Train Rescheduled or Diverted Today’s Updates

Rescheduled or Diverted Trains
Rescheduled or Diverted Trains

Rescheduled or Diverted Trains details – November 2019

Indian Railways announced rescheduled or diverted several trains due to various reasons including derailment, natural causes etc. In this web page you will get latest updates regarding rescheduled and diverted trains details of all trains of various zones of Indian Railway. Today’s Late Running Trains list are as follows

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July 1st 2019 on-wards Indian Railway revised the Train Time Table. Click here to get the latest New Train Time Table 2019 – 2020 details

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Updated : 12.11.2019 at 07 : 37 AM          

Kerala Rain : Train Updates

23 trains rescheduled and 03 trains are diverted

Total of 26 Trains Rescheduled or Diverted in November 12,  2019 by the zones on Indian railways. Following are the details

Complete List of Rescheduled Trains on 12/11/2019

Train NoTrain nameStart dateTrain typeSourceDestinationRescheduled byRescheduled time
12255CMB-KGM EXPNovember 12, 2019MAIL EXPCNBKGM30 minJanuary 1, 1970
14649SARYU YAMUNA EXPNovember 12, 2019MAIL EXPJYGASR1 hrJanuary 1, 1970
15048KSJ-CNB-EXPNovember 12, 2019MAIL EXPGKPKOAA2:45 hrsJanuary 1, 1970
17606KCG-MAQ EXPNovember 12, 2019MAIL EXPKCGMAQ7:30 hrsJanuary 1, 1970
19040AVADH EXPRESSNovember 12, 2019MAIL EXPMFPBDTS1:30 hrsJanuary 1, 1970
22922GKP BDTS ANTYODAYA EXPNovember 12, 2019SUPERFASTGKPBDTS4 hrsJanuary 1, 1970
51806MKP-JHS-PASSNovember 12, 2019PASSENGERMKPJHS25 minJanuary 1, 1970
51882AGC-GWL PASSNovember 12, 2019PASSENGERAGCGWL30 minJanuary 1, 1970
54304KLK DLI PASSENGERNovember 12, 2019PASSENGERKLKDLI2 hrsJanuary 1, 1970
55041NKE-GKP PASSENGERNovember 12, 2019PASSENGERNKEGKP3:35 hrsJanuary 1, 1970
55044NTV-GKP PASSENGERNovember 12, 2019PASSENGERNTVGKP3 hrsJanuary 1, 1970
55073NKE-GKP PASSENGERNovember 12, 2019PASSENGERNKEGKP2:15 hrsJanuary 1, 1970
55119GKP-BCY PASSENGERNovember 12, 2019PASSENGERGKPBCY20 minJanuary 1, 1970
57123BDCR-SRUR SINGARENINovember 12, 2019PASSENGERBDCRSRUR1 hrJanuary 1, 1970
57540PBN PASSNovember 12, 2019PASSENGERPRLIAK1 hrJanuary 1, 1970
63338NKE-MFP MEMUNovember 12, 2019MEMUNKEMFP3 hrsJanuary 1, 1970
66034NLR-TPTY PASSR.November 12, 2019MEMUNLRTPTY1 hrJanuary 1, 1970
68750ABKP - SDL MEMUNovember 12, 2019MEMUABKPSDL3:45 hrsJanuary 1, 1970
76807TPJ-MNM PASSR.November 12, 2019DMUTPJMNM25 minJanuary 1, 1970
76840KKDI-TPJ PASSRNovember 12, 2019DMUKKDITPJ55 minJanuary 1, 1970
77693KCG-RC PASSNovember 12, 2019DMUKCGRC4:40 hrsJanuary 1, 1970
82116DNR-PUNE SUVIDHA SPECIALNovember 12, 2019SUVIDHADNRPUNE2:30 hrsJanuary 1, 1970
latest Train Rescheduled and Diverted list
Train Rescheduled and Diverted list

Complete List of Diverted Trains on 12/11/2019

Diverted Trains Today

Train NoTrain nameTrain typeSourceDestinationDiverted fromDiverted to

Diversion of Trains Via Chhayapuri without touching Vadodara Station

Northern Railway announced that it is notified for the information of general public that to avoid engine reversal and congestion at Vadodara Station , Railways have decided to divert the following trains via Chhayapuri without touching Vadodara Station as under:

  • Train No. 19166 Darbhanga-Ahemadabad Sabarmati Express train journey commencing from 18.12.2019.
  • Train No. 19168 Varanasi -Ahemadabad Sabarmati Express train journey commencing from 17.12.2019.
  • Train No. 12918 Hazrat Nizamuddin -Ahemadabad Gujrat Sampark Kranti Express train journey commencing from 18.12.2019.
  • Train No. 12478 Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra- Jamnagar Superfast Express train journey commencing from 22.12.2019.
  • Train No. 12476 Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra- Hapa Superfast Express train journey commencing from 23.12.2019.
  • Train No. 12474 Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra- Gandhidham Sarvodaya Express train journey commencing from 19.12.2019.
  • Train No. 15045 Gorakhpur-Okha Express train journey commencing from 19.12.2019.
  • Train No. 19422 Patna -Ahemadabad Express train journey commencing from 17.12.2019.

NOTE:-All the above trains will stop at Chhayapuri Station.


  1. Hello Team, I have received message for train No 16340 had Been diverted will not touch Krishnarajpuram when it is dates are not mentioned. I have booked the ticket to board on Nov- 15- 2019. Please confirm As earliest.

  2. Can I know the diverted route for train no 16352 for 21st Nov? and what options do I have if it is not travelling from the station I wish to travel from?

