Sewa Service Trains by Railway

Sewa Service Trains by Railway
Sewa Service Trains by Railway

Sewa Service Trains by Railway

With an aim to ensure last-mile connectivity to people travelling from smaller towns, the Indian Railways launched 10 Sewa Service Trains on October 15, 2019. The Ministry of Railways had started 10 trains under its ‘Sewa service’ initiative for better connectivity between smaller towns and important cities.

Indian Railways initiated 9 Sewa Services in 8 states, i.e., Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Assam, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha. The services are to provide rail connectivity between small towns and important cities. Speaking o­n the occasion Hon’ble Minister of Railways Shri Piyush Goyal said that

these services are based o­n the Hub and Spoke concept and that these trains will provide better rail connectivity between smaller and satellite towns and important cities.

Details are here.

Main Features

  • Run on the concept that better utilises the rolling stock or spare rakes
  • On paths to achieve last mile connectivity
  • Based on Hub and Spoke Model
  • Facilitate passengers to reach the hub of major stations.
  • Provide rail connectivity between smaller towns and important cities
  • Ensure congestion free road and faster ease of movement for public
  • Diversion of short distance traffic from road to Railways

Sewa Service Trains Time and Route

Sewa Service Trains by Railway
Sewa Service Trains by Railway

Details of Sewa Service Trains time/route are following.

6 Days a Week Sewa Service Trains

  • Vadnagar – Mahesana
  • Asarva – Himmatnagar
  • Karur – Salem
  • Yesvantpur – Tumkur
  • Coimbatore – Pollachi

The Daily Sewa Service Trains

  • Murkongselek – Dibrugarh
  • Delhi – Shamli
  • Bhubaneswar – Nayagarh Town
  • Kota – Jhalawar City
  • Palani – Coimbatore

New Train Details 2019

Sewa Service Trains Time and Route

Vadnagar – Mahesana DEMU (6 days a week)

79406 Vadnagar – Mahesana DEMU Except Sun79408 Vadnagar – Mahesana DEMU Except SunSTATION79405Mahesana -Vadnagar DEMU Except Sun79407Mahesana -Vadnagar DEMU Except Sat
Days of operation:Ex- Mahesana: 6 days aZWeek
Ex- Vadnagar: 6 days a
Commercial Stoppage:At all stations enroute

Asarva (Ahmedabad) – Himmatnagar DEMU (6 days a week)

79402 Himmatnagar – Asarva DEMUExcept Sun79404 Himmatnagar – Asarva DEMUExcept SunSTATION79401 Asarva – HimmatnagarDEMU Except Sun79403 Asarva – HimmatnagarDEMU Except Sat
Days of operation:Ex-Asarva: 6 days a week
Ex-Himmatnagar: 6 days a week
Commercial Stoppage:At all stations enroute

Karur – Salem DEMU (6 days a week)

76802 Karur – Salem DEMUSTATION76801 Salem – Karur DEMU
Days of operation:Ex- Karur:       6 days a week (Except Sun)
Ex- Salem:       6 days a week (Except Sun)
Commercial Stoppage:Vangal, Mohanur, Namakkal, Kalangani, Puduchatram, Rasipuram and Mallur

Yesvantpur – Tumkur DEMU (6 days a week)

76527 Yesvantpur – Tumkur DEMUSTATION76528  Tumkur – Yesvantpur DEMU
Days of operation:Ex- Yesvantpur: 6 days a week (Except Sun)
Ex- Tumkur:        6 days a week (Except Sun)
Commercial Stoppage:At all stations enroute

Coimbatore – Pollachi Passenger (6 days a week)

56183 Coimbatore – PollachiPassengerSTATION56184Pollachi – Coimbatore   Passenger
Days of operation:Ex- Coimbatore: 6 days a week (Except Sun)Ex- Pollachi:        6 days a week (Except Sun)
Commercial Stoppage:Podanur and Kinattukkadavu

Murkongselek – Dibrugarh Passenger (Daily)

55606 Murkongselek – Dibrugarh PassengerSTATION55605 Dibrugarh – Murkongsel ek Passenger
Days of operation:Ex- Murkongselek: Daily
Ex- Dibrugarh: Daily
Commercial Stoppage:At all stations enroute

Delhi – Shamli Passenger (Daily)

51917 Delhi – Shamli PassengerSTATION51918 Shamli – Delhi Passenger
Days of
:Ex- Delhi   :  Daily
Ex- Shamli :  Daily
:Delhi Shahdara, Noli, Khekra, Baghpat Road, Baraut, Qasimpur Kheri and Kandhla

Bhubaneswar – Nayagarh Town Express (Daily)

18423 Bhubaneswar – Nayagarh TownExpressSTATION18424 Nayagarh Town- Bhubaneswar Express
20:45ANayagarh TownD06:30
Days of operation:Ex- Bhubaneswar:       Daily
Ex- Nayagarh Town:   Daily
Commercial Stoppage:Bhubaneswar, Khurda Road Jn, Khurda Town, Begunia, Rajsunakhala, Bolagarh Road and Nayagarh Town

Kota – Jhalawar City Passenger (Daily)

51614Kota – Jhalawar City PassengerSTATIONJhalawar- Kota City Passenger
19:5319:54ADRamganj MandiDA06:2606:27
21:30AJhalawar CityD06:00
Days of operation:Ex- Kota: DailyEx- Jhalawar : Daily
Commercial Stoppage:Dakaniya Talav, Dadhdevi, Alniya, Ravtha Road, Dara, Kanwalpura, Morak, Ramganj Mandi Jn and Julmi

Palani – Coimbatore Passenger (Daily)

56610Palani – Coimbatore PassengerSTATION56609Coimbatore-Palani – Passenger
Days of operation:Ex- Palani: DailyEx- Coimbatore: Daily
Commercial Stoppage:Pushpattur, Madattukulam, Udumalaipetti, Gomangalam, Pollachi Jn, Kinattukkadavu and Podanur

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