Water Management Policy: Indian Railway

Water Management Policy in Indian Railways

Minister of Railways released Water Management Policy in Indian Railways. Following are the details regarding Water Management Policy in Indian Railways.

Efficient Water Management Policy in Indian Railways

Indian Railways’ Water Policy has been formulated with the objective is to improve water use efficiency by effective demand and supply management, installing water-efficient systems and setting up Water Recycling Plants on railway land, railway announced through a press release on 9th February 2018.

The following steps have been envisaged in the Water Policy for efficient water management:

  • Upgrading water supply system.
  • Introduction of Automatic Valves.
  • Mandatory provision of Solar water heaters.
  • Rain Water Harvesting (RWH).
  • Reviving old water bodies on railway land.
  • Water Recycling Plants on BOOT basis.
  • Use of water efficient fittings.
  • Water Audit.

Water Management Policy in Indian Railways

Indian Railways, the lifeline of the country, carrying 23 million passengers every day is the largest passenger carrying system in the world. It is also the single largest consumer of natural resources, at the same time also a major contributor to the green environment due to reduced GHG emissions. Indian Railways had been taking a number of steps to become further environment friendly. Indian Railways have now finalized a water management policy which covers all aspects of water use, recycling, conservation and recharge of groundwater. This is a progressive and creative policy where field units will be motivated to recycle and save water. The objective is to improve water use efficiency by setting up water Recycling Plants, Rain Water Harvesting Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants and effluent treatment plants on Railway Land. Another forward-looking provision is the participation of private players for recycling water for nonpotable usage on BOOT basis.  

Rain Water Harvesting System in Railways

 Presently, 2428 numbers of Rain Water Harvesting systems, including roof top rain water harvesting systems, have been installed at different locations which also include Railway Stations on Indian Railways in various Zones and the Zone-wise position in number of Rain Water Harvesting Systems Installed is as under: Central Railway – 165 Eastern Railway – 3 East Central Railway – 6 East Coast Railway – 67 Northern Railway – 436 North Central Railway – 35 North Eastern Railway – 17 Northeast Frontier Railway – 1 North Western Railway – 54 Southern Railway – 268 South Central Railway – 797 South Eastern Railway – 78 South East Central Railway – 138 South Western Railway – 239 Western Railway – 37 West Central Railway – 87 Total = 2428   Railways have decided to install Rain Water Harvesting, wherever feasible from techno-economic considerations i.e. intensity of rain fall, level of water table, soil type, salinity of ground water etc. on all such existing buildings including Railway Stations having roof top area of more than 200 sq meters and all new constructions of built assets, like service building, hospitals, stations buildings (incl. remodeling etc.), railway quarters, workshops/ sheds etc. Water Vending Machines at Railway Stations.


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