Railway Action Plan for Monsoon 2019

Monsoon Action Plan by Railway
Monsoon Action Plan by Railway

Railway Action Plan for Monsoon 2019

Indian Railway take various action plan for Monsoon 2019

Following are the details.

North Western Railway : Railway Action Plan for Monsoon 2019

North Western Railway annoyed that during the monsoon, arrangements made by the North Western Railway for the safety of the track are being kept on the rail tracks during the rain special monitoring

Monsoon Arrangements by NWR

South Central Railway : Railway Action Plan for Monsoon 2019

In order to keep the wheels of all trains running and to ensure uninterrupted services during ensuing monsoon, pre-monsoon preparation works are going o­n in all Railway stations in full swing, following are the zone wise details regarding the action plan for Monsoon 2019.

Formulate Action Plans for Monsoon Season, Observe all Precautions to Ensure Safety

Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, South Central Railway conducted a detailed review o­n Safety, Punctuality and Freight Loading on 03rd June, 2019 at Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad along with Principal Heads of Departments and Divisional Railway Manager’s (DRM) of all six Divisions i.e. Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntakal, Guntur and Nanded through video conference.

The General Manager extensively reviewed the safety aspects o­n the Zone including monsoon precautions, in view of signal and engineering failures during the o­nset of monsoon season. He instructed the officials to accord priority for monsoon precautions and to intensify the monsoon patrolling at all vulnerable areas to ensure safety of the track and make action plans. o­n the Punctuality aspect, The General Manager advised all the Divisional Railway Managers to monitor it personally and draw an action plan to attain optimal punctuality duly ensuring safe working. The General Manager reviewed the progress o­n the implementation of e-office and Unique Medical Identity Card (UMID) registrations by employees and pensioners. He also advised all the DRMs to generate income from Non-Fare revenue with introduction of themes like Rail Display Networks at stations, Advertisements in coaches, Publicity through video walls at platforms etc.

Video Song o­n Safety released:

Shri Gajanan Mallya, GM/SCR released a Video Song o­n Safety precautions to be observed by the Loco Pilots, Asst. Loco Pilots etc., while performing their duties. The song has been prepared in Telugu language to educate the staff regarding observance of rules pertaining to Safety, necessity to maintain personal discipline during the working hours and family life.

Shri John Thomas, Additional General Manager,; Shri Vijay Agarwal, Chief Administrative Officer (Construction); Shri Brajendra Kumar, Principal Financial Advisor; Shri K. Siva Prasad, Principal Chief Commercial Manager; Shri Arjun Mundiya, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer; Shri V.M. Shrivastava, Principal Chief Signal and Telecommunications Engineer; Shri A. A. Phadke, Principal Chief Electrical Engineer; Shri N.V. Ramana Reddy, Principal Chief Personnel Officer; Shri V.R. Mishra, Principal Chief Material Manager; Shri T.J. Prakash, Principal Chief Medical Director; Shri M.G.Sekharam, Chief Safety Officer were amongst the officials present.

Konkan Railway : Railway Action Plan for Monsoon 2019

Konkan Railway gears up on the onset of Monsoons season in Konkan region. All its planned safety works on its route from KOLAD (after Roha station of Central Railway) to THOKUR (before Mangaluru station) have been completed. Special attention has been paid to catch water drain cleaning and inspection of cuttings. The large scale geo-safety works executed along the railway line in last 13 years have have significantly reduced the incidences of boulder fall and soil slip, thus ensuring a safe running of trains. No major disruption to train services have occured on account of boulder fall during monsoons in last 6 years.

Konkan Railway will conduct Monsoon Patrolling as per the provisions of Indian Railway Permanent Way Manual to ensure safe running of trains. About 630 personnel will be patrolling the Konkan Railway route during the monsoon. Vulnerable locations will be patrolled round the clock and Stationary Watchmen will be deployed for 24 hours at critical locations. Speed restrictions will be imposed at vulnerable locations. BRN mounted excavators have been kept ready at all nominated points for quick movement in case of any emergency.

