QR Code For Train Ticket Booking

QR Code For Train Ticket Booking
QR Code For Train Ticket Booking

QR Code Train Ticket Booking

Indian Railway announced that as a part of Digital India initiative, Railway started Ticket booking via QR Code scanning. How to book Train Ticket by Scanning of QR Code, which are all the Indian Railway zones introduced QR Code for Train Ticket booking facility are here.

Survey about the AC Local ~ Scan QR Code

Participate in the survey about the Mumbai AC Local Train

Survey about the AC Local
Survey about the AC Local
Indian Rail or IRCTC QR code for Train Ticket
Indian Rail QR code Sample

QR Based e-pass for Mumbai Local Train Travel

A QR code based E-Pass (Electronic Pass) is now mandatory for all essential category staff those who are travelling in EMU trains in Mumbai and the MMR Region on the Central and Western Railways. An Electronic QR based e-pass along with a valid railway ticket is mandatory to travel in the Mumbai local suburban services from 30th July,2020.

Process of Generating QR Based E-pass

The process of generating such a pass is envisaged in two stages:-

Stage 1

  • The HR head of each organisation may depute authorised personnel with an list of their employees in soft and hard copy with basic individual information. The standard format in which data has to be provided is given below.

The said information has to be provided in soft copy as well as hard copy by the above authorised personnel to –

Name : Shri Pramod Sawant/ Shri Devansh Shukla/ Shri Jyotimani
Address : Technology Cell, 5th Floor, New Administration Building, CP office compound, Dr. D. N. Road, Opp. Crawford Market, Mumbai 400001.
Contact Number : 8828119706

Working Days between 10.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs from 16.07.2020 – 27.07.2020

  • Also the name and contact details of a Nodal Officer is to be given by each organisation and send by the above authorised personnel so as to facilitate him/her to act as a final approver of the organization’s QR code based E-Pass. A sealed envelope containing the user name and password (which can be later changed) shall be sent to the contacts of the above nodal officer.
  • Once the information is registered in “QR code application” an SMS along with a web link would be sent on the phone no. of the employee, as mentioned against the name of each staff, whereupon the employee shall add more details by clicking on the web link and submit the form to his nodal officer, for approval.

Stage 2

  • On receipt of the form submitted by the employee to the nodal officer of the organisation, the nodal officer shall decide upon approval of the same by logging in to the web portal using the user name and password already provided. The nodal officer may choose to approve the application singularly, or in bulk.
  • Once such an approval is done by the nodal officer, a SMS link will be sent to the employee, who will now be able to download his QR code e-pass using the same.

How to get an e-pass

Essential services’ personnel travelling by suburban railways will have to apply for an e-pass to the head of their office. Complete information of the employee, including his name, position, department, place of residence and work, mobile number and other details should be provided in this application. It is mandatory that the head of the concerned office should submit this application in soft and hard copy to the nodal officer of the state government. The concerned nodal officer shall have the authority to approve or reject these applications. After all the due process is completed, an SMS link will be sent to the staff whose application has been approved. The concerned employee will have to send a form via mobile through that link. All the instructions for this will be available at the sent link. In addition, an ID and password will be given to the nodal officers of the concerned offices, establishments. This will allow the concerned authorities to approve the final list of their employees. All this work will be done in coordination with the state government officials. 

When all the procedures are done, the “QR” Code of the e-pass will appear on the employee’s mobile phone. Along with this ‘e-pass’, the concerned passenger employee can travel by purchasing the regular ticket/ monthly pass of Suburban Railway. 

QR Based E-pass for Mumbai Local Train Travel Steps
QR Based E-pass for Mumbai Local Train Travel Steps
Process of Generating QR Based E-pass
Process of Generating QR Based E-pass

Process of Generating QR Based E-pass ~ SOP Download

QR Code Mobile Ticketing Option by Chennai Metro Rail (CMRL)

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has launched Contact-less mobile ticketing QR code mobile ticketing option that will allow contactless travel and prevents spread of COVID 19. Here are the further details of QR code ticketing system by Chennai Metro Rail Limited.

How to use QR Code Ticketing Facility

  • CMRL has implemented a complete contactless ticketing system that greatly reduces the risk of spreading of COVID-19. The contactless QR ticketing solution eliminates human interference and allows seamless passage throughout the journey.
  • Passengers will be able to book tickets and buy passes of their choice (Single Journey Ticket, Round Journey ticket, Trip Passes) in the form of QR codes in the existing CMRL mobile app.
  • This QR code generated will be scanned at the QR scanners fitted to a particular gate at every station to enter and exit, making the entire journey completely contactless.
  • Features like rescheduling and cancellation of tickets have also been included for the convenience of the passengers. The digital payment options include Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI and Net banking facilities. This user-friendly solution is available for passengers at all 32 Metro Stations.

