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Details of Indian Railways luxurious train Tejas express are following.

Total Tejas Trains by Railway and IRCTC

Train Nos.Name of the TrainsInauguration
22119/22120Mumbai CST Karmali Mumbai CSMT–Karmali Tejas ExpressMay 2017
22671/22672Chennai Egmore Madurai Chennai Egmore–Madurai Tejas ExpressMarch 2019
82501/82502Lucknow New Delhi Lucknow–New Delhi IRCTC Tejas ExpressOctober 2019
82901/82902Ahmedabad Mumbai Central Ahmedabad – Mumbai Central IRCTC Tejas ExpressJanuary 2020

Tejas Type Trains Details

Tejas Type Sleeper Coaches ~ Features

The features of Tejas type Sleeper coaches are as under:-

  • Automatic Plug Door: All main entrance doors are centralized controlled by Guard. The train will not start until all doors are closed.
  • Stainless Steel Under-frame: Complete under-frame is of austenitic stainless steel (SS 201LN) which increases the life of the coach because of reduced corrosion.
  • Bio-Vacuum Toilet system: Provides improved hygiene condition in the toilet due to improved flushing and also save water per flush.
  • Air Suspension Bogies: Provided with Air Spring Suspension in bogies to improve the comfort and ride quality of these coaches.
  • Fire Alarm, Detection, and Suppression system: All coaches are provided with an Automatic Fire Alarm and Detection System.
  • Smart Features: Provided with smart features processed by a centralized processing unit PICCU (Passenger information coach computing unit). The features are as follows:
    • PA/PIS (passenger announcement/passenger information system)
    • Digital destination board
    • CCTV- With day night vision capability, Facial recognition even in low light condition, Network Video Recorder.
    • Emergency Talkback for medical or security emergency
    • On-Board condition monitoring system for Bearing, Wheel, to improve safety
    • HVAC- Air quality measurement for Air Conditioning system
    • Toilet Occupancy Sensor
    • Water level sensor to indicate water availability
    • Train Supervisor and Power car Monitoring system (Kiosk): 18.5” touch screen Kiosk is provided in each power car for monitoring the health of the complete rake and also used as a surveillance monitoring station. This LCD is connected to the PICCU system of the power car for visualization of the power car.
  • Improved Toilet Unit: Provided with touch-less fittings, Marble finish with an anti-graffiti coating, Gel coated shelf, New design dustbin, Door latch activated light, Engagement display.
  • Textured Exterior and Interior PVC Film: Both exterior and interior, are provided with textured PVC film.
  • Improved interiors: Seats and berths having PU foam, provide better comfort to passengers.
  • Roller Blind on the window: Instead of curtains roller blinds provided for easy sanitization.
  • Mobile Charging points: Provided for each passenger.
  • Berth reading light: Provided for each passenger.
  • Upper berth climbing arrangement: Convenient upper berth arrangement.

Agartala Rajdhani Special train with special Tejas type Sleeper Coaches

Ministry of Railways announced that Railway has decided to replace the rake of Agartala – Anand Vihar Terminal Special Rajdhani Express with Tejas Sleeper coaches with upgraded facilities. It will offer better connectivity with National Capital. Provided with smart features, the coaches of this New Sleeper Type Tejas Train will offer the best class travel experience. The start of the Tejas service is planned for 15.02.21. This will offer better connectivity & provide the best the class travel experience and Convenient Travelling for North-East Region. Updated 15.02.2021

New Delhi – Varanasi Vande Bharat as Tejas Express

Train No.02435/02436 New Delhi (NDLS) – Varanasi Jn (BSB) – New Delhi Vande Bharat is to run as Tejas Express from 15-Feb-2021 to 31-Mar-2021. A full refund will be provided to passengers who don’t want to travel by alternative arrangement. Also, a difference of fare will be provided to PNRs booked in Vande Bharat Coach but traveling in Tejas Coach through TDR, reason: “Difference Of Fare In Case proper Coach Not Attached”. – Updated 15.02.2021

Ahmedabad – Mumbai Central Tejas Express ~ Updates

Updated : 28.01.2021: Indian Railway announced that

  • IRCTC Tejas Express (Train No.: 82901/82902) between Ahmedabad-Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad is being re-introduced from 14.02.2021. Booking available online from 25.01.2021.
  • IRCTC Tejas Express (Train No.: 82501/82502) between Lucknow Jn-New Delhi – Lucknow Jn is being re-introduced from 14.02.2021. Booking available online from 25.01.2021.

