Train Reservation / Cancellation PDF Form 2020 Indian Railway

Railway Reservation:Cancellation Form
Railway Reservation/Cancellation Form

Train Reservation / Cancellation Form PDF 2020 Indian Railway

Ministry of Railways has revised the format of its passenger Reservation / Cancellation form to benefit the travellers booking tickets through PRS Counters across the nation. Now, the VIKALP scheme option and Aadhar number option are also available on booking made through Reservation/Cancellation form windows and not just through online bookings, according to a statement by Ministry of Railways (Updates by Railway on 30.05.2018)

In the revised Railway Reservation/Cancellation Form, passengers are given an option either to avail the option of VIKALP scheme or not to avail it, where they may give their preference by ticking the column Yes or No.

In this scheme, wait listed passengers of a train can opt for confirmed accommodation in alternate trains. Now, the benefit of VIKALP option has also been made available through PRS counters and not just online bookings. If the option of VIKALP is availed by passengers, he/she would have to mark his/her choice of alternate train departing within 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours. Also, passenger is given an optional choice to mention their Aadhar number in the Reservation/Cancellation form.

Railway Reservation/Cancellation Form (English)

Railway Reservation/Cancellation Form (English)
Railway Reservation/Cancellation Form (English)

Railway ticket reservation form in English available here.

Railway Reservation/Cancellation Form Download (English)

Important Note for booking Reservation via Counter Ticket

  • Maximum permissible passengers in 6. Maximum passengers can include in one reservation for is 6.
    For example, If you want to book 10 passengers then required 2 Reservation for,.
  • One Person can give one requisition form at a time.
  • Pregnant women can get lower berth reserved for self on first cum-first basis against the senior citizen quota.

Railway Reservation /Cancellation Form (Hindi)

Railway ticket reservation form in Hindi

Railway Reservation /Cancellation Form (Hindi)
Railway Reservation /Cancellation Form (Hindi)

Railway Reservation/Cancellation Form Download (Hindi)

Please find the following link with direct download option to download the pdf. Following pdf for the Hindi language reservation or Cancellation latest form.

Detailed information related to Reservation form is as follows.


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