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Mumbai Local Train
Mumbai Local Train


Mumbai Local Train News updates including developments, extension, Suburban fare hike, new changes in the platforms and trains, etc. Following are the details. 

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Diva – Ratnagri : Change in Timings w.e.f 15.03.2023

Train No.50103 Diva – Ratnagri Passenger with effect from 15.3.2023. The new timings will be as follows:

  • Train No. 50103 will leave Diva Jn at 17.50 hrs instead of 15.20 hrs and arrive Roha at 20.07 hrs instead of 17.25 hrs same day

New Timings at stations enroute will be as below ;

Panvel – 18.30 hrs, Apta-18.55 hrs, Jite – 19.08 hrs, Pen – 19.19 hrs, Kasu – 19.30 hrs and Nagothane – 19.43 hrs.

Mumbai Special Local : Shab-E-Baraat During the Intervening Night of 7th/8th March, 2023

To clear the extra rush of passengers o­n the occasion of Shab-E-Baraat, Western Railway will run two extra special local trains during the intervening night of 7th /8th March, 2023, leaving from Churchgate to Virar and from Virar to Churchgate. The Churchgate – Virar Special local (Spl – 1) will leave from Churchgate at 2.35 hrs and will reach Virar at 4.15 hrs o­n 8th March, 2023. Similarly, the Virar – Churchgate Special local (Spl – 2) will leave from Virar at 1.42 hrs and will reach Churchgate at 3.22 hrs o­n 8th March, 2023. Both the locals will halt at all stations. Station to station timing will be as under:

StationsSpl – 1(12 Car)StationsSpl – 2(12 Car)
Marine Lines2.38Nalasopara1.47
Charni Road2.41Vasai Rd1.52
Grant Road2.44Naigaon1.56
Mumbai Central2.47Bhayander2.01
Mahalaxmi2.50Mira Road2.06
Lower Parel2.53Dahisar2.10
Matunga Rd3.01Malad2.22
Mahim Jn.3.04Goregaon2.25
Bandra3.08Ram Mandir2.27
Vile Parle3.17Vile Parle2.38
Ram Mandir3.26Bandra2.48
Goregaon3.28Mahim Jn.2.51
Malad3.32Matunga Rd2.54
Dahisar3.42Lower Parel3.04
Mira Road3.47Mahalaxmi3.07
Bhayander3.51Mumbai Central3.11
Naigaon3.56Grant Road3.13
Vasai Rd4.02Charni Road3.16
Nalasopara4.07Marine Lines3.19

12 car and 15 car EMU Halting Pattern Changes

Central Railway announced that passengers should note the uniform halting pattern of 12 car and 15 car EMU on all stations of Mumbai Division

Change of Timing of Few Local Services ~ 31.12.2022

Western Railway announced that due to change in timings of Some Mail Express trains, timings of few Mumbai suburban services will be revised with effect from 31st December, 2022. According to a press release issued by Shri Sumit Thakur – Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, the details of the changes are as under :- Change of Timing of Few Local Services ~ 31.12.2022

Mumbai Local : Increased Frequency of Suburban Trains : 19.02.2022

Sr No.From – ToServicesACNon-AC
1Kurla – CSMT211
2CSMT – Kalyan88
3Kalyan – CSMT 66
4Kalyan – Dadar33
5Dadar – Badlapur22
6Badlapur – CSMT22
7CSMT – Titwala11
8CSMT – Thane33
9Thane – CSMT33
10Dombivli – CSMT22
11Dadar – Thane11
12CSMT – Dombivli22
13Dombivli – Dadar 11
Total Services36342

36 Additional Suburban Services with 34 AC and 2 Non-AC on CSMT – Kalyan starts from 19.02.2022. So Total number of services from 1774 to 1810.

