Running Room in Indian Railway

Circular Journey Tickets by Indian Railway
Circular Journey Tickets by Indian Railway

Running Room in Indian Railway

A Running room is associated with the Railway Crew lobby where the Crew gets all the important information related to the Train running. Running rooms are the places where the Running crew like Loco pilot, assistant loco pilot, goods guard, TTE, take rest (at stations other than their home station) after completion of duty or sign-off and before picking up the next duty or sign-on. In addition to AC rooms for sleeping, the Running rooms also provide subsided meals. Packed meals are also supplied if the Crew is required to pick up trains at odd timings of the day. Railway attaches a lot of importance to the upkeep of the Running rooms as a well-rested running crew can ensure the safety of trains. Running Room in Indian Railway details and list are here.

Eastern Railway ~ Running Room

Northern Railway ~ Running Room

South Central Railway ~ Running Room

Western Railway ~ Running Room

For the comfort & convenience of train Crew, a new Running Room is provided at Pipavav Port. It has well equipped AC Rooms besides AC Yoga Rooms, Meditation Room, big Dining Halls,Reading/Recreation Rooms, etc. Other facilities include water Coolers with RO, Meals, intercom, etc.

Running Room ~ Pipavav Port ~ Western Railway

Report on Running Room Facilities


✅ What is a Running Room?

The running room was constructed with the provision of all facilities are for railway board norms. The rooms facilitated with two bedded including attached bathrooms. The rooms are modified for crew taking rest without any disturbance.

Which are all the facilities in the Railway Running Room?

  • Spacious rooms with attached toilets, Meditation Room, Reading Room, Dining halls, Kitchen, etc.
  • Preparation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian made separately duly providing exclusive dishes and stoves.
  • RO purified drinking water with water coolers.
  • Mechanized washing of Lenin from reputed agencies.
  • Outsourced in all respects including housekeeping, food supply, etc.
  • Solar hot water system.
  • Exclusive Standby power supply.
  • Centralized Air cooling/Air coolers
  • All outs/Mosquito curtains
  • Laundry/ironing.
  • Computerized Check-In / Out at reception

How Running Room is classified?

Running room should be classified on the basis of number of users per day:

  • Category “A” – 51 users,
  • Category “B” – between 21-50 users and
  • Category “C” – up to 20 users.


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