Selfie Points at Railway Stations

Selfie Points at Railway Stations
Selfie Points at Railway Stations

Selfie Points at Railway Stations

Different Railway zones of the Indian Railway created ✅ selfie booths for giving awareness regarding some relevant social issues, and for some entertainment. Here are the details and a list of stations having selfie points.

Selfie Booth at Railway Stations

The list of Stations having Selfie Points is here.

Sogaria Station Selfie Point

Chennai Division Sets Up ‘Cheer4India’ Selfie Points to Express Support Indian Olympic Squad

Southern Railway announced (16.07.2021) that Chennai Division of Southern Railway has set up #CHEER4INDIA# selfie point at the concourse of its divisional office (NGO Annexe), to encourage and support sportspersons participating in the Olympic games 2021 to be held in Tokyo, Japan. Indian Railways is organizing ‘Cheer4India’ campaign in all its zones, divisions to cheer the Indian contingents who are competing in the Tokyo Olympics commencing on 23rd July 2021. As a part of this campaign, Chennai Division has setup a selfie point in its divisional office, today (16.07.2021) to express it’s support to the Indian contingents and reinforce Olympic spirit. The officers and staff of the Division shared their love and support to the Indian squad by taking selfies and posting it on social media handles. On such #cheers4India# standee is available at Chennai Egmore PF 4.

Ministry of Railways has set up over 6000 selfie points all over the country at various railway stations and offices. 119 athletes (67 Male and 52 female participants) from India are about to partcipate in the Tokyo Olympics of which some sportstars are from Indian Railways too. This year, Ms. Revathy Veeramani, an employee and star athlete of Southern Railway will represent India in 4×400 mts mixed relay event at Tokyo Olympics. Chennai Division urges public to cheer and support the Olympic contingents
by striking a motivational pose at the #Cheer4India# selfie points and share the same on social media.

Selfie Point Installed at ER Headquarters in Fairlie Place to Cheer up Olympic Participants

Eastern Railway announced that on 13/07/2021 inaugurated a ‘Selfie Point’ at Eastern Railway Headquarters at Fairlie Place, Kolkata as a part of the Nationwide Publicity Campaign about Tokyo Olympics. To arouse enthusiasm among Indian Athletics participating in Tokyo Olympic starting from July 23rd, 2021 activists may take their Selfie at these points and may upload in Social Media with their massages to cheer Indian Athletes. Shri Aneet Dulat, AGM, Eastern Railway was also present in the Selfie Stand programs. Eminent Sportspersons of Eastern Railway were also present to grace the occasion.

The “cheer4India ” Selfie stand has been conceptualized by the Sports Authority of India and the India Olympic Association. It may be mentioned in this regard that Indian Railways play a pivotal role in sports in India and large contingents of sportsperson from Indian Railways have already qualified for Tokyo Olympic. Selfie Points will be installed at all prominent locations over Eastern Railway’s jurisdiction so that people can post their messages with selfies on social media to encourage sportspersons to take part in Tokyo Olympics.

Selfie Booth : Yesvantpur Railway Station

South Western Railway announced that (28.04.2021) to create mass awareness about the importance of wearing the mask a selfie booth was made operational near the RPF Assistance kiosk at Yesvantpur to encourage passengers to wear masks, ensure covid protocols, and stay safe amidst this pandemic.

Selfie Point : Bhubaneswar Railway Station

Selfie Point at Bhubaneswar Railway Station platform No.1

Old Updates

Taking Selfie on rail tracks or edge of the platform or in trains is dangerous and also punishable. This offense come under section 145 and 147 of Railway Act 1989, with fine up to Rs.1000 or imprisonment up to six months or both. So Railway decided to set up Selfie points at Railway Stations to avoid mishaps. Railway stations could soon have designated selfie points, even though activists are against this idea but Indian Railway decided to set up selfie points at Railway stations, the famous newspaper reported. Railways have come up with this move to prevent people from being crushed to death on railway tracks while taking selfies.

The Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) has been given the task of re-developing 600 stations across the country with the help of private players. Besides, the Indian Railway will also renovate and develop 70 stations across the country on their own, which will include ‘selfie points’ as well, the newspaper reported. While the selfie points are currently being set up at 70 stations, the second phase will include all A1 and A stations.

The Railway authorities says that the selfie points at Railway Stations will be developed at safe spots to avert any mishaps or loss of life.

