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Mumbai Local Train
Mumbai Local Train


Mumbai Local Train News updates including developments, extension , Suburban fare hike , new changes in the platforms and trains, etc. Following are the details. 


Western Railway announced that has decided to provide new common stop marks at certain platforms for 12-car and 15-car EMU trains at Nalasopara, Andheri and Dadar stations with effect from 19th November, 2019. Due to this there will be a shift in the location of the halt of 12-car EMU services which are as under:

S. No.StationLine/Platform No.Changes
1.NalasoparaUP Slow Line o­n Platform No. 2Existing 12-car EMU train stop mark will be shifted 66 mts. towards south from existing location.
2.AndheriUP Fast Line o­n Platform No. 7Existing 12-car EMU train stop mark will be shifted 10 mts. towards south from existing location.Existing 15-car EMU train stop mark will be shifted 52 mts. towards north from existing location.
3.DadarDOWN Fast Line o­n Platform No. 3Existing 12-car EMU train stop mark will be shifted 66 mts. towards north from existing location.

Passengers may kindly take note of the changes in existing stop marks for 12 and 15-car EMU trains at Nalasopara, Andheri and Dadar stations to avoid any inconvenience.


Western Railway has launched the campaign “Operation Five Minutes” for the convenience of travelers purchasing ticket from unreserved ticket counters. Under this campaign, attempt have been made to reduce the time taken for purchasing tickets from the ticket counter and provide tickets to the passengers in five minutes.

According to the press release by WR, they are taking all possible efforts to provide tickets to the passengers in five minutes and appropriate awareness campaigns are being conducted across all the six divisions of WR. Posters about the same were installed at prominent areas near the booking office ticket counters informing the passengers about the efforts to issue ticket in five minutes.

5 Minutes Ticket Distribution on Western Railways

They have also requested the passengers to give their feedback and suggestions by dialling the phone number given on the posters. To ease the ticketing procedure WR also encourage the passengers to go digital and to use the UTS App as well as the use of smart cards for purchasing tickets through ATVM Machine.


Central Railway announced that Mumbai Division has given permission to 180 platform vendors to sell catering items directly to passengers o­n platforms of stations where mail/express trains are dealt. These stations are CSMT, LTT, Panvel, Roha, Thane, Asangaon, Igatpuri, Neral, Karjat, Lonavala, Bhiwandi Road. The license for platform vendors has been provided to existing catering licensees of Mumbai Division at additional license fee. 

It is also planned to increase these authorised platform vendors and to persuade existing catering licensees to have more authorised platform vendors.  This will help in curbing unauthorised hawking. Passengers will have the advantage of having regulated better quality of food instantly at platform. 

It is also decided to launch drive against unauthorised hawkers in coordination with RPF, TMC, KDMC, and MCGM to ensure 150 meter periphery of stations as hawker free zone.


Western Railway announced that on 29th May 2015, Western Railway installed CCTV cameras in the ladies compartments of the Mumbai Suburban trains for the first time on trail basis to keep protective watch. CCTV cameras are installed in 17 Rakes of Mumbai Suburban Trains.


Western Railway announced that to ensure the convenience of passengers, Western Railway has decided that the closed MCGM Foot over bridge at Santacruz station will be opened for commuters o­n 1st January, 2019 from East to West skywalk over railway portion and connecting staircase o­n PF No. 3/4.

According to a press release issued by Shri Ravinder Bhakar – Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, the east side staircase will be started o­nly after 31st January, 2019 as the MCGM office and pay and use toilet below east side staircase is yet to be dismantled. The encroachment below staircase o­n west side o­n MCGM land is also yet to be cleared, causing delay in taking up replacement of steps o­n west side. It will take a month after clearing of encroachment for recasting of west side staircase. The MCGM Foot Over Bridge at Santacruz was constructed in 1971.

The length of this FOB is 90.3 m and width is 6 m. After joint inspection in the month of August 2018, it was decided to rehabilitate Santacruz (MCGM) FOB since the condition of concrete deck slab was not satisfactory. The FOB had been closed for major rehabilitation o­n 11/12.09.2018. Commencement of work was delayed as a result of delay in permission to start the work, o­n account of Ganesh festival as Santacruz station witnesses’ huge crowd during this season. The actual work was started o­n 25/26.09.2018. The duration for execution of work was permitted for 2 hrs 10 min o­nly (i.e. 1.50 hrs – 4.00 hrs). Due to delay in commencement of work, the replacement work got prolonged from 30.11.2018 to 21.12.2018.


