Universal Travel Pass For Train Ticket

Universal Travel Pass for Mumbai Local Trains
Universal Travel Pass for Mumbai Local Trains, Registration Methods, User Manual Details

Universal Travel Pass For Train Tickets: Registration and User Manual

The Government of Maharastra decided to implement a pass system with QR codes. Called the Universal Travel Pass and QR code pass, this will be issued only to employees of the essential and emergency services, who will have access to the railway station only with this identity card. QR code-based ‘Universal Travel Pass’ required to travel in Mumbai Local Train, Registration details, Quick Manual for Universal Travel Pass is here.

Universal Travel Pass

Universal Travel pass is a web application launched by the Disaster Management team of Maharashtra to authenticate the urgency of travel during the lockdown or restricted time post-lock-down. Various establishments are categorized based on the nature of business and their staff will be allowed to travel during restricted timelines based on guidelines. The system generates an e-pass for the staff of registered establishments. This e-pass has a QR code that can be authenticated by Railway / Bus authority.

Universal Travel Pass for Mumbai Local Train Ticket

In a bid to curb the use of fake tickets and passes, the Uddhav Thackeray-led Maharashtra government has been discussing introducing a Universal Travel Pass with a QR code for people who wish to travel in Mumbai local trains. According to Mumbai’s civic body, BMC, the state government along with the Indian Railways are working on the five-tier strategy for travel using a card that works using a QR code.

The new ‘Universal Travel Pass’ will allow residents of Mumbai and adjoining areas, a hassle-free travel experience in Mumbai Metro, suburban local trains, and monorail. Notably, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and followed lockdown, local train services in Mumbai are operational for essential and emergency workers, who travel with an id card.

The new system will assist the BMC to keep a track of people traveling in the local trains based on the level of restrictions imposed. For example, a person with a Degree 3 pass will only be allowed to travel if the restrictions in effect are of levels 1, 2, or 3. Next, if a commuter has a Degree 2 pass, he/she will be able to travel if the limitation level is 1 or 2. Similarly, if an individual has a Degree 5 pass, he/she can access the local trains regardless of the level of restrictions.

To get the pass, people have to register online via the website of the Disaster Management and Relief and Rehabilitation department of Maharashtra – msdmacov19.mahait.org. The process of issuing the universal travel pass has already commenced.

Under the new ticketing system, at the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), commuters are expected to check their passes through a smartphone or a QR code reader. People traveling without a valid QR code will be fined Rs. 500 on the spot. While those traveling with a fake ID will be handed over to the Railway Police Force (RPF).

Universal Travel Pass : User Manual

Universal Travel Pass for Tickets in Mumbai Metro, suburban local trains, and monorail user manual are here.

Universal Travel Pass : User Manual ~ PDF Download

Universal Travel Pass : Registration Procedure

For enabling access to companies and organizations, the Maharashtra Government has gone live with Universal Travel Pass (UTP). At this point in time, three categories are broadly eligible for the Universal Travel Pass – medical, education, and utility services. The medical category is subdivided into eight different sub-categories, like diagnostic centers, hospitals, dispensaries, medical and pharmaceutical stores, etc. Then the education category. Finally, the services category is divided into seven sub-categories, namely telecom, defense, metro/monorail, gas supply, electric supply, etc. The QR code-based identity card that was issued last time, will not be eligible. The establishment needs to re-apply for this, which shall be checked by railway’s ticketing and booking staff. Furthermore, passes with QR codes will be checked using a smartphone or QR reader machine and this is expected to help identify travelers with fake identities. Following are the step-by-step details of how to register in UTP.

  • After clicking the link, the establishment has to first register for the Universal Travel Pass.
  • The UTP also mentions the ‘Level of Travel Category’, along with the address of the establishment and QR code. There is an option to print out this UTP as well.
  • The establishment registration form asks for a few details. They are, registration number, uploading of the registration certificate, name and address of the establishment, the category and type number which the establishment falls and the number of staff needing UTPs.
  • The mobile number of the employee who has been registered must be filled and an OTP will be sent to this number.
  • The photograph of the employee is mandatory for the same. The UTP will then be available to download on one’s mobile phone.
  • The form has ‘coordinator details’, seeking the name, mobile number, email address and designation of the coordinator.
  • Finally the establishment is registered.

Universal Travel Pass : Registration Form

Universal Travel Pass : Registration Form

Universal Travel Pass : Important Link


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