Suvidha Trains Fare, Time Table, Booking/Cancellation Details

Suvidha Trains Full Details
Suvidha Trains - Fare, Booking/Cancellation details, Time Table

Suvidha Express which is also known as Premium Express was introduced by the Indian Railways in 2014. The aim behind the introduction of this train at the time was to cater to the increase in the demand of train tickets. Dynamic fare pricing was followed during its introduction with certain terms and conditions which had to be followed when booking tickets for Suvidha trains.

Main Features

  • Tickets shall be issued only for confirmed and RAC passengers accommodation. There shall be no provision for waiting list in the train.
  • The Advance Reservation period
  • Earlier it was 30 days and the minimum Advance Reservation period was 10 days. Later various amendments came. Following are the details.

Revision of Advance Reservation Period (Circular dated : 08.07.2019)

Ministry of Railways have decided that the currency of instructions regarding revision of Advance Reservation Period for running of all Suvidha Trains and Special Trains on Special Charges to 120 days and applicability of normal refund rule even in Suvidha Trains shall be extended for another period of one year from 15.07.2019 to 14.07.2020.

Advance Reservation Period for running of Suvidha Trains
Advance Reservation Period for running of Suvidha Trains
  • No concession shall be applicable on these trains.
  • E-ticket and counter ticket are available.
  • Upgradation option shall not be applicable in these trains.
  • Passenger should produce one of the prescribed identity card during journey for verification purpose for both e-ticket and PRS ticket.
  • These trains will be run when there is rush time like holi, diwali or any main festival.
  • There shall be no First AC/First Class/ Executive Class/ General Class/ Second sitting coach in the train composition of Suvidha Trains.
  • The Suvidha train services shall be over and above the normal train services and special trains on Tatkal fares.

Allowing wait – listed passengers in Suvidha trains Rule

Ministry of Railways have decided to allow wait – listed passengers in Suvidha trains as maximum of 10% of available seat in that class of the train. The waitlisted Ticket will be charged at the value of the last ticket sold for that class. The refund in case of wait-listed status, will be granted as per normal refund rules applicable for refund of waitlisted tickets for normal train services.

Allowing wait - listed passengers in Suvidha trains Rule
Allowing wait – listed passengers in Suvidha trains Rule

Vacant Accommodation in Suvidha Trains (Circular dated 25.08.2015)

Allowing ticket checking staff to permit the passengers to board Suvidha Express in case Vacant Accommodation is still available after the stopping of booking  at current reservation counter.

Vacant Accommodation in Suvidha Trains
Vacant Accommodation in Suvidha Trains
  • The punctuality of the Suvidha trains may be maintained on top priority. The coaches should be of good conditions, bed/linen, catering services may be of improved quality and ensure proper manning of the coach.
  • The unidirectional Suvidha Trains are also permitted and for return direction option will be available for return of the rake with running of special trains on Tatkal fare or to utilise the rake for any other destination for running of Suvidha Express.
  • Running of Premium Trains stopped with introduction of Suvdiha Trains.

Catering Services

  • Catering Services shall be compulsory in Fully AC Suvidha Trains and Suvidha trains on mixed Duronto Pattern and the menu and tariff of the Catering services for the AC type Suvidha Trains will be similar to Rajdhani trains and for mixed Suvidha Trains on Duronto pattern will be similar to mixed Duronto Trains.
  • In case of Suvidha Trains based on the mixed composition trains having stoppages enroute (Mail/Express) catering will be optional and there shall be no catering services in trains departing at 21.30 hrs or thereafter and arriving at 07.30 hrs or before the next day.