Salient Features Of The Revised Time Table

  • 36 additional services o­n Main Line. Total number of services o­n Main Line increases from 858 to 894.
  • Total number of services o­n Mumbai Division of Central Railway increases from 1774 to 1810
  • Total number of AC suburban services o­n Main Line increases from 10 to 44 i.e. 34 new AC services o­n Main Line. Out of 44 AC services, 25 AC services will run as fast services i.e. 24 fast and o­ne semi-fast
  • Total number of fast line services increases from 257 to 270 i.e. 13 more fast line services
  • Total number of slow line services increases from 601 to 624 i.e. 23 more slow line services
  • With the commissioning of 5th and 6th line few semi-fast services converted into either fast or slow services.

The 44 AC suburban services o­n Main Line will be run utilizing 3 AC rakes, the details of Mumbai AC suburban services will be as under:- MUMBAI LOCAL : REVISED AC SUBURBAN TRAIN TIME TABLE ~ 19.02.2022

Daily Tickets To Mumbai Suburban ~ Updates

Central Railway’s announcement regarding issue of daily tickets to Mumbai suburban train passengers

Updated : 29.06.2021

WR Introduces 15 – Car Services O­n Slow Lines Between Andheri And Virar

  • Twenty five 12- Car services converted to 15-Car from 28th June, 2021
  • Increase in Carrying Capacity by 25%

Western Railway announced that introduced 15-car services o­n slow lines between Andheri & Virar from 28th June, 2021. In this connection, 25 services including 13 DN and 12 UP services will be converted from 12-car to 15-car services. Out of these, 18 services are slow line services, while 7 are o­n fast lines.

According to a press release issued by Shri Sumit Thakur- Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Rly, augmentation of twenty-five 12-car services to 15 car services is a great boon to the passengers, as it will increase the carrying capacity of these services by 25%. The augmentation will provide additional accommodation to the commuters for their convenience and comfort. It will be a huge relief to the commuters when the services are opened for all. The project for extension of 27 platforms at 14 stations on slow corridor between Andheri andVirar for running 15 car services on it has been carried out at an estimated cost of approx. Rs 60 crore. Shri Alok Kansal – General Manager of Western Railway closely monitored the project & its progress, motivating and guiding Mumbai Division for its timely completion.

Shri Thakur stated that WR has always strived hard to provide best possible services to its esteemed commuters by augmentation of services and their carrying capacity as well as by enhancement of its infrastructure. Besides, it has always been in forefront in adopting latest technology to improve and enhance its services. The present feat has been made possible by carrying out massive works of infra development at 14 stations in about 40 kms stretch between Andheri and Virar which mainly included extension of 27 Platforms to accommodate 15-car rakes, Yard Remodelling of four major Yards i.e Andheri, Bhayander, Vasai Road and Virar, Construction/Extension of 5 FOBs and Provision of Double Discharge at Jogeshwari for smooth dispersal of commuters, etc.

Shri Thakur further added that Western Railway has o­nce again converted crisis arising out of Covid-19 pandemic induced lockdowns into opportunity, to carry out such extensive works without affecting the normal traffic. WR has been pioneer in introducing 12-car services in the year 1986 & later 15-car services in 2009 o­n its fast corridor o­n the Suburban section, besides introducing AC local, a first in the country o­n 25th December, 2017. Now, it has again pioneered in introducing 15-car services o­n slow lines.

Special Trains List 2022: Indian Railway ~ Updated

Earlier News


Western Railway announced that has decided to provide new common stop marks at certain platforms for 12-car and 15-car EMU trains at Nalasopara, Andheri and Dadar stations with effect from 19th November, 2019. Due to this there will be a shift in the location of the halt of 12-car EMU services which are as under:

S. No.StationLine/Platform No.Changes
1.NalasoparaUP Slow Line o­n Platform No. 2Existing 12-car EMU train stop mark will be shifted 66 mts. towards south from existing location.
2.AndheriUP Fast Line o­n Platform No. 7Existing 12-car EMU train stop mark will be shifted 10 mts. towards south from existing location.Existing 15-car EMU train stop mark will be shifted 52 mts. towards north from existing location.
3.DadarDOWN Fast Line o­n Platform No. 3Existing 12-car EMU train stop mark will be shifted 66 mts. towards north from existing location.

