Live Train Running Status with Map

Live Train Running Status

Live Train Running Status details with Google Map
Live Train Running Status details with Google Map

Live Train StatusIndian Railway Spot Your Train Online With Map

Jump to Live Train Running Status with Google Map checking tool

I know all of them keep on searching a site that will give live status of the train running other than call to the help line. Yes its possible now, you cant believe it i know but its a fact that you can track the train running details on every movement.

In post we have provided direct facility to check your train Live Status with Atlas / Map real time position tracker as well. Its providing full Indian Map to find out the train now located. This will give you ” Train Current Running Status Live ” solution on easy way.

You may check Live Train Running Status Online of any train after filling Train Number and Date. Once you enter all these information press Search button to get the result.

Yes its that simple just one step to get your Train Status online here.

Live Train Running Status with Google Map

Search Train Status

Note: Google Map Locator loading with complete stations with take 30 Sec to 2 Min depend upon your network speed.

Where is My Train ?

For thinking about tracking a train everyone thinking first is Where is my train. You may find this direct on here.

Steps to Find Where is My Train Now?

Step 1: Enter Train Number on the text box provided

Step 2: Choose the date or enter the date in DD-MM-YYYY format. For example, if you want to check the Train running status of Train No 12202 and 04th August 2019 then you need to enter image like follows. i.e, on date column enter value as 04-08-2019.

Step 3: Press Search button to get the result on tabular format.

Once you search the same will get ” Train Current Status Live Map “.

Find Where is My Train Now - Real time Train Track Online
Find Where is My Train Now – Real time Train Track Online

Frequently asked Questions for Live Train Running Status

Here we are listing down all the common questions related to Train Running Status online consolidated and placed on following for easy solution. If you are having any new questions then feel free to comment on this post.

How to check Train status through SMS?

SMS Service : SMS ‘AD ‘ to 139
Example : AD 12002 0755

How to check Train status through Phone ( Mobile )?

For contact Indian Railway Enquiry Number use Call 139

What does the Live Train Status table headings mean?

SL. No: Serial No’s of Stations where the train stops.
Station Name [ Code ] : Name & Station Code of Stations where the train stops.
SCH / Actual ARR : Scheduled / Actual Arrival Time as per Indian Railway schedule. Train Arrival Time when it actually arrived at that station.
Delay ( Hour ) : Total Train Travel Delay time.
SCH / Actual Dep: Train Departure Time when it actually arrived at that station as per Indian Railway.
Delay in Dep ( Hour ) : Departure time delay time as per live response received..
Current Position: Arrived / Departed / Estimated as the case maybe. This can be identified by train blinking on the table screen or by checking on the train status MAP.
Scheduled Arrival Time: Time when train was originally scheduled to arrive at that station.
Scheduled Departure Time: Time when train was originally scheduled to depart from that station.
Halt Time: Stoppage time at that station.
DAY : Train Schedule with days of travel.

Why do i get Error. Please try later : Message / Status?

If the LIVE train running status for your queried train number is not delivered, the following reasons could be responsible:
1 – You entered an incorrect or invalid train number.
2 – Train does not run on the date it is being queried.
3 – Indian Railways server is down or overloaded.

How to track my Train on Map?

You may track train running status auto free below train running status table with Google MAP interface.

More tools especially for you

We can also find the Live Train Running status of a train using lots of options like WhatsApp, Internet browsing, SMS and Mobile App etc. In this post we are intended provide you all that option on simple steps.

Hope you have identified the Train Running Status Live on easy way. Request you comment us on this page to know more on this.


Indian Railways announced a new invention of identifying the real time online from the Google Maps by the help of Indian Railways official Rail running tracker website By the help of Rail Radar website we can able see the number trains running in all over India.

Details regarding Rail Radar,  Online Train Google Map Locator.   The late running trains are represented by red shade on the Indian Map and the correct time running trains are represented on Blue col-our. Once you  open the same we can also trace the upcoming trains coming to those stations too.

Konkan Railway Online Train Tracker We trace the complete track details of the train from the old website pages which linked from the map too. In addition to the all we can track the Start and End stations of the particular train too.



South Central railways moved a step ahead than other zones by latest technology, high-end LED passenger information display system on the platforms at all the Multi Modal Transportation (MMTS) stations in the twin cities. Following are the details of GPS GPRS based live train tracking.    

Live Train Running Status GPRS

Currently SCR operates 121 MMTS services on Falaknuma – Secunderabad/Hyderabad – Lingampalli routes  (42 kms) over  26 stations, ferrying around 1.5 lakh passengers on an average per day.  215 high- definition LED monitors  have so far been set up on 69 platforms at all the 26 MMTS Stations.

A GPS based receptor module, which receives its latitude and longitude co-ordinates from satellite, is fixed in each of the motorcar in all MMTS trains. This device encrypts, processes and transmits information on train number, route and  current location etc. to a main server using GPRS.  No manual   intervention is required for any inputs. An external main server receives and analyses this encrypted data, decrypts and sends out information to local servers installed at stations. 

Also Read: Indian Railway zones  

The local server at a particular station feeds the relevant information  to the display monitors  positioned on the platforms.  These monitors display the current location of the next three MMTS trains on run that are to arrive at a particular station in either direction.

This position will automatically gets updated on real-time basis as per the movement of the train.  The train number, route, the live status of the train and the expected arrival/delays etc. at that station is displayed for the next three  trains in sequence in three languages – Telugu, Hindi and English.

This system can be used for displaying useful information on the other regular express/passenger trains (Non-MMTS) also such as their expected time/delays and platform number etc. at major stations- Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Begumpet, Kacheguda, Lingampalli and Falaknuma.  

In addition, this system automatically triggers Public announcements in three languagesTelugu, Hindi and English – on the  next expected  trains at that station. The auto announcements for MMTS trains are given  5 minutes before and again 2 minutes before the arrival of the train for alerting the passengers. 

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Such live tracking of all MMTS trains and display of station specific information in a passenger – friendly format and auto announcements will be of immense help to the passengers as they get updated on the status of trains on real-time basis, obviating the need for any enquiry on this.

Through this system audio-visuals to spread public awareness on issues related to safety/security etc. and  passenger related other key  information like cancellations/special services etc. can also be relayed. The display services as mentioned above will be available from 04:00 hrs to 23:59 hrs daily.

Train Live Running Status on Mobile

Whats App : Real Time Train Status

Train running information via WhatsApp is the latest trend of Real Time running status inquiry.

I know you are thinking how its possible ? Yes! You are hear right, now its possible to check the Train Running status of any train in just a WhatsApp message distance.

Please follow below steps to know the Train Running Status via Whats Up Step by step

  1. Save a new Contact No 7349389104 in your mobile on any name. But I recommend you to specify like “Live Train Status” for the easy identification on future.
  2. For checking the Train Running status Type your Train Number and send message.
  3. You will get corresponding Trains Running Status information immediately on the same What’s App contact.

Sample output image is as follows

Whats Up Live Train Running Status
Whats Up Live Train Running Status

Yes its that simple process. Try it now.

The Whats Up train running status is provided by famous Make My Trip Website only. By the help of this we can find the PNR Status as well.


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