In the next year, 34 foot over bridges, 85 escalators and 59 lifts are likely to come up on the Churchgate – Virar suburban railway corridor to cater to 36 lakh commuters. On Sunday, newly appointed Western Railway divisional Railway Manager said that he will fast track all projects related to passenger amenities, including construction of wider foot over bridges, escalators, lifts and other facilities at suburban station in 2019.

Western Railway announced it has started 25 exclusive counters to issues season tickets at 22 statins and 13 special UTS windows for women, senior citizens and the disabled at 11 stations.


Central Railway also announced that Railway has always been in forefront in upgrading facilities and considering the footfalls o­n Mumbai-end Foot Over Bridge at Masjid, it has undertaken construction of Masjid FOB from 26.11.2018. The construction was completed in record time of 33 days, a full 12 days before self imposed target, which is an all time record.

This included dismantling of old FOB and construction of new FOB at the same place.  The landing of this fob is widened from 2.44 m to 4.88 m. The width of the staircase of 2.44 m has also been widened to 3.66 m and o­n the other side, the width of the staircase of 1.80 m has been widened to 2.30 m. Length of the foot over bridge is 17 meter

  • Old Bridge closed for commuters o­n 26.11.2018.
  • Removal of electrical and S and T fittings started o­n 26.11.2018.
  • Dismantling and removal of girders of old bridge commenced o­n 02.12.2018 (Sunday) during Mega Block and completed in record period of 6 hours.
  • Despite space constraints Excavation and Foundation work carried out without disturbing traffic and o­nly during night corridor blocks. No special block was taken for the same.
  • Stair case work was also completed o­nly during night corridor and no special blocks were taken.
  • Girders were launched o­n 16.12.2018 during Sunday Mega Block of 6 hours.
  • From 17.12.2018 to 30.12.2018 entire staircases, column erection, Stringers, fabrication, concreting o­n floor slab and steps carried out along with roof sheeting, painting, side railing and hand railings. Floor finishing with granite etc. was carried out by working round the clock.
  • Electrical work was carried out o­n 29.12.2018 and 30.12.2018.   
  • Cost of work: 1.25 Cr

The earlier record of construction of FOB was of 72 days, wherein FOB at LTT was constructed. The record is broken with huge margin and the FOB at Masjid is completed within 33 days, i.e. 12 days prior to self targeted period. This included dismantling of old FOB also. This FOB is built in shortest duration with a new record of all times. All necessary arrangements were made for smooth passenger flow through north end and middle FOBs. Notice Boards to this effect were displayed at conspicuous places.  Adequate RPF and Ticket Checking staff were deployed for guiding passengers during this period.


The Central Railway has increased services from and towards Ghatkopar from four to six. The two additional services have been added as the Central Railway has decided to extend a Kurla bound local train till Ghatkopar.

From Monday, the 09.57 am local from CSMT Mumbai will reach Ghatkopar at 10.31. The 10.35 am local from Ghatkopar will reach CSMT at 11.12 am.

New Suburban Local Trains from Ghatkopar

New Ghatkopar local (G-6) flagged off at 10.35 hrs from Ghatkopar.

  • G-5 local CSMT depart 09.57 hrs Ghatkopar arrive 10.31 hrs
  • G-6 local Ghatkopar depart 10.35 hrs CSMT arrive 11.12 hrs


Central Railway has constructed a public foot over bridge (FOB) at km 37/4-5 between Belapur and Seawoods Darave stations on harbour line. This east-west connecting FOB is near Income Tax Colony, Belapur. The construction work of this FOB has been executed as deposit work of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Belapur at a cost of Rs.3 crore. All these amenities will be dedicated later in a public function. However, to enable passengers/public to use it to the fullest, these amenities are being opened for passengers use immediately on completion.

Salient Features of FOB

  • Girder Span 3 Nos of 30 meter and 3 Nos of 40 meter in length.
  • Total length of FOB is 70 meter and Deck slab width is 4.20 meter
  • Height of Girder bottom to Rail level is 6.25 m.