The details of the regular run of Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad Tejas Express are as follows:

  • Train No. 82901 Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad Tejas Express will depart Mumbai Central at 15.50 hrs to reach Ahmedabad at 22.05 hrs the same day.
  • Train No 82902 Ahmedabad – Mumbai Central Tejas Express will leave Ahmedabad at 06.40 hrs to arrive at Mumbai Central at 13.05 hrs the same day. These services will run o­n Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with effect from 14th February 2021.

Borivali, Vapi, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, and Nadiad stations in both directions.
AC Chair car & Executive AC Chair car coaches. The booking of Tejas Express is available o­nly o­n the IRCTC website.

Updated : 17.11.2020: Cancellation of Ahmedabad – Mumbai Central Tejas Express on Select Days

Western Railway announced that on account of poor occupancy levels due to Corona Virus Pandemic, It has been decided by IRCTC to cancel all the trips of Train No. 82901/82902 Ahmedabad- Mumbai Central Tejas Express w.e.f. 24.11.2020 till further notice.

Indian Railway announced that in view of Coronavirus Pandemic and booking trends observed, Western Railway has reviewed the running of Ahmedabad – Mumbai Central Tejas Express and has accordingly cancelled few trips of the train.

Train Nos.82901/82902 Ahmedabad – Mumbai Central Tejas Express will be cancelled on select Tuesdays for 2020-21. The days on which the train will be cancelled are

  • 3rd and 24th November 2020
  • 1st, 8th and 15th December 2020
  • 19th and 26th January 2021
  • 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd February 2021
  • 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th March 2021

Travel Insurance Claim in Tejas Express ~ IRCTC Announcement ~ 30.10.2020

IRCTC announced that “Kindly communicate with Liberty General Insurance Company for processing your Travel insurance claim (IRCTC Tejas Exp.) on email id irctc@libertyinsurance.in or call on 18002665844 on or before 30-Oct-2020″. For a list of Outstanding claims, Click here.

IRCTC Decided to Resume Tejas Express ~ 17.10.2020

The operation of Lucknow-New Delhi and Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas trains was suspended due to Covid 19 pandemic. Both the trains are expected to restart operations from 17 October.

  • Food is being provided on a complimentary basis to all passengers of IRCTC TEJAS Trains (82501/82502 and 82901/82902) with effect from the date of Journey 17/10/2020.
  • Booking for IRCTC Tejas Express (Train No.: 82501/82502) between Lucknow Jn-New Delhi- Lucknow Jn is being restarted from 08:00 hrs on 08.10.2020.
  • Booking for IRCTC Tejas Express (Train No.: 82901/82902) between Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Jn-Mumbai Central is being restarted from 08.10.2020 with the introduction of the new halt of Andheri Station (ADH).

Timing of Restored Tejas Express Trains

IRCTC Tejas Express
IRCTC Tejas Express

Indian Railways unveil new Tejas locomotives, will eliminate the need for separate diesel power generator car

Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Gandhi Jayanti unveiled the first batch of indigenously manufactured Tejas Express locomotive for ‘push-pull’ operations. In a tweet, Piyush Goyal said, “these are highly advanced and energy-efficient locos”.
The Tejas Express locomotives were unveiled at Asansol Railway station by Union Minister Piyush Goyal. The new locomotives Tejas are equipped with new technology and is manufactured in West Bengal’s Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW). These new age engines can run at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

Tejas Express General Information

Tejas is India’s first semi-high speed fully air-conditioned train equipped with 22 new features. The most interesting of which will be high-tech entertainment units, Wi-Fi facility, and integrated braille displays. It will also attempt to provide state-of-the-art facilities including tea and coffee vending machines, magazines, and snack tables. The coaches of the premier Tejas express are being readied in a way to give its passengers a premium travel experience usually associated with European rail travels. Tejas will have Executive Class and Chair Cars, while the Humsafar will be a train which will only have 3-AC coaches populating it. Besides the improved aesthetics, Tejas coaches will come with entertainment screens for each passenger, along with hand phone socket and LED boards for communicating safety instructions, digital destination boards, and electronic passenger reservation chart.

