Connection Trains Search : Indian Railways Travel Planning

  Do you know now our travel planning is so easier than any time. Did you ever think about a complete travel plan solution with minimum train change, low fare and without search routes in various maps. Yes!! its possible now.   Lets think you want to travel train from Ernakulam (Kerala) – Srinagar (Kashmir). What you will do at this movement, I am sure you will take more than 1 hour complete the entire travel plan otherwise you will loose extra money for approching travel agents.   Don’t worry now we can do this in 1 minute. Its possible from one of the greatest website 90di For searching you have to go to the following link and search the query as easy as just type Ernakulam to Srinagar. And see the magical result comes after words.

You will get the result exactly same as a below. Please notice there you can find Total Travel time, fare, Depart, Arrival times and No. of Transit. One more happy news is that you are getting multiple options with sorting the same too and ticket availability checking. Lets try the same and post your feed back.


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