Central Railway decided to set up selfie points at railway stations including Pune Junction stations, CSMT, Buhranpur, Nagpur. Lonavala is also included in the selfie points at the Railway stations project. Five selfie point stations are being in Rajasthan. In Rajasthan stations have selfie points are Udaipur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, and Gandhinagar.

But activists are saying that selfie points should be set up on the railway station premises and not on platforms, otherwise it will cause disturbance to other passengers, especially during peak hours.

Selfie in Heritage Railway Engine

East Coast Railway announced that to honor the glorious tradition of the past and also to provide a sense of identity to the future generations in the fast-growing technologies about the small icon of the glorious history of Railways, Sambalpur Railway Division of East Coast Railway has created a Heritage Park in front of Divisional Railway Manager’s Office in Sambalpur Town to showcase an age-old Steam Locomotive.

The Steam Locomotive No.-679 has been retrieved from the junkyard of Bankura Railway Station of Adra Division under South Eastern Railway and placed in front of the Divisional Railway Manager’s Office on 31st December 1999 on the eve of the new millennium after giving a new sleek and beautiful look improving its old look.

This steam locomotive with glorious history by serving Mail/Express Trains in the then Bengal-Nagpur Railway was successfully transported and now has been installed as a pedestal in front of the DRM Office at Sambalpur City. This heritage locomotive was built by the North British Locomotive Co.Ltd, Glassgow (Scotland) in the year 1908 in the name NG Steam locomotive No.679 having its wheel configuration 4-6-2 with Class CC. It was carved on a brass plate and is placed at the heritage site. The Heritage train engine has also been decorated with LED lights to beautify the Heritage Park.

The good news for the public is that this heritage garden will be open to the general public and they can also take selfies with the engine in the Heritage Garden. In the next few days, old-style semaphore signals (with signal arms) will be installed in front of the Locomotive Engine. The special arrangement will be made for School and College students to come to DRM Office/ Sambalpur and take selfies with the locomotive engine in the background.

It is stated that Indian Railways has started to preserve more than 160 years of rich history both tangible and intangible heritage and the proud owner of four UNESCO accorded World Heritage Sites namely Darjeeling Himalayan railway (1999), Nilgiri Mountain Railway (2005), Kalka Shimla Railway (2008) and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai (2004) and is also preserving about 16 steam Locomotives as working heritage.

Selfie clicking and Cards Playing on Trains are Illegal

Selfie Clicking on trains or Playing Cards on the train or the Platforms could get you jailed for five years

Selfie clicking on trains or playing cards on the train or the Platforms could get you jailed for five years. Clicking the selfie on trains putting you behind bars for five years. Similarly, for those who find playing cards a favorite time pass on their journeys, it’s time to give up the habit for they may end up paying a hefty penalty. Identifying these acts as a major nuisance, Indian Railways are proposing to make these offenses punishable with a jail term of a hefty penalty, a famous Newspaper reported.  

For this, railway authorities are proposing amendments in the Railway Act so that violators can be dealt with strictly. In recent times a number of deaths have been reported while people trying to click selfies. It was noticed that the victims either fell down the moving train or were run over by approaching trains while taking a selfie.  

As per the proposal, violators can be booked for endangering public life or causing a nuisance on railway premises. Railway Protection Force (RPF), which is responsible for the safety of passengers and railway property, is proposing amendments in existing laws that do not have specific provisions to deal with such activities. Official sources said the violators can be booked under sections 147 and 153 of the Railway Act that deals with trespassing and causing a threat to public life.    

To begin with, prosecution against selfies will start in Gujarat and later it will be implemented in other divisions of the railway. However, as a long-term measure, existing laws will be amended to deal with the nuisance. The proposal will soon be sent to the Home Ministry for approval.  

“The government rail police (GRP) and RPF will be instructed to book individuals taking selfies near a train on the platform, at the compartment exits, or on railway tracks. This activity is liable to endanger not only their lives but also that of others,” said a railway ministry official.  

An RPF officer said on the condition of anonymity that in some cases, the violators can also be booked for an attempt to suicide. “Clicking selfies on railway tracks is clearly an attempt to commit suicide. They will be booked accordingly. They may even be jailed for endangering their lives and that of others,” he said.  

As per the proposal, playing cards inside the train coaches or on railway platforms will also be prohibited. The violators can be booked under section 145 of the Railway Act which deals with drunkenness, causing nuisance, and troubling fellow passengers.


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