  • Tejas meaning brilliance, is a reserved passenger luxury train and it will operated at speed of 130 kmph and above.
  • Tejas Express is also called as Golden Chariot, the trains coaches will be painted in a golden colour.
  • The train will have high-tech entertainment units, Wi-Fi facility and integrated braille displays, to give its passengers the feel of world-class travel.
  • Tejas coaches will have Executive Class and Chair Cars, while those of Hamsafar will have 3-AC.
  • Tejas coaches will be equipped with 22 new features, including entertainment screens for each passenger along with hand phone socket and LED boards for communicating safety instruction.
  • There will be water level indicators in bio-vacuum toilets, sensorised taps and hand driers.
  • Attempts have been made to provide state-of-art facilities in Tejas, including tea and coffee vending machines, magazines and snack tables, according to reports.
  • Both Tejas and Hamsafar are having CCTVs, and fire and smoke detection and suppression system.

It will also bring with it water level indicators in bio-vacuum toilets, touch-sensitive taps, and hand driers. Both Tejas and Humsafar will also be equipped with CCTVs and fire and smoke detection and suppression systems to ensure passenger safety. 

Tejas Express Fare Chart

Tejas Express Fare Chart is following

Tejas Express Fare Chart Part 1
Tejas Express Fare Chart Part 1
Tejas Express Train Fare Chart Part 2
Tejas Express Fare Chart Part 2

Train Nos.22119/22120 CSMT Mumbai – Karmali Tejas Express

Regular Service Details

CST Mumbai – Karmali Tejas Super Fast Express (Non-monsoon Period- 5 days a week)

  • Train No.22119 Super fast Tejas Express will leave CST Mumbai at 05.00 hrs on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday  from 24.5.2017 and arrive Karmali at 13.30 hrs same day.
  • Train No.22120 Super fast Tejas Express will leave Karmali at 14.30 hrs on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 23.5.2017 and arrive CST Mumbai at 23.00 hrs same day.

CST Mumbai – Karmali Tejas Super Fast Express (Monsoon Period from 10.6.2017 to 31.10.2017– 3 days a week)

  • Train No.22119 Super fast Tejas Express will leave CST Mumbai at 05.00 hrs on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 10.6.2017 to 31.10.2017 and arrive Karmali at 15.30 hrs same day.
  • Train No.22120 Super fast Tejas Express will leave Karmali at 07.30 hrs on every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 10.6.2017 to 31.10.2017 and arrive CST Mumbai at 19.45 hrs same day.

Halting   Dadar, Thane, Panvel, Ratnagiri and Kudal. Composition   One Executive AC Chair car, 12 AC Chair car Reservation   Bookings for Inaugural Special Train No.02119 leaving CST on 22.5.2017 and for Regular Services of Train No.22119 leaving from 24.5.2017 will open on 21.5.2017 at all PRS counters and on website www.irctc.co.in Catering Services

In case the passenger wishes to opt for onboard catering services, service – wise catering charges i.e. Executive class and Chair car on Tejas Trains shall be inbuilt in the ticket fare. If passenger do not opt for catering services at the time of booking the ticket and decides to purchase meals onboard, an extra amount of Rs 50/- per service, in addition to the prescribed catering charges shall be charged subject to availability. However a charge of Rs 20/- will be included in the fare for all passengers of all classes, since packaged drinking water and newspapers will be provided on board to every passenger irrespective of their option for onboard meals.

