Railway Ticket Enquiry – IRCTC E-Ticket Details

Indian Railway Ticket Enquiry
Indian Railway Ticket Enquiry - IRCTC Ticket Booking Page

Railway Ticket Enquiry – IRCTC E-Ticket Details

E-Ticketing by IRCTC is helpful in protecting the environment by saving paper. The process of booking an E-Ticket is easy and convenient. Registration on the website is free. Let’s check how to Booking E-Tickets, What is the timing, service Charges for E-tickets, Payment for booking E-tickets, agents service charges, other related details of Railway ticket inquiry.

IRCTC announced that (07.08.2022) IRCTC e-ticket Booking Convenience Fee : Rs. 15/- + GST for Non AC Class and Rs. 30/- +GST for AC Class including First Class(FC).

IRCTC announced that Second class (2S) reserved ticket holders are advised to check their PNR status (“Trains” menu > “PNR Enquiry”) before journey. If 2S reserved ticket holders are receiving PNR status as “Route class deleted / Booking not allowed as given class for the route is deleted” on PNR enquiry, they may cancel such tickets to get full refund.

Tickets on the Internet can be booked from 00.20 hrs to 23.45 hrs on all days.


Indian Railways increases the limit of online booking of tickets through IRCTC website/app ~ 06.06.20202

Indian Railway announced via press release that to facilitate passengers, Indian Railways has decided to increase the limit of booking maximum 6 tickets in a month to 12 tickets by a user ID which is not Aadhaar linked and the limit of booking maximum 12 tickets in a month to 24 tickets by a user ID which is Aadhaar linked and that one of the passengers in the ticket to be booked is verifiable through Aadhaar.

At present, maximum 6 tickets in a month can be booked online on IRCTC website/app by a user ID which is not Aadhaar linked and maximum 12 tickets in a month can be booked online on IRCTC website/app by a user ID which is Aadhaar linked and that one of the passengers in the ticket to be booked is verifiable through Aadhaar.


Following are the terms and condition of E-Tickets, steps to book E-Ticket.

Terms and Condition for Booking E-Ticket

  • Customer Should register in the www.irctc.co.in website to book tickets. Registration is free.
  • New User Registration details available following link IRCTC New User Registration
  • Before registration, customer should go through terms and conditions.
  • The customer is allowed to register only one user ID with the correct details of e-mail, mobile no. etc
  • Full fare tickets, including Tatkal, Child tickets, tickets for persons with disabilities, accredited press correspondents, and senior citizens at concessional rates can be booked through the website.
  • E-tickets can be booked for a journey between any two stations on the route of the train including originating stations and destination.
  • When the ticket is successfully booked an SMS will be sent to the customer detailing the PNR, ticket status, fare charged, etc.
  • A maximum of 6 tickets can be booked by an individual user in a month.
  • No Aadhaar Verification Required for booking up to 6 tickets in a month. Users can now avail the facility of booking up to 12 tickets in a month by linking their Aadhaar.
  • ID proof is essential for traveling. Which are all the ID cards a passenger can carry, details are here.
  • If that is in a group, one passenger should carry the ID cards. Passengers can either show Electronic Reservation Slip or SMS by IRCTC as a ticket proof, if the passenger failed to show any of this, Rs.50/- has to pay a penalty.

How to Book E-Ticket

Step-by-Step Guide to Book Indian Railways Online Ticket

The below instructions will help you to book the train ticket via Online. Below explain a step-by-step guide to book the IRCTC ticket. You just need to follow instructions to get the ticket online free of Service charges. 

You will get the IRCTC ticket after completing the following 2 steps only. Where step 1 is only required to perform only once and others required to perform each and every time.

  • IRCTC User Registration
  • IRCTC Book a Train Ticket

We will explain each of these points in detailed on next session IRCTC User Registration Process.

IRCTC next generation new website login

  • User Registration /  Sign-UP:  To book the Indian Railways ticket booking need to login to the IRCTC website. This required the IRCTC User ID. 
  • Book a Train Ticket: Once you have created the IRCTC User ID and password, can able to log on to the IRCTC website to book the website by entering User ID and Password.

IRCTC Train Ticket booking process having following sub sections involved

  • Log-on to IRCTC Website
  • Search for Availability
  • Confirm Ticket
  • Make Payment
  • Verify Ticket
  • IRCTC Login : Once you have created the IRCTC User ID and password, can able to log on to the IRCTC website to book the website by entering User ID and Password.
  • Search for Availability: This is the third step on the IRCTC ticket booking. During this step users searching  for their exact trains required.
  • Confirm Ticket: Confirm IRCTC train ticket process includes verifying your train after availability check is over. Select a train and choose class for travel.
  • Make payment: IRCTC Allowed several ways to make payment.  This includes Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet baking, Wallets and New Generation e-Wallet options. Verify Ticket: After booking your train ticket verify the same for further difficulties.

