RailSuraksha App by Railway

Sagarmala Yojana
Sagarmala Yojana

RailSuraksha App

Pune Rail division will soon be endorsed and launched a new mobile application designed for the safety of train passengers called RailSuraksha App. The mobile app will soon be endorsed and launched across the country by the railway ministry, a famous Newspaper reported. Following are the details about RailSuraksha App by Railway.

Currently undergoing an experimental run in the Pune division, RailSuraksha App will be launched across the country within three months, said, railway officials. The application will be tested in five more rail divisions during these three months, the officials told, the newspaper reported.

Features of RailSuraksha App

  • This App can be used to register complaints
  • Passengers can upload relevant images
  • ‘My Complaints’ section lets passengers check status of grievances
  • A panic button allows emergency information to be sent to RPF personnel
  • Flashes RPF emergency number 182
  • Uses smartphone’s location to provide relevant information on trains, PNR Status, map of rail division etc.

How to use RailSuraksha App

  • Download RailSuraksha App on smartphone
  • If in trouble, press panic button
  • Re-confirm if you want to press the green button
  • Emergency request is immediately sent to RPF
  • RPF personnel can reach you without delay

Railway authorities have been working on this application for some time now and the results have been very impressive. This user-friendly application is available on Android and IOS platforms at the moment, Newspaper reported.

Explaining the working of the app, the rail officials said, “Once a train passenger downloads the application into his or her smartphone, based on the location of the phone, he or she can access several features, including information on trains, PNR status, the map of the particular rail division, relevant railway-related news etc.

In addition to these features, the RailSuraksha application also has a panic button. If a passenger is in any kind of trouble, he or she can press the panic button and an emergency request will immediately be sent to the Railway Protection Force. The RPF personnel can then track down and reach the passenger without any delay. Also, the application continuously flashes the RPF emergency number — 182 — which many people do not know about, the newspaper reported. RailSuraksha application will help spread awareness about the RPF emergency number and popularise it.


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