Train Time

Konkan Railway announced on 15th March 2018 that Railway has been decided to provide additional stoppage to Train Nos.22119 / 22120 Mumbai CSMT – Karmali – Mumbai CSMT Tejas Express (Five days a week) at Chiplun station w.e.f. 20/03/2018. The details are as follows :

Train No. 22119 / 22120 Mumbai CSMT – Karmali – Mumbai CSMT “Tejas Express” :

  • Train No.22119 Mumbai CSMT – Karmali Tejas Express at Chiplun Stations – 09.04 hrs.
  • Train No.22120 Karmali – Mumbai CSMT Tejas Express at Chilpun Station – 18.18 hrs.

Konkan Railway announced that from December 2018 the timings of Train No. 22119 / 22120 Mumbai CSMT – Karmali – Mumbai CSMT Tejas Express (5 days a week) was revised on trial basis for a period from 02/12/2018 to 02/01/2019. Now it has been decided to extend the period up to 09/06/2019. Details are as follows :  New Train Time Table 2019 – 2020

Timings of Train No. 22119 / 22120 Mumbai CSMT – Karmali – Mumbai CSMT Tejas Express : –

 Train No.22119 Mumbai CSMT - Karmali Tejas ExpressStationsTrain No.22120 Karmali - Mumbai CSMT Tejas Express 
5.50Mumbai CSMT23.15
Except Monday and Thursday7.00Panvel21.45Except Monday and Thursday
Fare Details

Train Nos.22119/22120 CST Mumbai – Karmali Tejas Express fare details are following

Following are the fare details of Tejas Express Trains.

Non – Monsoon Fares

Without CateringWith CateringWithout CateringWith CateringDESTINATIONSOURCE

Feedback Form for Tejas Express

Konkan Railway published a feedback form for collecting the opinion and suggestion from the passengers. Following are the details.

Feedback form for Tejas Express

For getting further details about the feedback form please go through the link by Konkan Railway link :- Feedback for CSTM-Karmali-CSTM Tejas Express

Train Nos.22671/22672 Chennai Egmore – Madurai Junction Tejas Express Trains

Executive Class with Catering Services2295
Executive Class without Catering Services1940
Chari Car with Catering Service1195
Chari Car without Catering Service895

Regular Service Details

Travel Time : 06.30 minutes

Train Nos.22671/22672 Chennai Egmore – Madurai Junction Tejas Express Trains

  • Train No.22671 Chennai Egmore – Madurai Junction train will depart from Chennai Egmore at 06.00 am and will arrive Madurai at 12.30 pm.
  • Train No.22672 Madurai – Chennai Egmore train will depart from Madurai at 3.00 pm and and will arrive Chennai Egmore at 09.30 pm.
  • Halting : Kodai Road, Tiruchy
  • No. Of Coaches : 15
  • Composition : Twelve Chari Car, one First Class Chair Car, Two Generator Vans.
  • Operation : Six days a week (except Thursdays)
  • Total Distance : 497 KM

Magic Box In Tejas Express Trains

Tejas Express, which runs between Chennai Egmore and Madurai had been provided with a ‘MAGICBOX’ which lets passengers access 500 hours worth of entertainment right from their mobiles.

This was done based o­n passenger feedback who felt a premium train like Tejas should offer entertainment to enhance the joy of travelling. Tejas coaches were initially provided with Seat mounted infotainment system which was removed after complains from travellers about its frequent malfunctioning o­n the run and a railway board instruction to discontinue all seat mounted infotainment systems. Railway administration had faced problem in updating its software and content.

Wi-fi Entertainment box “MAGICBOX” is pre installed with movies, kids content, music and Government schemes. It has content in regional languages for the multilingual passengers of Indian Railways. Tejas Express which runs 6 days a week, except Thursday, is maintained by GSN Coaching Depot, Chennai.



What is Special in Tejas Express?

The Tejas Express is India’s first semi-high speed fully air-conditioned train introduced by Indian Railways.

How many Tejas Express are running in India?

Currently Four Tejas Express Trains are running in India

Who owns Tejas private train?

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC ) owns Tejas Private Trains

Is food free in Tejas Express Madurai?

Food is optional in this train.


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