Instructions have also been issued to the loco drivers to run the trains at a reduced speed of 40 kmph in case of heavy rainfall when visibility is limited. Self-propelled ARMVs (Accident Relief Medical Van), with provision of Operation Theatre and providing emergency medical aid are kept ready at Ratnagiri and Verna (Goa) along with ART (Accident Relief Train).

Mobile phones have been provided to all safety category staff to contact central control in emergency. Both Loco Pilots and Guards of trains have been provided with Walkie-talkie sets as well as every station on Konkan Railway is equipped with 25 Watt VHF base station. This enables wireless communication between the train crew as well as train crew and Station Master. Emergency Communication (EMC) sockets have been provided at a distance of average 1 Km along the Konkan Railway route that enables the Patrolmen, Watchmen, Loco Pilots, Guard and other field maintenance staff to contact Station Master and Train Controllers during any emergency situations in train operations. Satellite phone communication has been provided in ARMV (Accident Relief Medical Van) for emergency contact when ARMV is ordered in service. All main signal aspects on Konkan Railway are now replaced with LED for improving signal visibility.

Three Control rooms at Belapur, Ratnagiri and Madgaon, will work 24 x 7 during monsoon period for ensuring safe running of train. Passengers can check train status on www.konkanrailway.com or dial 139.

Monsoon Time Table will come into effect from 10th June, 2019 upto 31st Oct, 2019. Passengers who have been issued journey tickets prior to announcement of the Monsoon Time Table, are requested to check the timings of their train well in advance as the departure timing of some trains will be revised. Passengers may monitor their train online during monsoon by visiting www.konkanrailway.com or using KRCL App by downloading Google Play Store.

Konkan Railway aims to ensure safe travel for its passengers in the coming monsoon with the measures taken above.

Western Railway : Railway Action Plan for Monsoon 2019

With a view to avoid disruption in services due to falling of trees/ branches of trees during monsoon , WR has taken precautions to cut or trim trees alongside its tracks.

Western Railway has over the past six months cut 51 trees and trimmed 1591 trees along its corridor to prevent disruptions of service this monsoon. Western Railway’s chief public relation officer Ravinder Bhakar said “During the last one month, due to tree falling incidents at various locations of Western Railway suburban sections from Churchgate to Dahanu Road, eight suburban services were cancelled and 22 services were delayed. On June 24, an Ashoka tree leaning out of a private society’s boundary towards the tracks in between Chami Road and Grant Road led to cancellation of two services.”

Western Railway announced that considering the experience in the previous monsoon in Vasai-Virar sector along with various other areas, additional steps have been taken to ensure smooth operations during monsoon.

According to a press release issued by Shri Ravinder Bhakar – Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway these works include cleaning and desilting of culverts, desilting of side-drains, installations of high-power diesel and electric pumps, special maintenance of infrastructure, etc.These works will be completed by 1st June 2019 in the first phase. 2nd phase of culverts and drain cleaning shall be undertaken from 1st June, 2019 o­nwards.

Analysis of Rainfall and Flood prone areas:

Western Railway has identified flood-prone areas o­n its suburban section. Based o­n this analysis, extra attention will be given to certain sections which are potentially low-lying area and are thus likely to be inundated. These areas have been identified as tracks/yards of Grant Road, Elphinstone Road, Dadar, Matunga Rd-Mahim, Bandra-Khar, Andheri-Jogeshwari and Vasai-Virar sections.

Western Railway has also compiled the data from Tide-table wherein dates of high tides of more than 4.0 meters during ensuing monsoon, between 1st June, 2019 to 30th Sept, 2019, have been included. This will help in taking necessary precautions as and when required.

Special Pre-monsoon Action and Action to be taken during monsoon:

