Train Number 06575/06576 and Train Number 06540/06539 Mangaluru Jn – Yesvanpur Specials augmented with 2 new Vistadome coaches.
  • Booking will start from 07.07.2021 and Fare is Vista Dome coach will be same as Executive class of Shatabdi.

The first of its kind service in South India, Vistadome coaches is being introduced by the Ministry of Railways to promote tourism. The two tri-weekly and one weekly day train services between Bengaluru and Mangaluru traverse through the enchanting Western Ghats via the Sakleshpur-Subrahmanya Road Ghat section. The scenic section offers breathtaking glimpses of lofty mountains, ravishing valleys, deep gorges, lush greenery, streams, rivers, and tunnels of the Western Ghats. The region blooms in monsoon with added beauty.

Vistadome coaches are manufactured by Integral Coach Factory, Chennai, on the LHB (Linke-Hoffman-Busch) platform/technology. These coaches have glass rooftops with anti-glare screens which offer clear views of the sky. The coaches are equipped with CCTV surveillance, fire safety systems, LED display, oven, and refrigerator, mini pantry, multi-tiered steel luggage shelves, mobile charging socket on each seat, and “content-on-demand” viewable by passengers.

They are equipped with automatic sliding doors and bio-toilets. The seats have foldable snack tables, similar to what is given in aircraft. The coaches are also equipped with a GPS-based public address system and Braille signage to assist Divyang (physically challenged) passengers. There is also a space, sort of a lounge, provided at the far end of the coach with a large viewing window.

Pune – Mumbai Deccan Express : Vistadome Coach

Train Nos.01007/01008 CSMT-Pune-CSMT Deccan Express Special Train with Vistadome Coach

The Mumbai – Pune Deccan Express is having to halt at Dadar, Thane, Kalyan, Neral, Lonavala, Talegaon, Khadki, and Shivaji Nagar Railway Stations. The first run of the Mumbai – Pune Deccan Express special with a Vistadome coach was flagged off on Saturday i.e 26.06.2021 from CSMT. The train now runs with LHB-type coaches. There are 44 seats in the Vistadome coach.

Mumbai – Madgaon : Janashatabdi Express Vistadome Coaches

Konkan Railway announced that Mumbai – Madgaon “Janashatabdi” Express to run with Vista Dome Coach – Enjoy the lush green & Panoramic views of the Western Ghats on Konkan Railway from 18/09/2017. It has decided to attach one Glass top coach (Vista Dome) to Train No. 12051 / 12052 Dadar – Madgaon – Dadar “Janashatadbi” Express from 18/09/2017 (Monday) ex Dadar on a Permanent basis. (Mumbai – Madgaon Sector by train no. 11051-11052 Dadar Madgaon Janshatabdi Express). Details are as under :

During Monsoon Timetable :

12051 Dadar – Madgaon Janashatabdi Express every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday from 18/09/2017 to 30/10/2017.
12052 Madgaon – Dadar Janashatabdi Express every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday from 19/09/2017 to 31/10/2017.

During Non – Monsoon Timetable:

12051 /12052 Dadar – Madgaon – Dadar Janashatabdi Express Six days a week (except Wednesday) from 02/11/2017.

Updates: 17.04.2017

The specially-designed Vistadome air-conditioned coach, claimed to be a first-of-its-kind in Indian Railways, has large glass windows and an observation lounge that offer passengers a panoramic view of the sites along the 128-km rail route from Visakhapatnam to Araku valley hill station. Vishakhapatnam – Araku Sector by train no. 58501-58502 Vishakhapatnam Kirandul Passenger

With cleanliness, world-class technology, quick responses, reduced grievances, agile booking facilities  services with Indian Railways have touched a new high. Aiming to provide a delightful travelling experience to the picturesque Araku valley in Visakhapatnam, the Railways introduced a see-through Vistadome coach on its Visakhapatnam-Kirandul passenger train, a famous Newspaper reported.

A unique feature of this Rs 3.38 crore 40-seat coach is the double-wide reclining passenger seats that could be rotated 360 degrees for a better sightseeing experience. The coach also has a glass-domed ceiling, automatic sliding doors and a multi-tier luggage rack, a railway release said. 

The tourists can now sit relaxed in their seats and get a clear view of the breath-taking Anantagiri ghat section, Lambasingi, Borra caves and the tunnels along the route, from the Vistadome coach.