Central Railway introduced Second 15-car rake into service on 3.3.2019 and following services will run with 15-car rake with effect from 4.3.2019

Additional 15-car services with effect from 4.3.2019

  • Train no.95804 (DL-56) Dombivali depart 06.14 hrs and CSMT arrive 07.11 hrs and will halt at Thane, Bhandup, Ghatkopar, Kurla, Dadar, Byculla
  • Train no.95803 (DL-53) CSMT depart 11.37 hrs and Dombivali arrive 12.29 hrs and will halt at Byculla, Dadar, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Thane.
  • Both the services will not run on Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays  

Conversion of existing 12-car services into 15-car services with revised halts with effect from 4.3.2019

  • Train no.95703 (K-11) CSMT depart 07.25 hrs Kalyan arrive 08.25 hrs and will halt at Byculla, Dadar, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Bhandup, Thane, Dombivali
  • Train no.95907 (T-41) CSMT depart 09.48 hrs Thane arrive 10.30 hrs and will halt at Dadar, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Mulund
  • Train no.95712 (K-28) Kalyan depart 08.34 hrs CSMT arrive 09.35 hrs and will halt at Dombivali, Thane, Mulund, Ghatkopar, Kurla, Dadar, Byculla
  • Train no.95912 (T-72) Thane depart 10.49 hrs CSMT arrive 11.33 hrs and will halt at Mulund, Ghatkopar, Kurla, Dadar, Byculla.

Change in halts of fast services with effect from 4.3.2019

  • Train no. 95204 (BL-10) Badlapur depart 08.11 hrs CSMT arrive 09.32 hrs will halt at Kalyan, Dombivali, Thane, Mulund, Vikhroli, Ghatkopar, Kurla, Dadar, Byculla.
  • Train no.95406 (N-10) Kasara depart 07.22 hrs CSMT arrive 09.38 hrs will halt at Kalyan, Dombivali, Diva, Thane, Mulund, Vikhroli, Kurla, Dadar, Byculla.
  • 15-car services on mainline (Monday to Friday) 22 daily, Saturday-16 and Sunday-nil
  • Total services on mainline Monday to Friday will increase from 856 to 858 daily and overall services will increase from 1772 to 1774 daily.
  • Saturday it will remain 856 and overall services will remain 1772.
  • Sundays/Holidays it will remain 646 and overall services will remain 1424.


Central Railway announced that the card tickets as well as season tickets for journey over suburban sections of Central and Western Railway issued via Dadar are also valid for transhipment via Parel/Elphinstone Road statins in forward direction only. It is not permitted in backward direction i.e for journey on tickets from Thane to Andheri, Borivali to Kalyan etc. issued via Dadar.

This means if one is travelling from Thane to Churchgate, one can change at Dadar or Parel. But if one is travelling from Thane to Borivali, one has to change at Dadar only.


Central Railway announced that Railway has decided to extend Local 97615 (C-15) and 97618 (C-18) Kurla Local upto Ghatkopar with new number 97505 (G 5) and 97506 (G 6) with effect from 31.12.2018 as under.

  • G-5 Ghatkopar local will leave CSMT at 09.57 hrs and will reach Ghatkopar at 10.31 hrs
  • G-6 CSMT local will leave Ghatkopar at 10.35 hrs and will reach CSMT at 11.12 hrs

G-5 and G-6 CSMT–Ghatkopar locals will not run o­n Sundays/ Holidays.

Due to this the timings of following locals will be as under:-

  • TL-15 Titwala local will leave CSMT at 09.53 hrs (existing 09.57 hrs) and reach Kalyan at 11.24 hrs and no change between Kalyan- Tilwala section.
  • K-35 Kalyan local will leave CSMT at 10.02 hrs and will reach Kalyan at 11.32 hrs
  • T 45 Thane local will leave CSMT at 10.06 hrs and will reach Thane at 11.04 hrs
  • T 47 Thane local will leave CSMT at 10.10 hrs and will reach Thane at 11.08 hrs
  • K 37 Kalyan local will leave CSMT at 10.14 hrs and will reach Kalyan at 11.45 hrs

Total services o­n main line will be 856 daily as at present. Total Ghatkopar services will increase from 4 to 6 daily.


Indian Railway announced that Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis together will inaugurate newly extended Harbour line section between Andheri and Goregaon today i.e on 29.03.2018 at 07.15 pm.

