Slip Coaches / Link Trains by Indian Railway

Slip Coach/Link Trains by Indian Trains
Slip Coach/Link Trains by Indian Trains

Slip Coaches / Link Trains by Indian Railway

In India ✅ Slip Coach / Link Trains refers to a coach that is designated to terminate its journey at a station prior to the final destination of the rest of the train.

Continuation Of Slip Coaches By Trains ~ 18.09.2021

South Central Railway announced on 18.09.2021 that has notified for continuation of Slip Coaches by Train No. 08047/08048 Howrah – Vasco-Da-Gama – Howrah Special as detail below: –

  • Slip Coaches from Kacheguda to Vasco-Da-Gama by Train No.08047 Howrah – Vasco-Da-Gama Special Express which was notified to run earlier up to 26.09.2021 will be further extended from 28.09.2021 to 31.12.2021.
  • Slip Coaches from Vasco-Da-Gama to Kacheguda by Train No.08048 Vasco-Da-Gama – Howrah Special Express which was notified to run earlier up to 28.09.2021 will be further extended from 30.09.2021 to 02.01.2022.

There will be no change in stoppages, timings & composition of coach of the above trains.

Link Train Time Table ~ 07.09.2021

Press Release related to Link Trains by Indian Railway


✅ What is a slip train in Indian Railways?

In IR, sometimes to save cost and time, few coaches do not go to the final destination of the train. They are detached from the train and left behind. Those coaches are called slip coaches of train and they might be picked up by another train or that could be the final halt for them. The train which has slip coaches in it is called slip train.

✅ Do I need to change coaches while travelling in a slip route train?

No, you don’t have to change to any other train at any station. During reservation itself, you will be placed in the respective slip coach.

✅ What is the difference between a slip coach and through coach?

A through coach is similar to a slip coach but it is later reattached to another train so that it can proceed to another destination. On the other hand, slip coaches may or may not be sent forward after they are detached.

✅ What if I get a reserved ticket in one of the slip coaches when I had to go to the final destination?

This doesn’t happen as the IRCTC reservation system is foolproof. During reservation, it makes sure that coaches detached have no passenger for the final destination.

✅ Is slip route applicable for General/Unreserved classes?

No, slip route is applicable only for reserved coach or train. General/ Unreserved coach will always go from starting station to the final station without any detachment of coaches anywhere. This is because, in general coaches, it can’t differentiate or enforce passengers to sit there.

✅ How to identify which is a slip coach in a train?

Typically, guard coaches are at both ends of the train. If you see any guard’s coach attached in between the other coaches, then you can identify the slip coaches in that train. The remaining coaches from the guard’s bogie towards the end are the slip coaches.


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