Mahananda Express Details

Mahananda Express
Mahananda Express

Mahananda Express 

The Mahananda Express or Sikkim Mahananda Express is an Indian express train connecting the cities of New Delhi and Alipurduar. Details of Mahananda Express including train number, Composition etc are following.

This is a direct train origination from Old Delhi to Alipurduar Junction. The train connects the Eastern and Northern regions, as well as parts of India in the Bihar and Uttar Pradesh areas.

The name of the train is derived from the Mahananda River which runs through North Bengal and Eastern Bihar. As the entire route is not electrified, the train runs with both an electric and diesel locomotive. Usually the train gets a WDP4/WDP4B from the Siliguri Diesel Loco Shed for the non-electrified territory and a WAP4 electric locomotive in the electrified section.

The train when introduced used to run between Katihar Jn to Delhi as train number(s) 983/984. This train was later extended to New Jalpaiguri with train number(s) 4083/4084. Finally the train was extended to Alipurduar Junction.


One Composite AC [2-Tiers+3-Tiers], 2 AC 3-Tiers, 13 Sleeper Class, 5 Unreserved General Compartment, 1 Pantry car and 2 Luggage/Parcel cum Brake van which is provided with the Guards’ cabin. Total coach composition is 24.

Mahananda Express Train Details

  • Train No.15784 leaves Delhi(DLI) at 06:35 AM and reach to the destined stop Alipur Duar Jn (APDJ) at 06:45 PM on day after another. 
  • Train No.15783 leaves Alipur Duar Jn (APDJ at 09:50 AM and reach to the destined stop Delhi(DLI) at 10:40 PM on day after another.
  • Train Nos.15483/15484 Alipur Dwar – Delhi Jn.- Alipur Dwar Sikkim Mahanada Express Train will be restored to run o­n three days a week basis as under
  • Train No.15483 Alipur Dwar – Delhi Jn. Sikkim Mahanada  Express Train will be restored to run o­n every Tuesday ,Thursday and Saturday from 17.05.2018 
  • Train No.15484 Delhi Jn.- Alipur Dwar Sikkim Mahanada  Express Train will be restored  to run o­n every Thursday, Saturday and Monday from 19.05.2018  

During the journey of approximately 38 hours the train goes via 56 stations before reaching its destination. Sikkim Mahanada Express Train will run Three Days in a Week.

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