Central Railway suburban commuters can avail the latest benefits of paper less ticketing by using Mobile as tickets. You can book Suburban Ticket(outward and Return), Season Ticket(New and Renewal) and Platform Ticket.
UTS Mobile Ticketing by Indian Railway
UTS Mobile Ticketing
Central Railway announced that the Local train passengers can use the UTS Mobile App for paperless mobile ticketing. The paperless mobile ticket system will be available on the Western Railway’s suburban system between Churchgate and Dahanu Road in 2015 itself. An Un-Reserved Ticket through Mobile Application (UTS app) has been started from 27 Dec, 2014 by Indian Railway. This app is available free of cost for Android and Windows mobile phones. UTS tickets are available at Railway Counters spread across 375 locations and 862 Terminals on 5 divisions of Central Railway i.e Mumbai, Pune, Sholapur, Bhusaval and Nagpur.


There are two modes of taking mobile journey tickets.


  • Paper Ticket: The passenger can book ticket through the mobile app. On booking of ticket, he/she will get Booking ID along with other ticket details and take print out at the Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) using the booking ID.
  • Paperless Ticket: The passenger can book paperless ticket through mobile application and ticket will be delivered in the mobile application itself. The passenger can travel without taking hard copy of the ticket. In order to have paperless ticket, the Smartphone should be GPS enabled.
Methods in simple steps
  • Registration can be done through mobile phone app or website
  • The passenger first will get registered by providing his/her mobile number , name, Identification card number, city, default booking train type, class, ticket type, number of passenger, and frequently travelling routes.
  • The passenger will press the Generate OTP and OTP will be sent as SMS to the mobile specified in the application.
  • The passenger has to type the received OTP in the application.
  • Passengers can renew the old season ticket along with new tickets.
  • User can Recharge (Top-Up) the Wallet, using the payment options as Internet Banking and Debit Card facility.
  • Money is deducted from user’s account and his wallet will be credited after successful transaction.
Ticket booking
  • The passengers are allowed to book normal (non-concession) journey/return paperless tickets. The journey date will always be current date. No advance ticket booking is allowed.
  • Tickets can be booked by invoking the Mobile Apps on smart phones.
  • The passenger will be login to the application by giving Mobile number and password for authentication, which will enable only users who have done the registration for mobile ticket to use the application.
  • In case internet connection of the mobile is not working, the passenger will not be allowed to book ticket.
The application will do the following
  • Get the GPS location of the passenger. In case, the GPS location of the passenger is not readable, the passenger will not be allowed to book ticket.
  • Journey ticket once booked cannot be cancelled to avoid refund after performing the journey. Hence, no refund should be permitted for the paperless tickets issued through Smartphone.
  • In case, the passenger is not able to show ticket to the ticket checking staff , then this should be considered as ticket less travel.
  • Paperless ticket is not allowed to take printout at the ATVM.
  • The journey should commence within 1 hour after booking the paperless ticket.
Benefits of Paper less tickets


  • We can avoid unnecessary queue
  • We can save our time, others time
  • We can save electricity
  • We can save paper.
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Updated : 30.12.2015


ALL TICKETS BY SMS – Indian Railways

Indian Railway is planning to replace old system with digital system. The paper ticketing system is an 162-year-old system. Now Railway decided to change the paper ticketing system including reserved and unreserved tickets with digital SMS system by which every customer who books tickets at the ticket counter will receive the tickets by SMS. Railways is planning to opt for premium commercial bulk SMSes feature which will come with advertisements.
Railways is reported to be in the process of doing away with paper tickets in to, instead it will be sending SMSes to the passengers. As of now, only those booking e-tickets get text messages from the Railways, which can be used as proper tickets, but once this system is introduced, anyone booking a journey ticket reserved or unreserved will be able to travel without going for a paper ticket.
Mobile SMS - Indian Railways, Paper Less Ticket
Mobile SMS by Indian Railways
The Railways is said to have opted for premium commercial bulk SMSes feature, as normal category SMSes could take time for delivery. But since a traveler buying a ticket at the counter won’t leave the counter unless sure that he has actually purchased the ticket, it could lead to long queues at the railway counters.
To meet the additional cost of premium SMS, the ministry plans to go for advertisements featuring in those text messages, thus making the SMS sponsored ones.
But one doubt related to this is, What if a passenger doesn’t have a mobile phone? But the railway authorities feel that since almost all e-ticket holders don’t carry printed tickets, mobile phones cannot be a constraining factor.
What is your opinion regarding moving completely SMS based on Indian Railways?