Passengers may kindly take note of the changes in existing stop marks for 12 and 15-car EMU trains at Nalasopara, Andheri, and Dadar stations to avoid any inconvenience.


Western Railway has launched the campaign “Operation Five Minutes” for the convenience of travelers purchasing ticket from unreserved ticket counters. Under this campaign, attempt have been made to reduce the time taken for purchasing tickets from the ticket counter and provide tickets to the passengers in five minutes.

According to the press release by WR, they are taking all possible efforts to provide tickets to the passengers in five minutes and appropriate awareness campaigns are being conducted across all the six divisions of WR. Posters about the same were installed at prominent areas near the booking office ticket counters informing the passengers about the efforts to issue ticket in five minutes.

5 Minutes Ticket Distribution on Western Railways

They have also requested the passengers to give their feedback and suggestions by dialing the phone number given on the posters. To ease the ticketing procedure WR also encourage the passengers to go digital and to use the UTS App as well as the use smart cards for purchasing tickets through ATVM Machine.


Central Railway introduced Second 15-car rake into service on 3.3.2019 and following services will run with 15-car rake with effect from 4.3.2019

Additional 15-car services with effect from 4.3.2019

  • Train no.95804 (DL-56) Dombivali depart 06.14 hrs and CSMT arrive 07.11 hrs and will halt at Thane, Bhandup, Ghatkopar, Kurla, Dadar, Byculla
  • Train no.95803 (DL-53) CSMT depart 11.37 hrs and Dombivali arrive 12.29 hrs and will halt at Byculla, Dadar, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Thane.
  • Both the services will not run on Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays  

Conversion of existing 12-car services into 15-car services with revised halts with effect from 4.3.2019

  • Train no.95703 (K-11) CSMT depart 07.25 hrs Kalyan arrive 08.25 hrs and will halt at Byculla, Dadar, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Bhandup, Thane, Dombivali
  • Train no.95907 (T-41) CSMT depart 09.48 hrs Thane arrive 10.30 hrs and will halt at Dadar, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Mulund
  • Train no.95712 (K-28) Kalyan depart 08.34 hrs CSMT arrive 09.35 hrs and will halt at Dombivali, Thane, Mulund, Ghatkopar, Kurla, Dadar, Byculla
  • Train no.95912 (T-72) Thane depart 10.49 hrs CSMT arrive 11.33 hrs and will halt at Mulund, Ghatkopar, Kurla, Dadar, Byculla.

Change in halts of fast services with effect from 4.3.2019

  • Train no. 95204 (BL-10) Badlapur depart 08.11 hrs CSMT arrive 09.32 hrs will halt at Kalyan, Dombivali, Thane, Mulund, Vikhroli, Ghatkopar, Kurla, Dadar, Byculla.
  • Train no.95406 (N-10) Kasara depart 07.22 hrs CSMT arrive 09.38 hrs will halt at Kalyan, Dombivali, Diva, Thane, Mulund, Vikhroli, Kurla, Dadar, Byculla.
  • 15-car services on mainline (Monday to Friday) 22 daily, Saturday-16 and Sunday-nil
  • Total services on mainline Monday to Friday will increase from 856 to 858 daily and overall services will increase from 1772 to 1774 daily.
  • Saturday it will remain 856 and overall services will remain 1772.
  • Sundays/Holidays it will remain 646 and overall services will remain 1424.


The Central Railway has increased services from and towards Ghatkopar from four to six. The two additional services have been added as the Central Railway has decided to extend a Kurla bound local train till Ghatkopar.

From Monday, the 09.57 am local from CSMT Mumbai will reach Ghatkopar at 10.31. The 10.35 am local from Ghatkopar will reach CSMT at 11.12 am.

New Suburban Local Trains from Ghatkopar

New Ghatkopar local (G-6) flagged off at 10.35 hrs from Ghatkopar.

  • G-5 local CSMT depart 09.57 hrs Ghatkopar arrive 10.31 hrs
  • G-6 local Ghatkopar depart 10.35 hrs CSMT arrive 11.12 hrs


Central Railway announced that Railway has decided to extend Local 97615 (C-15) and 97618 (C-18) Kurla Local upto Ghatkopar with new number 97505 (G 5) and 97506 (G 6) with effect from 31.12.2018 as under.

