Mumbai AC Local Train Details

Mumbai AC Local Train


Indian Railway on 25.12.2017 announced India’s First Ever Broad Gauge Air-conditioned AC EMU (Mumbai AC Local Train) of 12-car rake fitted with Indigenous 3-phase Propulsion system on Western Railway’s Mumbai Suburban (Local Trains) section. The details of the above trains is announced by Railway through a press release. Following are the details regarding fare, features, timings of new AC EMU.

Survey about the AC Local

Participate in the survey about the Mumbai AC Local Train

Survey about the Mumbai AC Local Train
Survey about the Mumbai AC Local Train

Central Railway : AC Local Trains

Details of Central Railways AC Local Suburban Trains are here.


Central Railway announced that Railway has decided to run 10 AC local services on CSMT Mumbai – Kalyan section replacing existing services w.e.f 17.12.2020 as per schedule given below.

Sr No.Train No.Train CodeDepartureArrival
StationTimings HrsStationTimings Hrs
197604C 4Kurla05.42CSMT06.12
297201DL 1CSMT06.23Dombivli07.40
397206DL 8Dombivli07.47CSMT09.08
497609C 9CSMT09.12Kurla09.40
597620C 20Kurla16.36CSMT17.08
697115K 87CSMT17.12Kalyan18.42
797122K 110Kalyan18.51CSMT20.18
897257DL 49CSMT20.22Dombvli21.40
997258DL 54Dombivli21.59CSMT23.19
1097645C 45CSMT23.25Kurla23.53

The above services will run with AC rake on Monday to Saturday only and will halt at all stations. The above services will run with AC Local rake with automated closed doors from Monday to Saturday and will halt at all stations between CSMT – Kalyan. 

Fare of AC Local ~ Updated

Fare of AC Local and Normal Local of trains between CSMT Mumbai and Kurla.

From – ToAC LocalNormal Local
AC Single Journey (Rs.)MST (Rs.)First Class Single Journey (Rs.)First Class MST (Rs.)
Kalyan – CSMT 21021351651105
Dombivali – CSMT2052050160990
Diva – CSMT1901880150910
Thane – CSMT1801775140755
Mulund – CSMT1801775140755
Ghatkopar – CSMT1351325105570
Kurla – CSMT1351325105570
Dadar – CSMT6562050345
Byculla – CSMT6562050345
Fare of Mumbai AC Local ~ Updated
Fare of Mumbai AC Local Trains
Fare of Mumbai AC Local Trains


16 AC Local services on Thane – Vashi/Nerul/Panvel section from 31.01.2020 on Central Railway.

The inaugural run will be flagged on 30.01.2020. The inaugural special will run from Panvel at around 15.30 hrs on open path and timings towards Thane. The return journey from Thane stations to Panvel will also run on open path and timings. 

Regular Services Details

The details of Regular Services of AC Local from 31.01.2020 are as under:-

Regular Run Details

  • First Trip – 05.44 am
  • Last Trip – 09.45 pm
Sr No.Train No.Train CodeDepartureArrival
StationTimings HrsStationTimings Hrs

Fare Details

The first AC suburban train on Central Railway started on the Trans Harbour line between Thane and Vashi/Nerul/Panvel on Thursday (30.01.2020). The train is taking 16 Trips daily between Thane and Navi Mumbai. Daily, Weekly, Fortnight or monthly tickets are available.  

  • For Thane – Rabale : One way Ticket costs Rs 70/- 
  • For Thane – Belapur : Rs.140/-
  • For Thane – Panvel : Rs. 185/-
AC Local Train
AC Local Train

Western Railway: AC Local Trains

Details of Western Railways AC Local Suburban Trains are here.

Time Table of AC Local Trains by WR

Time Table of AC Local Trains by WR PDF Download are here.


