Train 19 by Indian Railways


Train 19 Details

With the introduction of Train 19, as it has been codenamed, Indian Railways aims to complete Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Kolkata journeys in 12-14 hours, a famous Online newspaper reported. According to the Newspaper, the senior railway official said that “Train 19 will be a Rajdhani-style version of the successful Train 18 or Vande Bharat Express train service”.

Train 18 was a breakthrough moment for Indian Railways, a new offering in self-propelled engine-less train travel, and the experiment has been successful,” the railway official said. “Now, we are planning to take this technology a step ahead with design and manufacturing of the sleeper-version of Train 18,” the official added. The new Train 19, announced by Member Rolling Stock Rajesh Aggrawal, will be designed and manufactured at the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) Chennai, under Modi government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Train 19, in a nutshell, will be a self-propelled upgraded Rajdhani Express train service, along the lines of Humsafar Express in terms of passenger-amenities. The biggest takeaway for Indian Railways passengers would be the fact that the new state-of-the-art self-propelled train will reduce travel time between important metro cities like Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Kolkata to just 12-14 hours!

Salient Features

  • Rajdhani, Humsafar Express style train; will not be hauled by any locomotive
  • Engine-less, self-propelled Train will accelerate and decelerate faster, reducing travel time substantially
  • Comfortable world-class train journey, jerk-free ride
  • Automatic doors with sliding footsteps, fully sealed gangways
  • Bullet-train style aerodynamic nose, metro-style driver cabin

The Integral Coach Factory in Chennai has already started the work, and as per some reports, Indian Railways will create upto 40 sets of coaches, for running on various routes. Around 12 rakes of coaches will be delivered in the first phase. Design, development and production of Train19 will be held entirely at The Integral Coach Factory.

The railway official quoted above said that an analysis carried out by the national transporter has shown that Train 19 will be able to reduce the journey time between Delhi and Mumbai to just 12 hours.

“This will be enabled by the faster acceleration and deceleration that the Train 18-type train set will be able to achieve,”

the official said. While no such study has been conducted for the Delhi-Kolkata route, Indian Railways is hopeful that this train will bring down the travel time between Delhi-Kolkata to around 14 hours.

Brief of Train 19

  • Train 19 will be the sleeper-version of Train18. The only difference will be the coaches
  • Technology Behind Train 19 – Train 19 will be a self-propelled train, without any engine. The train has been designed to accelerate and decelerate faster, which reduces the travel time considerably.
  • Passenger Amenities in Train 19 – The coaches will have amenities like LCD screens on the berths to view upcoming stations, heating chamber and a refrigerating box inside the coaches to preserve food, larger berths, ample spacing in the lobby, futuristic external looks with vinyl sheets and more.
  • Speed of Train 19 – Train 19 will run at a speed of 160 kmph, which makes it India’s fastest train. Train 19 will be able to reduce the journey time between Delhi and Mumbai; Delhi and Bhopal, Mumbai and Kolkata and other important routes by upto 15%.


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