Kottayam Railway Station Time Table

Kottayam Train Time Table
Kottayam Train Time Table

Kottayam Train Time : Complete List of Arrival and Departure Trains From Kottayam ( KTYM ) Railway Station

For easiness of our visitors we are presenting you complete list of “Kottayam Railway Station Time Table” with Trains running towards Kottayam , Kerala the Gods own country in single page online.

In addition to Train Time Chart for Kottayam, we are also proving the importance of this Railway station and tourist places near to this. In short Kottayam, Train Time Table is available here with easy to use table content.

Kottayam Railway Station Time Table Latest
Kottayam Train Time Table

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Kottayam Railway Station Code  : KTYM
Kottayam Railway Station Plat Form Count: 3 Platforms
Starting Trains Count: 4 Trains Starts from Kottayam Railway Station.
Kottayam Railway Station Phone Number : 0481 – 2563535
Near by Pilgrim and Tourist Places: Sabarimala , Ettumanoor Temple, Thirunakara Temple Kottayam, Manarcadu Church, Puthuppally Church, Kumarakom – Back Water Tourism and Bird sanctuary, Juma Masjid, Moonar, etc.

Kottayam Railway Station PIN Code : 6860001

Near by Air Port to Kottayam Railway Station

  • Cochin International Airport – (63.64 Km / 39.54 Miles)
  • Thiruvananthapuram International Airport – (130.76 Km / 81.25 Miles)

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Train Time Table Chart Kottayam ( KTYM ) – Indian Railways