Only one coach has been attached to the train now on a trial basis, while one more will soon be added. After the launch, Prabhu said the Vistadome coach was being introduced for the first time in the country to promote tourism. 

Kalka – Shimla Railway : Vistadome Coaches

To enhance the tourist appeal on this scenic railway section, Northern Railway will be introducing the see-through Vistadome Coach (Glass Dome). This Coach with a seating capacity of 36 having a glass roof, modified windows, and an air conditioning system will comprise designer LED lights, window blinds, and cushioned wooden interiors. This special and aesthetically – designed Vistadome AC coach CT-15 also known as Nihaar, is a first-of-its-kind in this Kalka – Shimla Railway section.

The Vistadome coach has been modified and furnished in Carriage and Wagon Deport at Kalka. Commuters traveling on this train will have this special coach with a glass-roof Vistadome to enjoy the beautiful scenic view of the Himalayas.

Kalka – Shimla Railway : Vistadome Coaches

Kalka – Shimla Toy Train Services

Vistadome Coach ~ News Updates

Glass – Roofed Trains to Kashmir Valley soon

Updates : 27.02.2018

From March 2018, the Northern Railways will start an all weather glass roof AC train to woo the tourists back to Jammu and Kashmir.
The trial run was held from Nowgam in Srinagar to Sadura in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district.
The Mumbai – Goa line and the one at Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh are the other train routes boasting such Vistadome coaches.

The operational and commercial formalities for starting the 40 seat AC train are being worked out. The train with large glass windows, LED lights, toratable seats and other features, promises to give tourists an experienced to cherish. They will also enjoy a range of delicacies courtesy a catering system on the train.

The train will equipped with AC system in view of the weather in the valley. The cost of tickets, which will be available online and at railway countries is yet to be decide.

The railway should decide whether the train will ply on entire stretch of 112 km from Banihal to Baramulla. It is also to be decided whether the train will operate once or multiple times on a given day.

Updates : 30.06.2017

Aiming to provide a delightful travelling experience to the picturesque Kashmir valley, the Railways on Thursday announced a Vistadome train which would also serve the famous Kashmiri ‘Wazwan’ to the tourists. It helps the tourist to enjoy the beauty of the valley. Railway already planned to start Glass roofed trains across various parts of the country to promote tourism. Railway also decide to promote Kashmiri food and handicrafts as part of tourist promotion. The introduction of this new train help to increase tourism by virtue of railways. 


Indian Railways is coming up with modern, state-of-the-art coaches which will have a glass ceiling. Each soon-to-be-introduced coach will also have an infotainment center that will make the journey more enjoyable, a famous Newspaper reported.

The basic objective behind such a project is to promote tourism and woo upscale tourists from both India and abroad. 

The report added that the construction of the coaches, which started in 2015, is designed by the IRCTC, Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO) and Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Perumbur.

The first such coach is all set to roll out this month (October) itself, Dham Ghaj Prasad, Group General Manager (Infrastructure), IRCTC was quoted saying.

Another three coaches will be rolled out in December this year, he added.

“The first coach will be tagged in a regular train in the Kashmir Valley while the other two will be part of some train careening through the picturesque Araku Valley (K K Line, Waltair station) on the South-Eastern Railway,” Manocha said.

Railways believe that the introduction of trains with glass ceilings – already popular in western countries – will give a fillip to rail tourism in India.

Meanwhile, the Railways also plans to introduce trains having coaches with aerial view later.

A top Railways official said that the manufacturing cost of a single coach will come around Rs 4 crore and the coaches will be ultra luxurious with rotatable chairs to provide the passengers an aerial view through partly glass ceiling.

Vistadome Trains / Coaches : Special Features

The facilities provided are adequate and include wide windows, observation window at one end, roof with glass lookout with controlled opalescence, rotatable seats, passenger information system, automatic sliding doors, mini pantry, the wide door for divyang, etc.

Apart from standard safety arrangements, the Glass used in Vistadome coaches is shatter resistant with a film coating for the safety of passengers.

  • Wide Windowpanes & roof of switchable glass that becomes either transparent or translucent with just the click of a switch ensures that passengers can gaze endlessly at the scenic landscape enroute with an exclusive glass observationlounge to allow uninterrupted sight – seeing.
  • LED lights
  • Rotatable seats and pushback chairs
  • GPS based info system
  • Multiple television screens
  • electrically operated automatic sliding compartment doors for Divyangs
  • Toilets with ceramic tile flooring and wall with all fittings.


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