Train 18 – Engine Less Train

Train 18
Train 18

Train 18 Details

Indian Railway introduced India’s first engine-less self propelled train called Train 18. Details of Trains 18 are following.

Train-18, the fastest train from railways’ stable, will be flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 29,2018 likely from his constituency Varanasi. The country’s first engineless train will replace Shatabdi trains and will run between Delhi and Varanasi.

Train 18, manufactured by ICF Chennai at a cost of Rs 100 crore, recently became India’s fastest train by hitting speeds of over 180 kmph during trial-run on a section of the Delhi-Rajdhani route.

Running Details

  • The train will start from New Delhi station at 6am and is expected to reach Varanasi at 2pm.
  • For the return journey, the train will start at 2.30pm from Varanasi and reach the national capital at 10.30pm on the same day.

The train will have two executive compartments which will have 52 seats each and trailer coaches will have 78 seats each.

Main Features : Train 18

  • Train 18 is an engineless train: has driving cabs at both ends and 16 modern coaches.
  • Coaches have traction, like in EMU trains, that allows greater acceleration
  • It has 14 AC chair cars and 2 executive class coaches.
  • Plush seats can be swivelled in direction of movement
  • In Executive Class, seats can be swivelled to face continuous windows
  • Doors are sliding and toilets vacuum – controlled.
  • On-board infotainment, non-stop wi-fi likely.

Trail Run Details

India’s ‘fastest’ train, seen as a successor to the 30-year-old Shatabdi Express, will make its debut on the tracks on Monday (29.10.2018) with trail runs. It is built by Integral Coach Factory (ICF) Chennai under Make in India Project in a short period of 18 months. The first set of train will run between New Delhi and Bhopal. It will replace Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express which is currently the fastest train of Shatabdi Series. The train has state-of-the-art features including seats that can rotate 360 degrees and can be aligned in the direction of travel. The train does not have an engine and will cut travel time by 15 per cent as compared to the Shatabdi.

The fully-air conditioned Train 18 comes with on-board infotainment system with Wi-Fi, vacuum toilets, sliding doors and continuous windows for a contemporary modern look are some other features of the train set. Train 18 has diffused lighting, automatic doors and sliding footsteps besides GPS-based Passenger Information System and charging points at every seat. The self-propelled train, fitted with CCTV cameras, would have two executive compartments in the middle with 52 seats each, whereas trailer coaches would have 78 seats each.

Built at a cost of Rs. 100 crore, the first train set will have a few imported components such as French-made seats, brakes and couplers from Germany, along with a Czech-made door system, all of which are to be indigenised for the next rake. Like in a metro, the doors of Train 18 would open only after the train stops to ensure safety of passengers. The train would start only after all doors are shut.

After test runs in Chennai, Train 18 will run at 160 kmph as against 130 kmph of the Shatabdi. The train will reach Delhi on November 7 and then move to the Moradabad-Bareli section for a second round of test run. The final trails will be held between Kota and Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan.


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