  3. Sir will the train 16340 touch krishnarajapuram on 22 Oct 2019 and the time since i got message that it is diverted.T.NO.16340 NCJ-CSMT EXP ON 22.10.2019 IS DIVERTED AT VIRUDUNAGAR TO RUN VIA MNM,TPJ KRR. WILL NOT TOUCH MADURAI,KODAIKANAL ROAD & DINDIGUL STATIONS.

  4. Will Bagmati express run from Darbhanga to Mysore on 1st October, 2019? Is the train cancelled or diverted? I have to board from Patna junction.please help.

  5. Sir I have a ticket for poorva express 12303 and I am boarding from burdwan. Is the train diverted from another route . Can I board at burdwan ?

  6. Ranikhet express is booked for 12 passengers on 29 Aug. Is it going to be diverted then also?
    Where can I get exact information on diversion of trains?

  7. Can you please let me know the status of train 08301. It seems not updated since 4AM. We have to travel by the same train tonight (16th, 12.30 AM)

  8. Train no: 16340 has been diverted to DG on 16th August 2019 so the train will not touch the stations from KRR to Lonavala. We want to get down at KJM Station. Please help me what I need to do?

  9. Sir,
    20903 Mahamana Express is diverted from Itarasi to Katani. It is starting today from Vadodara. At what time it will reach Satna?

  10. For train 22497 -my mother is travelling alone from Jodhpur to Pune. Can you please let me know if train is coming to pune?

  11. Is 11020 – Konark Express diverted from which station? If yes, in which route it is travelling & what are halts in diverted routes?

  12. Hello sir/mam,

    12215 dee beta is diverted or halt deleted for jaipur station on 13.08.19.
    Please update the current status and provide the halt station list.
    Thank you.

    • Current Status for train no 12215 dated 13-08-2019 is diverted between REWARI [RE] and AJMER [AII] stations.

      Following is the schedule as of now. However recommended you to check latest details tomorrow on following Real Time Train Running Status | Spot Your Train Live page.

      StationSch DaySch ArrSch DepETA/ ATADelayETD/ ATDDelayDistancePF
      1DELHI SARAI ROHILLA(DEE)19:2009:20*RT0
      2DELHI CANTT(DEC)19:359:3709:36*1 min*09:38*1 min*101
      7ABU ROAD(ABR)121:0021:1021:00*RT*21:10*RT*7422
      8PALANPUR JN(PNU)122:1322:1521:57*RT*22:15*RT*7951
      9MAHESANA JN(MSH)123:0623:0823:05*RT*23:08*RT*8602
      10AHMEDABAD JN(ADI)21:051:2500:53*RT*01:25*RT*9515
      11NADIAD JN(ND)22:112:1302:10*RT*02:13*RT*997
      12VADODARA JN(BRC)23:083:1302:59*RT*03:13*RT*1051
      13BHARUCH JN(BH)23:573:5903:56*RT*03:59*RT*1121
      16BANDRA TERMINUS(BDTS)28:0907:54*RT*1431
  13. Hello , Konark Express 11019 is Diverted from Pune for tomorrow 12th August 2019. Need to know the complete updated schedule and train station list.

    • Following table shows the new schedule as of now. However recommended you to contact 139 or check Live Train Running status for getting updated info .

      StationSchSch ArrSch DepETA/DelayETD/DelayDistancePF
      1C SHIVAJI MAHARAJ T(CSMT)115:0515:05*RT0
      4KALYAN JN(KYN)116:0016:0315:55*RT*16:03*RT*53
      5SECUNDERABAD JN(SC)27:458:0007:38*RT*08:00*RT*790
      6KAZIPET JN(KZJ)210:0810:1010:00*RT*10:10*RT*922
      7WARANGAL(WL)210:1910:2010:29*10 min*10:30*10 min*942
      8MAHBUBABAD(MABD)211:0911:0911:11*2 min*11:12*2 min*1002
      11VIJAYAWADA JN(BZA)213:5014:0513:50*RT*14:05*RT*1146
      12ELURU(EE)214:4814:5014:51*3 min*14:53*3 min*1205
      13TADEPALLIGUDEM(TDD)215:1815:2015:23*5 min*15:25*5 min*1253
      14NIDADAVOLU JN(NDD)215:4315:4515:38*RT*15:45*RT*1273
      16SAMALKOT JN(SLO)217:0817:1016:52*RT*16:54*RT*1345
      18TUNI(TUNI)217:5317:5518:10*16 min*18:30*35 min*1399
      19ANAKAPALLE(AKP)219:1919:1919:25*6 min*19:30*10 min*1463
      21VIZIANAGRAM JN(VZM)222:0822:1321:59*RT*22:04*RT*1557
      22SRIKAKULAM ROAD(CHE)223:1023:1223:07*RT*23:12*RT*1626
      29KHURDA ROAD JN(KUR)33:453:5003:33*RT*03:50*RT*1920
  14. Sir my train number is 22967, my reservation is from jabalpur, plz tell me , from which station i can board after jabalpur

  15. Hello sir,
    Please give me status of SANT KABIR DHAM SF (12541). Is this Train is diverted or cancelled??
    Please give me information I am inside the train and I have to attend interview tomorrow.

  16. How many days 13141 tista torsha express will be diverted from bandel jn to new farak ka jn?And whhat is the reason for this diversion?Is there any chance of cancellation of train no 13141 or 13142.

  17. What about 11019 Konark’s not showing on the cancelled list but it takes the same lonavla route to reach Pune

  18. 21july Ko 12565 Bihar sampark Kranti ka route divert hai kya.route send kar sakte hai kya sir please
    Kya Siwan ayegi

  19. can any body convey what shall be the diverted route for train no 12260 starting from New Delhi on 19.07.2019


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