The extension of harbour line from Andheri to Goregaon is a project worth Rs 103 crore and is part of the Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP)-2. “From April 1, we will operate 49 services on harbour line till Goregaon,” said Mukul Jain, divisional railway manager (Mumbai), Western Railway (WR).

Extension of Harbour lines from Andheri to Goregaon will provide seamless connectivity from CSMT to Goregaon. It is expected that over 13000 Harbour line commuters will be specially benefitted along with others. Till now, Harbour line, a direct connect to CSMT on Central Railway, had been available up to Andheri on Western Railway.

Today Railway will introduce 49 suburban services on this section along with host of amenities for the convenience of commuters.

Of these, 7 services will operate on Churchgate-Goregaon stretch and 42 services on CSMT-Goregaon route. This line is likely to cater more than 13,000 commuters everyday between Malad and Andheri stations. The trains will halt at the newly constructed Jogeshwari and Ram Mandir stations before terminating at Goregaon.

Andheri – Goregaon : Harbour Line Section extension

  • Regular Harbour line services to start from April 1st, 2018.
  • First service from Goregaon at 09.42 am.
  • Last service from CSMT at 07.37 pm.
  • 42 Harbour line services between CSMT and Goregaon
  • 1 lakh commuters from Goregaon, Ram Mandir, Jogeshwari to benefit.
  • 7 Western Railway services between Churchgate and Goregaon.

The Minster will also inaugurate various passenger amenities such as :-

  • Escalators at CSMT, Dockyard Road, Thane and Lonavala stations.
  • Lifts at Borivali and Dadar
  • New elevated booking officed at Andheri
  • Foot over bridges at Chunabhatti and an extended FOB at Virar.
  • Additional services on Neral – Matheran section

Dedication of

  • Sloar Panels at Ram Mandir and Santacruz Stations
  • LED Lights at all stations of Western Railway and Central Railway


Western Railway announced that for the convenience of passengers and to bring about uniformity, the platform numbers of GOREGAON, RAM MANDIR and JOGESHWARI stations will be changed w.e.f midnight of 25 /26 February, 2018. The new platform nos. from West to East will be as under:-

Existing PF No. from West to EastNew PF No w.e.f midnight of 25/26-02/2018Line

The newly laid harbour platforms at Jogeshwari and Ram Mandir stations to be numbered as under.

  • Jogeshwari – DN Harbour – PF NO.5
  • – UP Harbour – PF NO.6
  • Ram Mandir – DN Harbour – PF NO.1
  • – UP Harbour – PF No.2


Updated 05.07.2017

Fifteen Railway Stations in Central Railway goes cashless as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ campaign. Railway Stations in Mumbai are the most crowded place in the city, so implementing POS (Point of Sale) machines at Railway station is the best method to promote digital India campaign. 

Railway implement this in various stations in Mumbai including Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Kurla, and Thane, Pune, Miraj, Kolhapur, Solapur, Khopargaon, Shirdi, Bhusawal, Amravati, Nashik Road, Nagpur, Balharshah, Wardha on Central Railway. Passengers can make payment through their ATM cards at Passenger Reservation System counter, UTS counter, Luggage counter, Parcel counter, Goods Shed counter, Catering Department store etc at this stations.

The Ministry of Railways, after announcing the continuation of 0.5 percent discount on digital payment of tickets, has now asked food and book stall vendors at railway stations to equip themselves with digital payment wallet Paytm, a famous Newspaper reported. 

Vendors at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Kurla, and Thane on the Central Railway and Churchgate, Borivali, Mahalaxmi and Elphinstone stations on the Western Railway, have been asked to provide Paytm facilities at their stalls. Currently a pilot project, it will later implemented at all stations at Central and Western Railway.

Railway is installing the POS machine in Railway Station with the corporation of SBI. Railway is also planning to implement digital payment method in ten thousand stations across India.


Updated 20.06.2017

Services on the much – delayed Harbour Line extension may start from November. Andheri – Goegaon trial runs on track

Commuters, who have been waiting for the much delayed Andheri – Goregaon extension of Harbour line, can finally hope that it would be operational by November as a trial run as successfully held on Saturdaya famous News Paper reported. The trial run conducted by officials of the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation  (MRVC) between Andheri and Goregaon was successful, and all the technical issues were cleared.The Andheri – Goregaon extension on Harbour Line is a part of the Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP) II.

