Train Rescheduled or Diverted Today’s Updates

Rescheduled or Diverted Trains
Rescheduled or Diverted Trains

Rescheduled or Diverted Trains details – September 2020

Indian Railways announced rescheduled or diverted several trains due to various reasons including derailment, natural causes etc. In this web page you will get latest updates regarding rescheduled and diverted trains details of all trains of various zones of Indian Railway. Today’s Late Running Trains list are as follows

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Updated : 19.09.2020 at 01 : 52 AM          

Trains are 00 rescheduled and 00 train are diverted

Total of 00 Trains Rescheduled or Diverted in September 19, 2020 by the zones on Indian railways. Following are the details

Complete List of Rescheduled Trains on 19/09/2020

Train NoTrain nameStart dateTrain typeSourceDestinationRescheduled byRescheduled time
latest Train Rescheduled and Diverted list
Train Rescheduled and Diverted list

Complete List of Diverted Trains on 19/09/2020

Diverted Trains Today

Train NoTrain nameTrain typeSourceDestinationDiverted fromDiverted to



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