Namma Bangalore MetroSmartCard
Namma Bangalore Metro Smart Card

Bangalore Metro Rail Travel Card Online Purchase

Bangaluru Namma Metro uses Contact less Smart Tokens and Contact less smart card. Tokens are available only for single journey. A person can buy up to 6 tokens for additional five passengers and himself.

Bangalore Metro Rail allows online purchase of the Namma metro Rail Tickets from the following website of the Namma Metro Rail Smart Card  of the Bangalore Metro Rail Co- Operation Ltd.

4 types of smart cards available on the metro – Varshik, Sanchar, Saral and Saraag.

  1. Varshik (Stored Value Ticket):- is Priced at Rs.100 and the smart card can then be recharged from Rs. 50 to up to Rs. 1,500. It has a one-year validity, with a 15% discount on travel fares.
  2. Sanchar (Trip Ticket) :- It is based on number of trips. It is available in denominations of 10, 40, 50 and 100.
  3. Saral:- is Priced at 70. It allows a day’s travel in non-A/C buses of BMTC and the metro.
  4. Saraag:- is Priced at Rs.110. It allows a day’s travel in BMTC A/C buses and the metro.

Namma Metro Rail :: Smart Card Automatic Top Up

Do you know now Namma Metro Rail of Bangalore allows the feature of Auto Top Up of the Smart Cards issued. The auto top up feature introduced by the help of SBI. Currently this feature introduced on the Varshik ( Stored Value Ticket) and now its possible to recharge the Smart Card  automatically when there is Certain amount limit crossed.

Namma Bangalore MetroSmartCard
Namma Bangalore Metro Smart Card

How to register the Smart Card Auto Top Up?

To enroll your card as auto top up go to the nearest  SBI ATM (SBI account holder) and have to register for Auto top-up through ATM.   The receipt generated at ATM will be presented to the Bank home branch where the Standing instructions form will be filled   in duplicate.

 How to activate the Smart Card Auto Top Up?

To activate the auto top up feature passenger should handed over the authenticated copy of standing instructions to Customer   Care office at Stations for activation of Auto-top up. Before activation the minimum stored value on ticket should be Rs50. Minimum Threshold value shall be Rs100. Top-up value can be between Rs. 50 to Rs. 3000 in multiples of Rs50.


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