Around five to seven lakh commuters will benefit from the extension daily, and it will also help to decongest other stations such Andheri and Vile Parle that have recorded one of the highest footfall on the Western Railway. The trail was conducted by running an engine between the Harbour Line’s Andheri and Goregaon section as the final technical parameters were completed. The engine ran without any glitch, and one of the major doubts of the alignment of the railway tracks was finally resolved.

An MRVC official said. “The trial is important as the ground on which the tracks have been laid must be in exact accordance with what the state and railways have agreed upon.”He also said,”This section has to be integrated with the already existing Western Railway’s lines. It is a historic accomplishment as it was completed in a spaces craved city like Mumbai”.The trail was conducted in the presence of officials from three railway bodies – CR, WR and MVRC. The success of the project was met with unbridled jubilation.

An impromptu bhoomipoojan was also held.The MRVC’s Chief Managing Director said “We conducted a trial of the line on Saturday evening, and after it’s success, we are confident that the services on this section will be operationally by November end.” The line will be now inspected by the commissioner of Railway Safety, who will examine whether it is adhering to all the parameters set by the Indian Railways. We have given ourselves enough cushion time by conducting the tail now, so after the CRS inspection the line will be operational in November.”The MRVC is the executing body of all MUTP projects approved by the Indian Railway.

Major Points:-

  • Extension of the Harbour Line to Goregoan is a part of the MUTP II.
  • It was to be operationally by 2014.
  • Land acquisition caused delay.
  • New deadline is November 2017.
  • 5 Lakh commuters use CST – Andheri every day.
  • There are 91 services on CST – Andheri line daily.
  • The CSt – Andheri, Panvel – Andheri services are run in co-ordination with CR and WR. 

Updated News : Harbour line section between Andheri and Goregaon



Updated 24.12.2017

AC locals’s maiden trip to start from Andheri. 2.10 pm local to run to Churchgate on December 25th.

Indian Railway announced that the first ride of AC local train is set to start on Monday, i.e 25th December. The railway board has announced the fare structure for the train, with the ticket price being 1.2 times the fare of a first class ticket for the first six months. Late the fare will be increase to 1.3 times the fare of the first class ticket. 

The fare will include 5 % GST and calculation of other charges, including the Mumbai Urban Transport Plan (MUTP) Charges, is still underway. The finalisation of the fare structure might take some more time. The railway board approved the current fare structure on Friday night. The singular train won’t run during weekends as was expected earlier. The train will be stationed at Mumbai Central from 10.30 am to 01.00 pm, the official said. The train is all set to run for its maiden service from Andheri to Churchgate at 02.10 pm.


  • 12 Services will run every Weekday.
  • 8 Services will run as fast locals between Churchgate and Virar stopping at Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra, Andheri, Borivali, Bhayander and Vasai.
  • 3 Services will run between Churchgate and Borivali and will be connected to a slow train between Mahalaxmi and Borivali station
  • The 1st and 12th coach from Churchgate end are earmarked as ladies coaches.
  • 7 seats in the second and eleventh coach will be earmarked for senior citizens.
  • 10 seats in forth and seventh coaches have been earmarked for Divyangs. 

For getting the fare details , please go through the link : –  Mumbai AC Local : Fare StructureMumbai : New AC Suburban EMU Train Details


Updated 06.06.2017

Mumbaikars are likely to get a chance to travel by an AC local train on Western Railway in September. The AC local, which arrived on April 2016 is undergoing trials on Western Railway since the past one week, a famous Newspaper reported.Railway Board member Ravindra Gupta said”We plan to introduce the take in service in September. Thereafter, nice rakes will be manufactured for introduction on WR and CR.”The railway not yet finalized the fares, and the this is a special product so the fare structure too will be different, an official added.The fare structure is not approved but there is a dominant view that it should be equivalent to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s fare structure. However, there no concession will be provided on season tickets. The WR is still to decide how many compartments will be reserved for women.Gupta also said that the board has issued formal orders to manufacture all 47 rakes under Mumbai Urban Transport Project – III with Air Conditioning features. Earlier, railways had decided to go for automatic, closed-door technology with non-AC.The AC train was manufactured under ‘Make In India’ and technology ingenuously developed. BHEL provided the electrical system. 


