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Mumbai Local Train Season Tickets

Details of Mumbai Local Train Season Tickets including how to book, which are all the new rules and changes made by railway in the area of Season Ticket Booking.

Western Railway To Issue Season Tickets In Select Trains Over Non – Suburban Section With Effect From 15th September, 2021

Western Railway announced on 14.09.2021 that for the convenience of passengers, Western Railway has decided to issue Season Tickets (MST) in non – suburban section in specified unreserved trains with effect from 15th September, 2021. The season ticket will be issued o­nly o­n Monthly basis [Monthly Season Ticket (MST)] except in cases of revalidation. The facility of season ticket has been introduced in total 58 train services, out of which, 14 services are of Ahmedabad division, 12 services each are of Vadodara and Bhavnagar division, 8 services each are of Mumbai Central & Ratlam division while 4 services are of Rajkot division.
According to Western Railway, the details of these specified trains are as under:

  • Trains of Mumbai Central Division
    • Train No 09079 Surat – Vadodara MEMU Special
    • Train No 09087/09088 Sanjan – Surat – Sanjan MEMU Special
    • Train No 09151/09152 Valsad – Surat – Valsad MEMU Special
    • Train No 09153/09154 Umargam – Valsad – Umargam MEMU Special
    • Train No 09082 Bharuch – Surat MEMU Special
  • Trains of Ahmedabad Division
    • Train No 09431/09432 Sabarmati – Mahesana – Sabarmati DMU Special
    • Train No 09433/09434 Sabarmati – Patan – Sabarmati DMU Special
    • Train No 09316/09315 Ahmedabad – Vadodara – Ahmedabad MEMU Special
    • Train No 09497/09498 Gandhinagar Capital – Varetha – Gandhinagar Capital MEMU Special
    • Train No 09401/09402 Asarva – Himmatnagar – Asarva DMU Special
    • Train No 09488/09487 Viramgam – Mahesana – Viramgam Passenger Special
    • Train No 09492/09491 Viramgam – Mahesana – Viramgam Passenger Special
  • Trains of Vadodara Division
    • Train No 09156/09155 Vadodara – Surat – Vadodara MEMU Special
    • Train No 09495/09496 Vadodara – Ahmedabad – Vadodara Passenger Special
    • Train No 09319/09320 Vadodara – Dahod – Vadodara MEMU Special
    • Train No 09427/09428 Anand – Khambhat – Anand DMU Special
    • Train No 09429/09430 Anand – Khambhat – Anand DMU Special
    • Train No 09172/09171 Bharuch – Surat – Bharuch MEMU Special
  • Trains of Bhavnagar Division
    • Train No 09573/09574 Rajkot – Porbandar – Rajkot Special
    • Train No 09514 Veraval – Rajkot Passenger Special
    • Train No 09528 Bhavnagar – Surendranagar Passenger Special
    • Train No 09572 Bhavnagar – Surendranagar Passenger Special
    • Train No 09534 Bhavnagar – Surendranagar Passenger Special
    • Train No 09512/09511 Bhavnagar – Palitana – Bhavnagar Passenger Special
    • Train No 09525/09526 Bhavnagar – Mahuva – Bhavnagar Special
    • Train No 09292/09291 Amreli – Veraval Passenger Special
  • Trains of Rajkot Division
    • Train No 09513 Rajkot – Veraval Passenger Special
    • Train No 09527 Surendranagar – Bhavnagar Passenger Special
    • Train No 09503 Surendranagar – Bhavnagar Passenger Special
    • Train No 09533 Surendranagar – Bhavnagar Passenger Special
  • Trains of Ratlam Division
    • Train No 09382/09381 Ratlam – Dahod – Ratlam MEMU Special
    • Train No 09506/09507 Ujjain – Indore – Ujjain Passenger Special
    • Train No 09390/09389 Ratlam – Dr Ambedkar Nagar – Ratlam DMU Special
    • Train No 09384/09383 Ujjain – Ratlam – Ujjain MEMU Special

Shri Thakur further stated that the season ticket (MST) passengers will be permitted to travel in above mentioned trains o­nly and if any MST passenger is found travelling in non-specified train (except as mentioned above), they shall be treated as passenger without ticket and shall be charged accordingly as per existing rule. Also, no separate earmarking of coaches exclusive for MST holders will be done for avoiding over-crowding in particular coach/coaches. The season tickets issued through UTS valid during the period 23.03.2020 and o­nwards in the lockdown period will be considered for revalidation. Revalidation of non-suburban season ticket will be done from 15.09.2021 for the number of days lost as per extent Railway Board instructions. All norms of the Local Govt. Administration, State and Central Government regarding Covid-19 shall be followed in the trains and at the Railway Stations. Passengers are requested by Western Railway, to adhere to all norms, SOPs related to COVID-19 during boarding, travelling and at the destination.