  • Of the 53 culverts existing in Churchgate-Virar suburban section, first round of desilting in 37 culverts has been completed, while balance 16 shall be completed by 20/05/2019. 2nd round of desilting will be done after conducting Joint inspection of first round in month of June 2019 and subsequently, in August 2019. Remaining major culverts will be got cleaned by MCGM officials and these include Mithi river, Dharavi Nallah, Poisar nallah, etc. Joint inspection are also being carried-out by Western Railway and MCGM officials.
  • Lifting of tracks in low-lying areas has already been completed in Mahim Yard o­n Harbour lines, o­n Bandra-Khar Down slow line where water-logging has been observed in previous years. Lifting of track upto 200 mm is to be carried out in Vasai-Virar section and this work is in progress and will be completed by 25.05.19.
  • Lowering of cess alongside of tracks is under progress. Approx 1,60,000 cum muck has been lifted by deploying JCB, Poclain, manual labour and specially-designed muck special EMU train. This activity will ensure smooth flow of storm-water during monsoon.
  • WR has installed about 154 high-power pumps at vulnerable low-lying locations such as Marine Lines, Mumbai Central, Dadar, Matunga Road, Mahim, Bandra, Andheri, Borivali, Nalasopara, Virar etc.
  • WR has also undertaken the work of desilting of side-drains. 60% of drains have already been cleaned. This work will be completed by 25.05.19. Subsequent round of cleaning will be undertaken in July and August, 2019 as per requirement.
  • Western Railway has come up with an instruction booklet for Monsoon precautions called monsoon booklet for its Officers, supervisors and station staff. This book not o­nly mentions the flood-prone areas and important dates of high tides, but it also gives details of precautions to be taken during such situations. It also has comprehensive details of telephone numbers of Officials dealing with disaster management, important telephone numbers of Railway Officers, Supervisors and civil officials such as MCGM, NDRF, Weather Bureau, Hospitals etc.
  • In order to ensure running of trains during monsoon, special attention is also being given to maintenance of Overhead electric equipments. This includes cleaning of insulators, checking of protective screens o­n FOB/ROB, protection of contact and catenary wires and earthing.
  • Joint survey for Cutting and trimming of vulnerable trees existing in the vicinity of track has been done by MCGM and WR officials. Necessary cutting and trimming will be completed by 25.05.19.
  • WR has also taken-up monsoon-related maintenance work of its EMU suburban rakes which include detection and plugging of possible leakages in EMU coaches and their electrical equipment, smooth movements of windows and doors etc. Work of cleaning of roof of coaches and insulators has also been taken-up.
  • Insulation testing of various signalling gears will be completed before o­nset of monsoon and wherever required, repairs/replacement shall be carried-out.
  • Monsoon protective gears viz, gum boots and rain coats to maintenance staff are being procured and shall be distributed before o­nset of monsoon.
  • Stocking of sufficient maintenance spares before o­nset of monsoon is being ensured.
  • Running of Muck specials which includes o­ne self propelled Muck spl. of EMU coaches to clear muck and garbage as and when required.
  • Cleaning of drains at station and platforms to avoid water-logging in station premises.
  • Special trains carrying boulder and quarry dust are kept in readiness to deal with breaches and wash-out situation.
  • Special precautions are going to be taken at stations to monitor crowd build-up during water-logging by monitoring through CCTV and ensuring regular announcement as well as crowd-management.
  • Round-clock monitoring and manning of Mumbai Central control office by officers of various Depts during heavy rains and maximum high-tide days by deputing officers/supervisors at vulnerable locations.
  • Provision of May I help you booth in case of emergency to guide passenger will be opened at all vulnerable stations.
  • Real time updates o­n twitter to guide passengers.
  • Regular announcements at station.
  • Stall owners have been instructed to keep adequate amount of stock during water-logging.

Coordination with officials of Municipal Corporation Greater Mumbai, Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation and Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation:

Pre-cleaning Joint inspections byWestern Railway and Municipal officials have been carried out. It also includes provision of pumps by municipal officials at locations where blockage in drainage is expected. A hotline communication has been set up between MCGM Disaster control and Western Railway Traffic control for quick communication during emergency.
There had been water-logging noticed in Virar-Nallasopara area during 2018 monsoon, which had adversely affected train movement for several hours and in order to ascertain the constraints to free-flow of storm-water in this area, following action has been taken: –