Western Railway has decided to run the AC local train services on weekends starting from 14th September. Looking at the great potential for the AC local and in view of public demand, WR has decided to run the AC local train services now on weekends too w.e.f 14 September 2019. The first Air Conditioned suburban train of India had made its maiden run on 25 December 2017. Further details are following.


AC Mumbai Local Train on Weekends (Earlier News)

You will soon be able to take the air-conditioned (AC) suburban trains on weekends as well as the Western Railway (WR) is planning to introduce the service on Saturdays and Sundays after the monsoon is over, a famous online newspaper reported.

The zonal railway will be sending the first AC local train for its scheduled periodic overhaul (POH) maintenance — which inspects the overall condition of a train, including its safety — and will be replacing it with the second train that arrived in the city last week. After the POH maintenance, the train will then be put back on the track.

“After the first train finishes its POH, there will be no need to extensively conduct maintenance for two days every week. This will allow us to operate the AC local train on Saturdays and Sundays too,” said a senior WR official.

The Railways is also contemplating operating the second AC local train simultaneously along with the first one. “The decision on the introduction of the second AC local train has not yet been taken. This is because we will have to replace it with a regular train service as the railway lines are heavily stressed with the number of local trains,” said the WR official. Currently, the second AC train is undergoing trials and software inspections at the WR’s Mahalaxmi car shed. It is supposed to be back in August.

WR is also undertaking trials of the first prototype AC local train, which has its electrical machinery in the under-slung. After the trails are successful, the prototype train will undergo trials on the ghat section of the Central Railway, post which, it is likely to be pushed into service.


Ministry of Railways has now decided to withdraw the introductory offer of Air-conditioned EMU train. Due to this decision, the base fare of single journey shall now be 1.3 times of the base fare of existing single journey tickets of First Class tickets w.e.f 1st June 2019.

According to a press release issued by Western Railway, the Mumbai AC local train services have become very popular among Mumbaikars. It is worth mentioning that o­n the occasion of commencement of AC EMU train with effect from 25th December, 2017, it was decided that for the first six months as an introductory offer, the fare of AC EMU train will be 1.2 times of base fare of First Class and after that it will be charged as 1.3 times.

 Fare Structure for AC local train

  • Base fare of single journey shall be 1.3 times of the base fare of existing single journey tickets of First Class tickets.
  • Accordingly, for issue of season tickets revised base fare for AC EMU shall be charged.
  • Other applicable supplementary charges like MUTP , GST as applicable shall be levied separately.
  • No difference of fare shall be collected o­n season tickets of AC EMU already issued.
  • However, in case of upgradation of first class single journey tickets/ season tickets into AC EMU single journey tickets/season tickets, difference of fare shall be collected as per revised base fare.
  • Season tickets :- Weekly, Fortnightly and monthly season tickets shall be charged equivalent  to 5, 7.5 and 10 single journey of AC EMU respectively. No other type of season tickets shall be issued for the time being.
  • AC EMU ticket holder shall also be allowed to travel by first class compartments of local trains.
AC EMU local train Fare Chart

Air Conditioned EMU local old and new train fare chart are following

The fare structure of AC EMU service shall be as under 

AC Local Train Fare Chart – New


MELMarine Lines265310465620
CYRCharni Road365310465620
GTRGrant Road465310465620
MMCTMumbai Central 565310465620
PLLower Parel865310465620
MRUMatunga Road1290475680885
BABandra Jn.1590475680885
KHARKhar Road1713569510101325
STCSanta Cruz1813569510101325
VLPVile Parle2013569510101325
RMARRam Mandir2618091513401765
MIRAMira Road4019097014201870
BSRVasai Road52210111516252135
NSPNalla - Sopara56220115016802205
Mumbai AC EMU Fare Chart
Mumbai AC EMU Fare Chart