Railway Revalidated the Season Ticket ~ 01.02.2021

Railways have made provision of extending the validity of season tickets to the number of days lost due to lockdown by revalidating the season ticket w.e.f 01.02.2021 on the production of their season ticket. Following are the details.

  • PaperLess Season Ticket
    • In the case of paperless season ticket which was booked through UTS app mobile application, passengers have to update the new version of UTS app and click on the option of sync active tickets so that their season ticket will be extended automatically up to the number of days lost w.e.f 01.02.2021.
  • Paper Season Ticket
    • And in case of paper season ticket booking through UTS app passengers need to approach the booking counters to get their season ticket revalidated up till the number of days lost w.e.f 01.02.2021.

Earlier News

Railway announced that it has been decided to extend the validity of the season ticket to the extent of days lost. The same shall be permitted at the UTS counters at the stations to those permitted by the State Government. ✅ UTS counters may also issue fresh tickets/season tickets to persons permitted by State Government of Maharastra.

Download the UTS Mobile app from here : – UTS Mobile App

Season Ticket Passengers Travel Allowed on Long Distance Trains

Central railways announced that 3 Long Distance Trains now allowed to travel Mumbai Local Trains Season Ticket passengers. This facility is announced on an experimental basis for the next 3 months. Following are trains list

  • Train No. 17412 Mahalaxmi Express
  • Train No. 17058 Devgiri Express
  • Train No. 22108 Latur- Mumbai Superfast Express

All these trains 2nd class unreserved coaches during day time between Kalyan and Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Up direction only allowed.  

What are the restrictions?

Monthly season ticket holders of Kalyan and Thane station are allowed to travel in sleeper class coaches of these 3 trains only can travel as per following conditions

Payment of differential fare as under

  • Second class season ticket holders of Kalyan and Thane have to pay Rs. 30/- per trip from Kalyan to CST and Thane to CST. Super fast charges will be levied separately wherever applicable.
  • First class season ticket holders have to pay Rs. 20/- per trip from Kalyan to CST and Rs 10/- per trip from Thane to CST

Special Numbered Coupons

To facilitate the commuters for payment of differential fare a special numbered coupons will be got printed in the booklets of 10 to 25 coupons. The sale of a number of coupons restricted to a maximum of 3000 per month for journey commencing from Kalyan and another 3000 per month for journey commencing from Thane. The sale of coupons will be issued on priority basis i.e. for ladies, Senior Citizens and others as under-

  • From 20th to 23rd of previous month to Ladies only. (In January on 26th, 27th and 28th)
  • From 24th to 26th of previous month for left over coupons to only senior citizens above 70 years of age (In January on 29th and 30th)
  • After 27th of previous month for general public for left over coupons.

The coupons will be printed along with other relevant information

  • Date of Journey ….,
  • Valid for the Month of February 2016 only (similarly for March 2016 and April 2016 and so on)
  • Valid with MST No. ……… only.

Coupons Required to be Validated Before Travel Starting

  • Commuter found without coupons duly validated along with season ticket in the above trains will be treated as without ticket and charged with prescribed penalty charges plus unreserved second Mail/Express fare.

Stickers will be pasted in the sleeper class coaches of above mentioned trains for the information of reserved passengers about the travel facility provided to MST holders from Kalyan and Thane.

No inconvenience is caused to reserved passengers

  • MST holders are to be ensured that no inconvenience is caused to reserved passengers to avoid complaints.
  • MST holders are advised to board in all sleeper class coaches equally or use vestibules and occupy lower berth at only 4 passengers per seat (with reserved passengers).

Refund Details

No refund / return will be entertained by Railways once coupons ( Differential fare tickets) have been sold.

Railway discontinued Mumbai Suburban Season Tickets via IRCTC Website

Now passengers can book Mumbai Local Train Season Ticket through UTS Mobile App. Earlier Mumbai Local train passengers can book their season ticket through But now IRCTC removed this facility and upgraded the facility.

Indian Railway announced through the website that Booking of Mumbai Suburban Season Ticket (MSST) through IRCTC website is discontinued w.e.f 01.03.2018. The MSST ticket can now be booked through UTS Mobile App. The Mobile App UTS can be downloaded from Google play.

Mumbai Season Ticket Details
Mumbai Season Ticket Details



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