How to Book E-Ticket

  • Login by entering your user name and password on the website ✅ www.irctc.co.in. You should enter the ✅ Captcha in the prescribed column.
  • Enter From and To stations, Journey date, Train Classes
  • Click the Find Train option.
  • The List of Trains shows the number of trains available for that route.
  • If you wish to know the route, timings, and fare, click on the train name under the “List of Trains” option.
  • To get the fare, click on class available in the selected train under “List of Trains”. It will show fare according to the type of class selected. The fare appearing is for a single adult Passenger and the service charges charged by IRCTC.
  • To select the train from the train list, click on the type of class available on the selected train.
  • If you will click on the class in the train list then it will show the train details with availability.
  • To book tickets, click on the “Book Now” button under the availability option.
  • In the next pages, you can see Passenger Details, Review Booking, and Payment options.
  • If you wish to select another train, click on the “RESET” button.
E - Ticket Booking Details
E – Ticket Booking Details
More Information about E-Ticket Booking
  • When the Ticket reservation page appears; check whether the train name and the station names displayed on the top of the page are the same as desired by you.
  • Enter the names of the ✅ Passengers, age, sex, and berth preference for each Passenger. The maximum length of names should be restricted to 15 characters.
  • The ticket details, availability of tickets at the particular time and the fare, including the service charge, appear on the screen, along with the payment option Follow the instructions.
  • “✅ Payment Option” Select the Payment Mode and Bank From the Drop Down List.
  • Click on the “✅ Make Payment” It redirect to the selected Bank Site.
  • After successful payment and booking of accommodations, the User is shown the ticket confirmation details along with a “Print Reservation Slip” Button. On clicking the button ERS is shown with an option to print.
  • The customer can subsequently also print Electronic Reservation Slip from the ‘BOOKED TICKETS’ link on the left navigation bar.
IRCTC E-Ticket Booking Methods
IRCTC E-Ticket Booking Methods


Service Charge is applicable per e – ticket, irrespective of the number of passengers (maximum six) booked on an e-ticket. GST is extra. The same has been withdrawn w.e.f. 23.11.2019 upto 30.09.2019 to incentivise digital transaction

  • Second/Sleeper Class – Rs.20/-
  • 1 AC, 2 AC, 3 AC,CC, 3E, FC – Rs 40/-

Payment for booking E-tickets

  • Payment can be made by using all Master/Visa/Amex cards.
  • All international credit/debit cards issued outside India are accepted for booking e-tickets through the IRCTC website. However, this payment option is available where the ticket is booked at least 2 days in advance of the journey date.
  • Customers can use Net Banking/Debit/Credit Cards, Cash Cards, UPI/BHIM facility for making payments for tickets booked through the internet.


Passenger can book e-ticket by various ticketing agencies but have to take some precautions while buying E-tickets from authorized agents. Ensure that the Agent has a valid Authorisation Certificate issued by the respective Principal Agent. A list of authorized agents are available on the official website of Railway.

Time Slot For Agents for Booking Tickets

E-ticketing agents are debarred from booking tickets during the 1st 30 minutes of opening of booking.

  • General Bookings – From 08.00 hrs to 08.30 hrs
  • Tatkal AC Booking – From 10.00 hrs to 10.30 hrs
  • Tatkal Non AC Booking – From 11.00 hrs to 11.30 hrs

Demand a receipt from the e-ticketing agent for the payment made for booking ticket.
Check carefully all the details including your mobile number, stations, date, fare, services charges, age, Class etc. on the e-ticket.
If the agent demand more than the prescribed service charge, passengers can lodge a complaint at agentcomplaint@irctc.co.in

Service Charges for Agents

On IRCTC website:

  • Rs.20/- per ticket for Sleeper Class and Second Class tickets (GST extra)
  • Rs.40/- per ticket for other higher class tickets (GST extra)

There is no Agent Service charge for cancellation of ticket.

Mobile Number for Train Ticket Booking
Mobile Number for Train Ticket Booking


Indian railway has two mode of online tickets

  • E – Ticket
  • I – Ticket

Indian Railway announced through the Railway Website that I-Ticket services through IRCTC website have been discontinued w.e.f. 01.03.2018.

Every body confusing about these options and keep on thinking which option to choose for IRCTC Online ticket booking. Here you will get each of these to you on simple definition.

Difference Between E -Ticket and I -Ticket

Both the E Ticket and I Ticket booking via IRCTC only but there is some common difference.

E – Ticket

This is the default booking option on the IRCTC website. E-Ticket also is known as Electronic Ticket. This you can purchase online and travel. Remember there is no need to take a printout of the E-Ticket. You just need to show the SMS received on your mobile to TTE (Travel Ticket Examiner ).

Indian Railways started E-ticket facility since 24.02.2006 to provide fast and secure online ticketing for the passengers. But in this case, the passengers not provided any physical tickets. You can take the print out from the internet anytime after your ticket booked successfully. In the journey time, you have to carry any of the following identity details that are the main difference in the case of E-ticket. 

I – Ticket  
  • In the case of an i-Ticket service charge of Rs.40 per ticket in lower class and Rs. 60 per ticket in upper class (maximum 6 passengers per ticket) is leviable in addition to the train fare.
  • But this type of service will be delivered the ticket without any extra cost. And a maximum of 10 tickets booked in an individual account.
  • Will get the e-mail to the mail id you are provided in the IRCTC  says the total fare taken for the ticket and the berth position of your ticket. 
  • If the ticket is not booked then that information you will get from the menu “Booked Ticket History” on the www.irctc.co.in site home page.
Ticket Delivered on E-Mail and SMS onlyTicket Delivered on Shipment Address Given
If lost the E – Ticket then directly re-print possibleIf forgot the PNR number too will attract ticket re-issuing charges
Ticket Cancellation not allowed after the Train DepartureTicket Cancellation can be done after the Train Departure
Ticket Cancellation done via IRCTC Website OnlyTicket Cancellation done on the nearest Computer reservation Center too

I-Ticket Booking : Indian Railway

Both i-Ticket and E-Ticket are the Internet Online Booking tickets via www.irctc.co.in but these 2 tickets having some difference that difference is explained as follows


  • I – Ticket is also known as Internet Ticket.
  • This also booking via the IRCTC website by selecting the I – Ticket option while searching trains after the IRCTC Login happens.
  • The main difference in I – Ticket option is that it does not require ID proof except the Tatkal facility.  
  • I -ticket is delivering directly to your home.
  • I – Ticket must book 3 Days prior to the travel.
  • This can cancel any ticket reservation counter after the departure of the train too.
  • No Cash Refund allowed. It will refund on the same online payment account.


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