  • E-Ticket and Counter Ticket booking options are available.
  • Modification/Duplicate ticket/ Cluster Booking/ BPT will not be allowed.
  • Only General Quota booking will be applicable.
  • Booking in Suvidha Trains will not be allowed in YTSK Terminals. Also, as online ticketing to agents is not allowed for premium trains, same shall apply for these trains also.
  • Following types booking are blocked in Suvidha Trains
  1. Modification
  2. Duplicate Ticket
  3. Cluster Booking
  4. Pre-bought
  5. BPT Booking
  6. Coach switch setting transaction
  7. Student concession transaction
  8. Pending amount collection
  9. Refund of fare difference
  10. Pre-bought type Bookings
  11. Bulk booking


  • Suvidha trains will run on Dynamic Fare system.
  • Three types of services are there:-
  1. Fully AC services with or without stoppages : Base Price : (Rajdhani Base Fare + Tatkal Charges)
  2. Mixed services having no enroute commercial stoppages on mixed Duronto Pattern: Base Price: (Mixed Duronto Base Fare + Tatkal Charges)
  3. For mixed services having some stoppages enroute and running as Mail/Express : Base Price : (Mail/Express Base fare + Tatkal Charges).
  • Charges of Suvidha Trains for both AC classes and non-AC classes are under:-
ChargesBase Fare +Tatkal1.5 Times of (Base Fare + Tatkal)2 Times of Base Fare + Tatkal2.5 Times of (Base Fare + Tatkal)3 Times of (Base Fare + Tatkal)
% of Seat/berth20%20%20%20%20%
  • Other Charges like Reservation Charge, catering Charge, S/F, services tax etc will be taken in full wherever applicable.
  • Vacant berths left at the time of chasing will be offered for current booking counter. Tickets at Current counters shall be sold a the last price sold for that class and other supplementary charges like reservation fee, super fast charges, catering charges, service tax applicable shall be levied in full.
  • The information should be displayed to the passenger during the booking in case the fare of lower class becomes higher than the higher class to exercise option to travel by the higher class.
  • There shall be no downward movement in the fare.

Refund Rule

  • 50% refund of fare subject to minimum flat cancellation charges of rupees one hundred for AC II tier/First Class, Rupees Ninety for AC III – tier/ 3 Economy/AC Chair Car and Rupees Sixty for Sleeper Class will be granted for confirmed/ RAC tickets upto 6 hours before the scheduled departure of the train or preparation of the chart whichever is earlier.
  • Cancellation of Trains in normal circumstances is not permitted. In case of cancellation of trains in exceptional circumstances, for e-tickets full refund of fare shall be directly credited to the Customers account. No TDR/Cancellation shall be required for such refund. For counter tickets such refund shall be granted across the counter upto 72 hours after the scheduled departure of the train.
  • Coach damage/Suspension/addition/profile change will not be applicable within Advance Reservation Period. However, for any reason, if berth cannot be given to passenger by Indian Railways, full refund shall be granted to the passenger manually.
  • No provision for refund have been made for late running of trains. Therefore, no refund for late running of trains.
  • Tickets against cancelled seats shall be issued in the buckets from which the tickets are being issued currently and not the rate at which the cancelled tickets was originally sold.
  • Refund for night leaving trains can be taken in the night itself from the current counters.

Total List

Total List of Trains are following

82356 SUVIDHA EXPRESSC Shivaji Maharaj TPatna JnTu F
82601 MS TEN SUVIDHAChennai EgmoreTirunelveliF
82618 CBE MAS SUVIDHACoimbatore JnMgr Chennai CtrTu
82632 ERS MAS SUVIDHAErnakulam JnMgr Chennai CtrM
82301 NJP SUVIDHA EXPHowrah JnNew JalpaiguriTh
82654 JP YPR SUVIDHAJaipurYasvantpur JnSa
82501 IRCTC TEJAS EXPLucknow NeNew DelhiExcept Tue
82617 MAS CBE SUVIDHAMgr Chennai CtrCoimbatore JnF
82631 MAS ERS SUVIDHAMgr Chennai CtrErnakulam JnF
82502 IRCTC TEJAS EXPNew DelhiLucknow NeExcept Tue
82302 NJP HWH SPECIALNew JalpaiguriHowrah JnF
82355 SUVIDHA TRAINPatna JnC Shivaji Maharaj TW Su
82603 TBM TEN SUVIDHATambaramTirunelveliSa
82602 TEN TBM SUVIDHATirunelveliTambaramM Su
82604 TEN TBM SUVIDHATirunelveliTambaramTu
82653 JP SUVIDHA EXPYasvantpur JnJaipurTh
82657 YPR BGM EXPYasvantpurJnBelagaviF

Rules Download

Clarification on Provisions of Running of Suvidha Trains


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