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Unreserved Trains List and Details

Indian Railway is running various types of trains having various types of coaches, including First AC (1A), AC Two Tier (2A), AC Three Tier (3A), Executive Chair Car (EC), Sleeper Class (SL), Second Seating (2S), Unreserved (UR), etc. Here are the list and details of ✅ Indian Railway’s Unreserved Trains.

List of Unreserved Mail/Express Trains ~ Download

Operation Of MEMU/DEMU Special Trains With Mail/Express Unreserved Booking ~ 26.02.2021

Southern Railway announced that Railway Board has permitted running of the following MEMU/DEMU (Mainline Electrical Multiple Units/Diesel Electrical Multiple Units) Special trains with Mail/Express unreserved ticket booking with effect from various dates as detailed under:-

Sl.NoT.No.FromToDep (in hrs)  Arr(in hrs)FrequencyWith effect from
106009MEMUMettupalayamCoimbatore08.2009.05Ex. Sundays15.03.21
206010MEMUCoimbatoreMettupalayam17.5518.40Ex. Sundays15.03.21
306121DEMUVridhachalamSalem06.0009.05Ex. Sundays15.03.21
406122DEMUSalemVridhachalam18.0021.00Ex. Sundays15.03.21
706014MEMUKollamAlleppey03.3005.45Ex. Sundays15.03.21
806013MEMUAlleppeyKollam17.2019.25Ex. Sundays17.03.21
906016MEMUAlleppeyErnakulam07.2509.00Ex. Sundays15.03.21
1006015MEMUErnakulamAlleppey15.4017.15Ex. Sundays17.03.21
1106018MEMUErnakulamShoranur17.3520.50Ex. Sundays15.03.21
1206017MEMUShoranurErnaklulam03.3006.50Ex. Sundays17.03.21
1306023MEMUShoranurKannur04.3009.10Ex. Sundays16.03.21
1406024MEMUKannurShoranur17.2022.55Ex. Sundays16.03.21
1506025MEMUChennai EgmorePuducherry06.3511.10Daily22.03.21
1606026MEMUPuducherryChennai Egmore15.3520.25Daily22.03.21
1706027MEMUTambaramVillupuram18.0021.05Ex. Saturdays01.04.21
1806028MEMUVillupuramTambaram05.2008.30Ex. Sundays02.04.21

Northern Railway ~ Unreserved Mail/Express Trains ~ 25.02.2021

List of Unreserved Mail/Express Trains are here.

North Central Railway ~ Unreserved Mail/Express Trains ~ 24.02.2021

Northern Railway ~ Unreserved Mail/Express Trains ~ 16.02.2021

For the convenience of passengers, Northern Railway will run the following trains as UNRESERVED MAIL/EXPRESS SPECIAL trains. This is the first set of unreserved trains during the pandemic that will start running from February 22, 2021. The trains will run from the dates shown against each till further advice as per the program mentioned below:-

Indian Railways to start 35 Unreserved Trains from February 22: Full list here

List of Unreserved Trains
List of Unreserved Trains

Promotion of Unreserved Tickets

Indian Railway announced that Railway decided to extend the existing scheme of granting a bonus of 5% of the recharge value at the time of recharge of R-wallet in case of unreserved ticket booking through mobile phone up to 24.08.2021 to popularise the scheme.

Parameters of Thermal Stationery used in Unreserved Tickets

Booking of Unreserved Train Tickets

UTS on Mobile App Reactivate For Unreserved Tickets Booking

Indian Railway announced on 25.02.2021 that to decongest ticket booking counters and to ensure smooth compliance of social distancing norms, the facility to book unreserved tickets through the UTS ON MOBILE app is being reactivated by Indian Railways. On Indian Railways, unreserved train services are being introduced in a phased manner. In order to avoid any inconvenience to passengers in booking unreserved tickets and to ensure norms of social distancing at booking counters while purchasing the tickets,

It has been decided that in addition to UTS ON MOBILE App facility available on suburban sections, this facility may also be reintroduced on non-suburban sections of zonal Railways. Zonal Railways have been instructed that whenever unreserved train services are introduced on any zonal Railway, the zonal Railway concerned may accordingly enable UTS ON MOBILE app for issuing unreserved tickets.

  • Indian Railways decides to reactivate the facility of UTS ON MOBILE App in zones where unreserved train services are reintroduced
  • To avoid the rush at counters and ensure social distancing, UTS ON MOBILE App facility is being introduced
  • Zonal Railways have been instructed that whenever unreserved train services are introduced on any zonal Railway, the zonal Railway concerned may accordingly enable UTS ON MOBILE app for issuing unreserved tickets

Methods and Booking Details of Unreserved Train Tickets via UTS Mobile Ticketing App

Here are the methods and booking details of unreserved train tickets including rules, how to download the mobile App, cancellation procedure, etc are here.:- UTS Mobile Ticketing App

UTS on Mobile App
UTS on Mobile App

For Booking the tickets, visits https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cris.utsmobile&hl=en


✅ What is UR Coaches in Trains?

  • UR means Unreserved Coaches in Trains.

✅ What is the main speciality of UR Coaches in Indian Railway?

  • UR stands for Unreserved. It is used to state those coaches in trains where you need not have a reservation of seat in order to travel in it. For UR coaches, you only need to have a ticket of your destination purchased from the counter from your source railway station, and by doing that, you can travel in it.

✅ What is the validity of unreserved ticket?

  • Unreserved, General Railway train tickets valid for only 3 hours after purchase.

✅ Can we buy Unreserved ticket online?

  • Railway passengers can now book unreserved general tickets online. To avail of the facility, passengers have to download UTS on the mobile app from google play or window store.

✅ How long is a train ticket valid for?

  • An unreserved train ticket for traveling up to 199 km distance will no longer be valid after three hours of the purchase of the ticket.


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