Train NoTrain nameArrival TimeDepart TimeScheduleOriginDestinationType
16348Trivandrum Express12:45:00 AM12:48:00 AMDailyMangalore CentralTrivandrum CentralExpress
16343Amritha Express1:25:00 AM1:28:00 AMDailyTrivandrum CentralPalakkad TownExpress
06054Mangalore Jn - Kochuveli01:37 am01:40 amMangalore JnKochuveliSpecial
07505Aurangabad - Kollam jn01:45 am01:50 amAurangabadKollam jnSpecial
07509Adilabad - Kollam jn01:45 am01:50 amAdilabadKollam jnSpecial
08567Vishakapatnam - Kollam jn01:45 am01:50 amVishakapatnamKollam jnSpecial
02515Trivandram Central - Silchar SPL02:42 am02:44 amTrivandrum CentralSilcharSpecial
16344Amritha Express2:50:00 AM2:53:00 AMDailyPalakkad TownTrivandrum CentralExpress
12697Trivandrum Express3:05:00 AM3:08:00 AMMonChennai CentralTrivandrum CentralSuper fast
12777Kochuveli Express3:05:00 AM3:08:00 AMThuHubliTrivandrum KochuveliSuper fast
22114Trivandrum Kochuveli Lokmanya Tilak Super Fast Express3:25:00 AM3:28:00 AMMon and ThuTrivandrum KochuveliLokmanya Tilak TerminusSuper fast
22653Nizamuddin Express3:35:00 AM3:40:00 AMSatTrivandrum CentralHazrat NizamuddinSuper fast
07211Kakinada town - Kollam Jn03:35 am03:40 amKakinada townKollam JnSpecial
07213Vijayawada - Kollam Jn03:35 am03:40 amVijayawadaKollam JnSpecial
07217Narasapur - Kollam Jn03:38 am03:40 amNarasapurKollam JnSpecial
15906Vivek Express3:42:00 AM3:45:00 AMWeDibrugarhKanyakumariExpress
22677YPR-KCVL A/C3:42:00 AM3:45:00 AMKochuveli
15905Dibrugarh Vivek Express3:45:00 AM3:48:00 AMFriKanyakumariDibrugarhExpress
6049MS-QLN SPL F03:55 am03:58 amChennai egmoreKollam JnSpecial
7110QLN-HYB04:10 am04:15 amKollam JnHyderabad
7134QLN-GNT-HYB04:10 am04:15 amKollam JnGuntur jn
7142QLN-HYB04:10 am04:15 amQLNHYB
7614sabarimalai /
04:10 am04:15 amsabarimalaiQLN
12695Trivandrum Express4:17:00 AM4:20:00 AMDailyChennai CentralTrivandrum CentralSuper fast
16630Malabar Express4:50:00 AM4:53:00 AMDailyMangalore CentralTrivandrum CentralExpress
56386Kottayam - Ernakulam PassengerOrigin5:05:00 AMDailyKottayamErnakulam JunctionPassenger
56305Kottayam Kollam PassengerOrigin5:35:00 AMDailyKottayamKollam JunctionPassenger
16303Vanchinad Express6:22:00 AM6:25:00 AMDailyErnakulam JunctionTrivandrum CentralExpress
56392Kollam Ernakulam Passenger6:28:00 AM6:30:00 AMDailyKollam JunctionErnakulam JunctionPassenger
16381Kanyakumari Express6:35:00 AM6:38:00 AMDailyMumbaiKanyakumariExpress
66307Ernakulam - Kollam MEMU via Kottayam7:23:00 AM7:25:00 AMSun,Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri,SatErnakulam JunctionKollam JunctionMEMU
16791PUU-PGT PALA7:25:00 AM7:28:00 AMPunalurPalakkad Town
8568QLN-VSKP BI- /
07:40 am07:42 amKollam JnVisakhapatnam Junction
12623Trivandrum Mail8:10:00 AM8:15:00 AMDailyChennai CentralTrivandrum CentralSuper fast
16302Venad Express8:20:00 AM8:23:00 AMDailyTrivandrum CentralShoranurExpress
6041MAS-QLN SPEC08:28 am08:30 amChennai centralKollam
6047MAS-QLN SPL08:28 am08:30 amChennai centralKollam
56385ERS-KTYM09:00 amErnakulam JunctionKottayam
22648Korba Express9:07:00 AM9:10:00 AMMon and ThuTrivandrum CentralKorbaSuper fast
16526Kanyakumari Express (Island Express)9:10:00 AM9:13:00 AMDailyBangalore City JunctionKanyakumariExpress
12257Kochuveli Garib Rath9:40:00 AM9:42:00 AMMon, We and FriYesvantpur JunctionTrivandrum KochuveliGarib rath
16650Parasuram Express9:40:00 AM9:43:00 AMDailyNagercoil JunctionMangalore CentralExpress
56365Guruvayur - Punalur Fast Passenger9:58:00 AM10:00:00 AMDailyGuruvayurPunalurPassenger
66300Kollam - Ernakulam MEMU10:08:00 AM10:10:00 AMSun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,FriKollam JunctionErnakulam JunctionMEMU
17229Sabari Express10:37:00 AM10:40:00 AMDailyTrivandrum CentralHyderabad DeccanExpress
56394QLN-KTYM PAS11:05 amKollamKottayam
22654Hazrat Nizamuddin Trivandrum Super Fast Express11:07:00 AM11:10:00 AMWeHazrat NizamuddinTrivandrum CentralSuper fast
12081Jan Shatabdi11:08:00 AM11:10:00 AMMon, Tue, Thu, Fri and SatCannanoreTrivandrum CentralJan Shatabdi
12626Kerala Express11:27:00 AM11:30:00 AMDailyNew DelhiTrivandrum CentralSuper fast
12202Mumbai LTT Garib Rath11:30:00 AM11:33:00 AMSu and ThuTrivandrum KochuveliLokmanya Tilak TerminusGarib rath
22659Dehradun Express11:30:00 AM11:33:00 AMFriTrivandrum KochuveliDehradunSuper fast
18567Visakhapatnam Kollam Express11:55:00 AM11:58:00 AMFriVisakhapatnam JunctionKollam JunctionExpress
22660Dehradun Trivandrum Kochuveli Super Fast Express11:55:00 AM11:58:00 AMWeDehradunTrivandrum KochuveliSuper fast
82635MAS-QLN SUVI11:58:00 AM12:00 pmChennai CentralKollamSuvidha
16382Kanyakumari Mumbai Express12:25:00 PM12:28:00 PMDailyKanyakumariMumbaiExpress