  • G-5 Ghatkopar local will leave CSMT at 09.57 hrs and will reach Ghatkopar at 10.31 hrs
  • G-6 CSMT local will leave Ghatkopar at 10.35 hrs and will reach CSMT at 11.12 hrs

G-5 and G-6 CSMT–Ghatkopar locals will not run o­n Sundays/ Holidays.

Due to this the timings of following locals will be as under:-

  • TL-15 Titwala local will leave CSMT at 09.53 hrs (existing 09.57 hrs) and reach Kalyan at 11.24 hrs and no change between Kalyan- Tilwala section.
  • K-35 Kalyan local will leave CSMT at 10.02 hrs and will reach Kalyan at 11.32 hrs
  • T 45 Thane local will leave CSMT at 10.06 hrs and will reach Thane at 11.04 hrs
  • T 47 Thane local will leave CSMT at 10.10 hrs and will reach Thane at 11.08 hrs
  • K 37 Kalyan local will leave CSMT at 10.14 hrs and will reach Kalyan at 11.45 hrs

Total services o­n main line will be 856 daily as at present. Total Ghatkopar services will increase from 4 to 6 daily.


Indian Railway announced that Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis together will inaugurate newly extended Harbour line section between Andheri and Goregaon today i.e on 29.03.2018 at 07.15 pm.

The extension of harbour line from Andheri to Goregaon is a project worth Rs 103 crore and is part of the Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP)-2. “From April 1, we will operate 49 services on harbour line till Goregaon,” said Mukul Jain, divisional railway manager (Mumbai), Western Railway (WR).

Extension of Harbour lines from Andheri to Goregaon will provide seamless connectivity from CSMT to Goregaon. It is expected that over 13000 Harbour line commuters will be specially benefitted along with others. Till now, Harbour line, a direct connect to CSMT on Central Railway, had been available up to Andheri on Western Railway.

Today Railway will introduce 49 suburban services on this section along with host of amenities for the convenience of commuters.

Of these, 7 services will operate on Churchgate-Goregaon stretch and 42 services on CSMT-Goregaon route. This line is likely to cater more than 13,000 commuters everyday between Malad and Andheri stations. The trains will halt at the newly constructed Jogeshwari and Ram Mandir stations before terminating at Goregaon.

Andheri – Goregaon : Harbour Line Section extension

  • Regular Harbour line services to start from April 1st, 2018.
  • First service from Goregaon at 09.42 am.
  • Last service from CSMT at 07.37 pm.
  • 42 Harbour line services between CSMT and Goregaon
  • 1 lakh commuters from Goregaon, Ram Mandir, Jogeshwari to benefit.
  • 7 Western Railway services between Churchgate and Goregaon.

The Minster will also inaugurate various passenger amenities such as :-

  • Escalators at CSMT, Dockyard Road, Thane and Lonavala stations.
  • Lifts at Borivali and Dadar
  • New elevated booking officed at Andheri
  • Foot over bridges at Chunabhatti and an extended FOB at Virar.
  • Additional services on Neral – Matheran section

Dedication of

  • Sloar Panels at Ram Mandir and Santacruz Stations
  • LED Lights at all stations of Western Railway and Central Railway


Western Railway announced that for the convenience of passengers and to bring about uniformity, the platform numbers of GOREGAON, RAM MANDIR and JOGESHWARI stations will be changed w.e.f midnight of 25 /26 February, 2018. The new platform nos. from West to East will be as under:-

Existing PF No. from West to East New PF No w.e.f midnight of 25/26-02/2018Line

The newly laid harbour platforms at Jogeshwari and Ram Mandir stations to be numbered as under.

  • Jogeshwari – DN Harbour – PF NO.5
  • – UP Harbour – PF NO.6
  • Ram Mandir – DN Harbour – PF NO.1
  • – UP Harbour – PF No.2


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