Scan QR Code to Get Unreserved Ticket o­n App

With the availability of QR code at stations, passengers can now purchase their paperless ticket o­n-line without having to stand in Queue saving time and energy. The UTS App is becoming popular with more and more passengers utilizing this facility day by day. With this facility it will be convenient for the passengers who decide to book tickets in the last minute. The UTS app is o­ne of the major digital avenues implemented by SWR in taking forward digitalization of Railway services for the convenience of passengers.

Passengers are required to download the UTS app o­n their mobile phones and complete the ‘registration’ and ‘login’ process. After successfully creating an account, passenger can book a ticket by specifying the source and the destination and book a ticket. The application will generate a QR code of booked ticket which will be used at railway station to scan the ticket QR code. The newly introduced system would improve o­n the speed of buying tickets and minimize the transaction time while purchasing tickets.

A hand held terminal with the CRIS application is used to scan the QR code. The scanning also provides the passenger’s details on the occupancy of the train and the number of vacant berths. Besides, ticket examiners can also scan the QR code using apps on their mobile phones such as QR, Barcode Scanner and QR Code reader. 

How to Scan QR Code of Train Ticket ?

How to Book the Train Ticket via QR Code scanning

Once a reserved ticket is booked from any where, an SMS containing URL of the QR Code is sent to the passenger’s mobile number. During entering the station or checking of the ticket, the passenger will click on the QR code URL available in his/her SMS, and the QR code of the reserved ticket will be displayed on the passenger’s mobile browser. 

Step by Step process are following.

  • Step 1: Open UTS App from Indian Railways, which can be used for booking unreserved train tickets.
  • Step 2: Under the Book Ticket Menu, there will be an option of QR Booking
  • Step 3: Now visit the Railway station where QR code is provided and then scan the QR code via UTS App.
  • Step 4: Select the destination and other fields
  • Step 5: make the payment and the ticket is generated instantly.

North Central Railway

QR Code Ticket for Reserved Ticketing System by NCR

In a major development, innovative QR code based ticket checking system developed by Prayagraj division of North Central Railway is implementing on Pan India basis for contactless reserved ticket checking. Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) has rolled out an application covering all Zonal Railways to display reserved ticket details of passenger in form of unique QR code.

On successful reserved ticket booking from anywhere, a SMS containing URL of QR code will be sent to the passenger mobile number. During entering the station or checking of ticket, passenger will click on the QR code URL available in his/her SMS and the QR Code of the reserved ticket will be displayed on the passenger’s mobile browser. Hand held terminal (HMT) with CRIS application shall be used for QR code scanning in contactless fashion and QR code scanning will automatically update the passenger turn up details in the application which will provide real time information o­n occupancy, no. of vacant berths etc.

This application launched by CRIS covering entire reserved ticketing of Railways is live now and SMS with URL links for generating QR code is being sent o­n provided mobile no. of passengers. Railway Board has asked to train and sensitizeall ticket checking staff o­n this contactless ticket checking system. This QR code based contactless ticket scanning system was originally implemented o­n Prayagraj station of North Central Railway o­n pilot basis w.e.f. 01.06.20 and now it has been implemented for entire reserved ticketing system.

Central and Western Railway

A QR code based E-Pass (Electronic Pass) is now mandatory for all Essential category staff who are travelling in EMU trains in Mumbai and the MMR Region on the Central and Western Railways. Bhusawal Division of Central Railway starts QR code system for ticket checking

South Western Railways

South Western Railways have introduced QR code ticketing for 60 Stations over the zone where passengers can purchase their unreserved tickets for travelling by various trains over Indian Railways. This is in addition to 13 stations in Bengaluru area which was introduced in 2018.

Passengers can get their tickets with ease after scanning the QR code issued at the following stations of SWR by using UTS app o­n mobile.

KS R Bengaluru
Lottegolahalli H
Bengaluru Cant
Bengaluru East
Vasco Da Gama
Hubballi Jn
Toranagallu Jn

Shivamogga Town
Birur Jn
Nanajangud Town
Mysore Jn
Londa Jn

Chikjajur Jn
Indi Road
Hosapete Jn
Hole Narsipur
Gadag Jn

Bellary Jn
Arsikere Jn


✅ What is a QR code?

Quick Response Code

✅ How do I scan a QR code with train ticket?

Select the option of QR Booking under the Book Ticket Menu. Then Visit the Railway station and scan QR code via UTS App. Select the destination and other fields, make the payment. Ticket booking done.

✅ What is the main purpose of QR Code Train Ticket by Railway?

For issuing contactless ticket to the passengers

✅ When did QR code introduce in Indian Railway?

QR code on ticket was first introduced by the North Western Railway for 12 stations to get unreserved tickets easily on mobile. This QR code can be scanned by the ticket examiner for contactless verification.

✅ What is QR Code based Ticket booking?

Indian Railways enables QR-Code Based Ticket booking. The users can book the tickets via UTS application and select QR booking in the ‘book ticket’ menu.


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