  • Dredging and desilting of drain and nala running in parallel to railway track and connecting to Vasai-Vaitarna creek has been undertaken. Work is nearly 60% complete and remaining is targeted to be completed by 30/05/2019.
  • Desilting of culverts crossing track has been undertaken by using suction pump/desludging machine. Approximately 70% of culvert have been cleaned and rest are targeted to be completed by 25/05/2019.
  • New underground drains has to be constructed between Vasai-Virar section for facilitating flow of storm-water during monsoon. Two nos. will be completed before 30/05/2019. IIT Mumbai had been consulted for hydrological survey of entire topography of Virar-Nallasopara section and report has been received and being studied for further implementation. Action will be taken shortly so as to avoid any water-logging during ensuing monsoon. Aerial survey by drone of Virar-Nallasopara area has been planned and shall be undertaken from 15.05.2019 o­nwards so as to ascertain the reasons for constraints to free-flow of storm-water. In addition to cleaning of existing culverts, construction of new culverts as well as widening of existing culverts are being undertaken in Virar-Nallasopara area.
  • IIT Mumbai had been consulted for hydrological survey of entire topography of Virar-Nallasopara section and report has been received and being studied for further implementation. Action will be taken shortly so as to avoid any water-logging during ensuing monsoon.
  • Aerial survey by drone of Virar-Nallasopara area has been planned and shall be undertaken from 15.05.2019 o­nwards so as to ascertain the reasons for constraints to free-flow of storm-water.
  • In addition to cleaning of existing culverts, construction of new culverts as well as widening of existing culverts are being undertaken in Virar-Nallasopara area.

1.Indian Metrological Department is shortly going to install Automatic Rain-Gauge at 06 stations viz. Ram Mandir, Mahalaxmi, Bandra, Dahisar, Mira Road and Bhayander for which necessary infrastructural support has been provided by Western Railway. Through these equipment, it shall be possible to do real time o­nline monitoring of rainfall.

Northeast Frontier Railway : Railway Action Plan for Monsoon 2019

Massive Preparedness For Monsoon Season

Northeast Frontier Railway announced that Railway has put in place a huge force of man and materials to tackle any eventuality during the o­ncoming Monsoon season. The mobilization was carried out in the last few months over the entire jurisdiction of N F Railway having more than 6400 km of railway tracks spread over the entire Northeast, West Bengal and Bihar.

Monsoon season is challenging for N. F. Railway as the railway lines are spread over wide range of terrain consisting alluvial plains and mountainous regions which are not very stable. To make things more difficult, South-west Monsoon brings 90% of the annual rainfall (varying from 2000 to 5000 mm) to the region during April to late October every year. The challenges come in the form of landslides, breaching of embankments, washout of bridges etc. A detailed strategy is adopted to ensure that the tracks are protected and kept in good condition so that safety of passengers is not compromised.

While pre-monsoon preparedness like stacking of materials as Monsoon Reserve, cleaning of drainage, ensuring marking of danger levels in bridges have been completed, 813 parties of patrolmen (each consisting of two persons) have been deployed to secure the track round the clock since yesterday. The patrolling will continue till 15th October or further as rains / weather forecast warrants.

Monitoring: These patrolmen are equipped with latest state-of-the-art equipment like GPS tracker, luminous jacket, raincoat and separate water-proof trouser, safety helmet with attachable miners light, safety shoes etc. During night time, the entire track is patrolled twice from 08 pm to 11:30 pm and again from 12:30 am to 04 am. Every patrol party is provided o­ne walky-talky and mobile phone to communicate with nearest station in the eventuality of any condition posing danger for train movement. They also carry Fog Detonators to alert train driver that leaves any station before being alerted. These patrolmen are monitored by five divisional control offices with the help of GPS tracker.

In addition to these patrolmen, stationary watchmen are also deployed in vulnerable locations like area susceptible to landslide, bridges where water level is nearing danger level etc. Currently 13 such stationary watchmen are deployed in vulnerable location of Lumding Division.

Additional Materials: Despite precautions, there are occasion when bridges are washed out, embankments are breached and landslides occur. To face such situation and to carry out restoration within minimum possible time, Monsoon Reserved stocks of materials like boulders, sand, sandbags, various pre-fabricated components of bridges etc. are kept loaded in wagons as kept at strategic locations. 235 such wagons have already been and placed at 27 locations spread over the entire zone ready for movement at any time. Additional reserve materials are also stocked at 162 more locations.

Railway announced special train New Train Time Table 2019 – 2020 for Monsoon, Monsoon Train Time Table 2019


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