AC Local Train Fare Chart – Old


MELMarine Lines260285430570
CYRCharni Road360285430570
GTRGrant Road460285430570
MMCTMumbai Central 560285430570
PLLower Parel860285430570
MRUMatunga Road1285445630820
BABandra Jn.1585445630820
KHARKhar Road171256509401230
STCSanta Cruz181256509401230
VLPVile Parle201256509401230
RMARRam Mandir2616585012401630
MIRAMira Road4017590013201735
BSRVasai Road52195103515051975
NSPNalla - Sopara56205107015552040


Indian Railway on 25.12.2017 announced India’s First Ever Broad Gauge Air-conditioned AC EMU (Mumbai AC Local Train) of 12-car rake fitted with Indigenous 3-phase Propulsion system on Western Railway’s Mumbai Suburban (Local Trains) section. The details of the above trains is announced by Railway through a press release. Following are the details regarding features and timings of new Mumbai AC EMU.

After the introduction the AC local train will be operated on the experimental basis between Churchgate and Borivali stations for a week i.e. from 25th December to 31st December, 2017.

Afterwards w.e.f. 1st January, 2018, this AC local train will be operated on regular basis as per the scheduled time table between Churchgate and Virar stations.

Accordingly, w.e.f. 1st January, 2018, total 12 services (6 services in UP and 6 services in DOWN direction) of AC suburban train will be operated on weekdays only i.e. from Monday to Friday.

It is decided that on Saturdays and Sundays, the rake of AC local train will not be operated for maintenance purpose.

Mumbai : AC Suburban Train Details
Mumbai : AC Suburban Train Details

As per the regular scheduled time table w.e.f. 1st January, 2018 , the services of AC local train will replace existing 12 Non AC services, so the total average number of suburban services on WR’s suburban section will remain 1355, even after introduction of AC local train.

Out of these 12 services of AC local train, 8 will run as fast local trains between Churchgate and Virar, stopping only at major stations i.e. Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra, Andheri, Borivali, Bhayander and Vasai Road in both directions. Similarly 3 fast services will run between Churchgate and Borivali stopping at Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra and Andheri stations in both directions. The remaining one service will run as slow service from Mahalaxmi to Borivali, which will stop at all intermediate stations. It has been decided that the AC EMU rake will be placed at Borivali station to start the introductory run at 10.30 hrs on 25th December, 2017.  

Seat Reservation for Ladies, Senior Citizens and Divyangs

In this AC local train, coaches reserved for Ladies and Seats earmarked for Senior Citizens/Divyangs are different from Standard Configuration.

  • 1st and 12th coach from Churchgate end are earmarked as Ladies coaches
  • 7 seats in 2nd and 11th coach from Churchgate end are earmarked for Senior citizens
  • 10 seats in 4th and 7th coach from Churchgate end are earmarked for Divyangs

It is also decided that suitable number of RPF constables will be deployed in each coach of this train to ensure proper security. Similarly, technicians will also be deputed in the train for trouble shooting purpose. Suitable announcements will also be ensured for opening of the door as per the platform position of upcoming station.

Salient Features of Air Conditioned EMU

  • Manufactured by Integral Coach Factory, Chennai of Indian Railways.
  • First Air conditioned EMU equipped with IGBT based 3 phase propulsion system. 
  • Fully air conditioned rake with a capacity of 30 Ton per coach.
  • Automatic Door closure system.
  • LED based lighting for better illumination and energy conservation.
  • Equipped with Emergency Talk-back system. Passengers can seek assistance from guard of the train in distress condition.
  • Passenger carrying capacity – Seats 1028 Nos. and Total 5964 passengers.
  • LED based coach identification system for Alarm chain pulling and Door malfunctioning.
  • GPS based passenger information system with Audio-visual indication of stations.
  • PA system for Guard-Driver/ Passenger communication.
  • Stainless steel coaches with straight side walls.
  • Air suspension system for better Passenger comfort.
  • Maximum speed – 100 Km/hour.
  • Air Conditioned Driving Cab.
  • Aerodynamic nose cone driving cab.
  • Equipped with Air tight vestibules connecting 6 coaches.
  • Wide and large double sealed glass window for panoramic view.
  • Comfortable modular polycarbonate seats for passengers.
  • Aluminum extruded modular luggage racks with polycarbonate transparent glass of bottom.
Automatic Door Closing System:

The door system is formed by two door leaves and drive unit mechanism located in the upper portal area. The door leaves were sliding on upper and lower rail guide, the movement of which is controlled by electrical signal received through TCMS from guard/ drivers cab. The door leaves were sliding inside pockets provided at the door opening. Following passenger safety features were provided in the automatic door closing system:

  • Train will not start or take traction if any of the doors of the train is open.
  • Automatic door will not open till the train comes to a complete halt.
  • Door can open both from inside and from outside of the coach with the help of emergency exit device. This device can also be used if the door fails to open automatically when required.  However, this emergency exit device will not operate when the train is in motion.
  • The location of emergency door opening device (operating rotary handle near door) and the method of its operation is displayed inside the coach for guidance to the passenger.
  • To avoid injury to passengers during closing operation of the door, doors will re-open thrice if any obstruction detection takes place. After first detection of obstruction there will be audio alarm to caution the passengers about door closing.
Passenger Carrying Capacity Coach Type-wise

The rake comprised of three types of coaches to accommodate passengers; coach wise passenger capacity is as below:

Coach TypeSeating CapacityStanding CapacityTotal
Driving Motor Coach65258323
Trailer Coach96488584
Non – Driving Motor Coach65258323

The total capacity of the rake is 5964 passengers with 1028 seating capacity and 4936 standing capacity. 

Safety features

The Head-light and speed indicator cum recorder have been fitted on the Driving Cab. Auxiliary Warning System, Dead man’s handle, Wheel slip protection are available. In addition, following items are provided:

  • Event recorder: Event Recorder is provided in each driving motor coach’s Train Control and Management System (TCMS). Faults and events generated in various systems in each Basic unit were stored in respective event recorder (TCMS) of Motor coach.
  • Passenger alarm indication light in all coaches: Each coach is provided with an indication light on both sides of the coach. These lights are integrated with alarm chain pulling system.
  • Emergency evacuation of passenger Guidance: To evacuate the passengers in case of emergencies, emergency ladders are provided with signage inside the coach.
  • Fire Fighting System: Each Air Condition coach is equipped with 2 Nos of Fire Extinguisher with instruction to operate and proper arrow marking sticker.
Crew/Guard and Passenger Communication System

GPS based passenger information system is provided in the rake.

  • Passenger Announcement- There is facility of Passenger announcement from motorman and guard cab to Passenger area.
  • Inter Communication- There is duplex Inter Communication available between Driver and Guard.
  • Coach Display in each coach- There are two single sided display and two double sided display in each coach. Also there are nine speakers provided in each coach for audio announcement by which motorman can communicate with passenger coach.
  • LED based Head code display in English and Hindi with handicap and ladies coach position is provided in front of the both driving motor coaches.
  • ETB: Emergency Talk Back unit is provided in the passenger areas (four in each coach) to communicate with motorman/guard during any emergency.

Timing of AC Local Train

Summary of AC Local Train Timings w.e.f 1st January, 2018

Down Direction
Mahalaxmi6.58Borivali7.5Slow train
Churchgate8.54Virar10.13Fast train
Churchgate11.5Virar13.05Fast train
Churchgate14.55Virar16.12Fast train
Churchgate17.49Borivali18.41Fast train
Churchgate19.49Virar21.15Fast train
UP Direction
Borivali7.54Churchgate8.5Fast train
Virar10.22Churchgate11.46Fast train
Virar13.18Churchgate14.44Fast train
Virar16.22Churchgate17.42Fast train
Borivali18.55Churchgate19.44Fast train
Virar21.24Churchgate22.48Fast train


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