Updated 12.11.2016

Fist Class Monthly Pass hike : 47%  – Second Class hike : 38%

Western Railway is planning a hike of up to 47% in its first class season tickets and up to 38% in the Second class pass fares to make up for the Rs.1400 Crore loss logged by its suburban system last fiscal, a famous News Paper reported. Also with the minimum fare slab being 1-9 km, there is a proposal to split it into two – Slabs of 1-5km and 5-10km. Mumbai Season Tickets Details

The rationalization of fares must be approved by the Railway Board. If the board clears the hike, a similar raise will be implemented  by Central Railway’s Central Line and Harbour Line too.  The maximum hike in monthly pass fare for first class commute has been proposed on Western Railway’s Churchgate – Dadar and Central Railway’s CST-Matunga routes at 47%, followed by Churchgate-Malad and CST-Nahur at 38% for Western Railway’s Churchgate -Vile Parle and Central Railway’s CST-Ghatkopar routes, followed by Churchgate-Jogeshwari and CST-Kanjurmarg at 26%.

Over the past decade, any move to hike fares on the suburban railway systems has been shot down fearing flak from commuters and opposition parties. With only a few months to go for civic election in Mumbai, it remains to be seen if the proposal will get an approval. 

Fare rationalization is necessary to remove anomalies from the present structure. The fares of Mumbai’s suburban trains are the cheapest in the world, though it is the city’s lifeline, the official said. The minimum fare slab in the present structure is 1-9 km but Western Railway has now proposal , it will be split into two 1.5 km and 5-10 km. This is necessary as nearly 20% commuters travel in this 1-9 km slab.” official added.

The official said rationalization of fare was also necessary because while some commuters benefited from the slab anomalies, there was a set of people who were shelling out more for a short ride. For example, a second – class monthly pass for Churchgate-Andheri (21 km) commute costs Rs 215, which is the same as that for the Churchgate – Bhayander route, a distance of 44 km. Under the proposed structure, a Churchgate-Bhayander second class commuter will have to pay Rs.265 for a monthly season ticket, similarly, the first class monthly season ticket for the route may now cost Rs.1045 as against the existing Rs.905. 

The western Railway official said fare anomalies exist on the Central Railway too. For example, a CST-Vikhroli (23 km) second class monthly pass holder pays Rs.215, which is same as that for CST to Thane (33 km). In the proposed fare structure, the CST-Thane monthly pass will cost Rs.250 as against the existing Rs.215.

With a maximum 47% fare increase, firs-class commuters are likely to be hit the most. A Churchgate – Dadar first class commuter may now have to pay Rs.500 for a monthly pass against the earlier Rs.340, which is 47% increase. The proposed increase will not be easy on second class commuters too. A second class monthly season ticket from Churchgate to Dadar is likely to cost 23% more at 160, as against the current Rs.130. The proposed revision will affect second-class card tickets too as the fares will rise by a maximum Rs.5. 

The Fare chart are following, showing the difference of Existing and Proposed fare

Destination from Churchgate/CSTDistance (in km)Single Ticket (in Rs.) Existing to ProposedMonthly pass – Second Class (in Rs.) Existing to ProposedMonthly Pass – First Class ( in Rs.) Existing to Proposed
Mumbai Central/Byculla1 to 55 to 5100 –340 –
Elphinstone / Dadar (CR)6 to 105 to 10100 to 120340 to 500
Dadar (WR) / Matuga11 to 1510 to 10130 to 160485 to 600
Vile Parle/ Ghatkopar16 to 2010 to 15130 to 180565 to 700
Jogeshwari/Kanjurmarg21 to 2510 to 15215 to 215665 to 850
Malad/Nahur26 to 3010 to 15215 to 240665 to 920
Borivli / Thane31 to 3515 to 20215 to 250750 to 965
Mira Road / Mumbra36 to 4015 to 20215 to 260825 to 1000
Bhayander / Diva41 to 4515 to 20215 to 265905 to 1045
Naigaon / Thakurli46 to 5015 to 20300 to 300980 to 1200
Vasai Road / Kalyan51 to 5515 to 20315 to 3301095 to 1300
Virar / Ambernath56 to 6020 to 20315 to 3501175 to 1350


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