66308Kollam - Ernakulam MEMU1:18:00 PM1:20:00 PMSun,Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri,SatKollam JunctionErnakulam JunctionMEMU
56387Ernakulam - Kayamkulam Passenger1:20:00 PM1:22:00 PMDailyErnakulam JunctionKayamkulamPassenger
22647Korba Trivandrum Express2:07:00 PM2:10:00 PMMon and FriKorbaTrivandrum CentralSuper fast
12625Kerala Express2:15:00 PM2:18:00 PMDailyTrivandrum CentralNew DelhiSuper fast
17230Sabari Express2:42:00 PM2:45:00 PMDailyHyderabad DeccanTrivandrum CentralExpress
16649Parasuram Express3:27:00 PM3:30:00 PMDailyMangalore CentralNagercoil JunctionExpress
12515Guwahati Express3:37:00 PM3:40:00 PMSuTrivandrum CentralGuwahatiSuper fast
12778Hubli Express3:37:00 PM3:40:00 PMThuTrivandrum KochuveliHubliSuper fast
16562Kochuveli - Yesvantpur AC Express3:22:00 PM3:25:00 PMFriTrivandrum KochuveliYesvantpur JunctionAC Express
22678KCVL-YPR A/C 03:37 pm03:40 pmKochuveliYeshwantpurAC Express
16318Himsagar Express3:40:00 PM3:43:00 PMThuSri Mata V Devi KartaKanyakumariExpress
66301ERS-QLN PASS04:18 pm04:20 pmErnakulam JunctionKollam JunctionPassenger
16525Bangalore Express ( Island Express)04:27 pm04:30 pmDailyKanyakumariBangalore City JunctionExpress
12201Kochuveli Garib Rath4:37:00 PM4:40:00 PMTue and SatLokmanya Tilak TerminusTrivandrum KochuveliGarib rath
12660Gurudev Express4:37:00 PM4:40:00 PMFriKolkata ShalimarNagercoil JunctionSuper fast
22113Lokmanya Tilak Trivandrum Kochuveli Express4:37:00 PM4:40:00 PMSu and WeLokmanya Tilak TerminusTrivandrum KochuveliSuper fast
56390KTYM-ERS PASOriginJanuary 1, 1970KottayamErnakulam JunctionPassenger
12082Jan Shatabdi5:23:00 PM5:25:00 PMSu, Mon, We, Thu and FriTrivandrum CentralCannanoreJan Shatabdi
56390Kottayam - Ernakulam PassengerOrigin5:20:00 PMDailyKottayamErnakulam JunctionPassenger
12624Chennai Mail5:42:00 PM5:45:00 PMDailyTrivandrum CentralChennai CentralSuper fast
56393Kottayam Kollam PassengerOrigin5:50:00 PMDailyKottayamKollam JunctionPassenger
56388Kayankulam Ernakulam Passenger6:13:00 PM6:15:00 PMDailyKayamkulamErnakulam JunctionPassenger
16312Bikaner Express6:30:00 PM6:33:00 PMSatTrivandrum KochuveliBikaner JunctionExpress
16334Veraval Express6:30:00 PM6:33:00 PMMonTrivandrum CentralVeravalExpress
19259Trivandrum Kochuveli - Bhavnagar Express6:30:00 PM6:33:00 PMThuTrivandrum KochuveliBhavnagar TerminusExpress
16301Venad Express6:42:00 PM6:45:00 PMDailyShoranurTrivandrum CentralExpress
12508Guwahati - TVM Express7:10:00 PM7:13:00 PMSuGuwahatiTrivandrum CentralSuper fast
12516Guwahati - Trivandrum Express (PT)7:10:00 PM7:13:00 PMFriGuwahatiTrivandrum CentralSuper fast
12659Gurudev Express7:10:00 PM7:13:00 PMSuNagercoil JunctionKolkata ShalimarSuper fast
16317Himsagar Express7:10:00 PM7:13:00 PMFriKanyakumariSri Mata V Devi KartaExpress
16336Gandhidham Express7:10:00 PM7:13:00 PMTueNagercoil JunctionGandhidham BGExpress
56304NCJ-KTYM PAS7:50:00 PMNagercoil jnKottayamPassenger
12258Yesvantpur Express7:57:00 PM8:00:00 PMMon, We and FriTrivandrum KochuveliYesvantpur JunctionGarib rath
12507Guwahati Express7:57:00 PM8:00:00 PMTueTrivandrum CentralGuwahatiSuper fast
56391Ernakulam Kollam Passenger8:08:00 PM8:10:00 PMDailyErnakulam JunctionKollam JunctionExpress
12696Trivandrum Chennai Express8:37:00 PM8:40:00 PMDailyTrivandrum CentralChennai CentralExpress
16792PGT-PUU PALA8:40:00 PM8:43:00 PMPalakkadPUU
16304Vanchinad Express8:55:00 PM8:58:00 PMDailyTrivandrum CentralErnakulam JunctionExpress
56366Punalur - Guruvayur Fast Passenger9:38:00 PM9:40:00 PMDailyPunalurGuruvayurPassenger
16629Malabar Express10:27 pm10:30 pmDailyTrivandrum CentralMangalore CentralExpress
56389ERS-KTYM PAS10:30 pmErnakulam JunctionKottayam
16311Bikaner - Kochuveli Express11:10:00 PM11:13:00 PMThuBikaner JunctionTrivandrum KochuveliExpress
16333Veraval - Trivandrum Express11:10:00 PM11:13:00 PMFriVeravalTrivandrum CentralExpress
16335Nagercoil Express11:10:00 PM11:13:00 PMSatGandhidham BGNagercoil JunctionExpress
19260Bhavnagar - Trivandrum Kochuveli Express11:10:00 PM11:13:00 PMMonBhavnagar TerminusTrivandrum KochuveliExpress
12698Trivandrum Chennai Express11:15:00 PM11:18:00 PMSatTrivandrum CentralChennai CentralSuper fast
18568Kollam Visakhapatnam Express11:15:00 PM11:18:00 PMFriKollam JunctionVisakhapatnam JunctionExpress
16347Mangalore Express11:55:00 PM11:58:00 PMDailyTrivandrum CentralMangalore CentralExpress
Kottayam Railway Station Latest Train Time Table Chart and details. Trains Running From Kottayam and Train From KTYM, Kerala. Kottayam Railway Phone Number


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