All about Kochi Metro including, ✅ fare details of Kochi Metro Rail, Fare collection System, ✅ Parking Facility,✅ Feeder Services etc.

Kochi Metro Rail Limited
Kochi Metro Rail Limited


Kochi Metro Phase 1 was flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 17.06.2017 and take a ride on one of the trains.

Unlock : Kochi Metro to Resume Operation from September 7, guidelines issued

Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) has decided to resume its services from September 7, Monday. The resumption of services will also mark the completion of its final reach from Thykoodam to Petta. With this, the first phase of the Kochi Metro will become fully operational.

According to the KMRL, the commercial operations will resume in a phased manner with trains running every 10 minutes.

“On September 7 and 8, the trains will operate from 7 am to 1 pm and again from 2 pm to 8 pm. There will be no train service from 1 pm to 2 pm. From September 9 onwards trains will function with a normal frequency of 10 minutes between 7 am and 12 noon and then from 2 pm to 9 pm. During 12 noon to 2 pm the frequency will be every 20 minutes,” KMRL announced via press release.

“We are trying to make the arrangements as passenger-friendly as possible. Kochi Metro wants to ensure that the trains are clean, hygienic and fully sanitised,” said KMRL.

KMRL has also decided to reduce the ticket fare structure of Metro services. The maximum amount for a journey will be reduced from Rs 60 to Rs 50. The new structure will only have 4 slabs, Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 30 and Rs 50.

The services were cancelled in March this year following the Covid-19 crisis. Measures are being taken to ensure the metro trains are clean, hygienic and fully sanitised, the press release said.

Some of the important points related to Kochi Metro Rail are following.

  • The Kochi Metro, Kerala’s first Metro service, is India’s first integrated multi-mode transport system.  Kochi will be the first Indian city to have a ✅ ‘water metro’ which will be the feeder service to the rail metro.
  • Kochi Metro is one of the fastest to be built in the country.
  • The Metro has employed 23 transgenders in various departments.  It will be the country’s first government agency to hire transgender people.
  • Metro Train will be driven mainly by women from a self-help group.
  • This is the ✅ longest first phase of a metro to be inaugurated, i.e from Palarivattom to Aluva ( 11 stations covering nearly 13 km )
  • Metro helps to reduce the traveling time. By road, between Aluva to Palarivattom the traveling time is 45 minutes, but now it’s only 23 minutes.
  • Stations will showcase a theme including history, Western ghats etc.
  • Each Metro station will have solar panels, and it will focus on producing 35% of the total power usage.
  • The Kochi Metro will be the first in India to use Communication Based Train Control technology to maximize frequencies and minimize errors.
  • In another likely first, the metro network will use compost generated from municipal waste to fertilize the vertical garden it plans to maintain on some of its pillars.
  • Requires 1/5th energy per passenger km compared to road – based system.
  • Causes ✅ no air pollution in the city.
  • Causes lesser noise level
  • Occupies no road space if underground and only about 2 meters width of the road if elevated.
  • Carries same amount of traffic as 5 lanes of bus traffic or 12 lanes of private motor cars, if it is a light capacity system.
  • Is more reliable, comfortable and safer than road based system.
  • ✅ Reduces journey time by anything between 50% and 75% depending on road conditions.

Stations List

Kochi Metro Railway Stations List

  • Aluva
  • Pulinchodu
  • Companypady
  • Ambattukavu
  • Muttom
  • Kalamassery
  • Cochin University
  • Pathadipalam
  • Edapally
  • Changampuzha Park
  • Palarivattom
  • JLN Stadium
  • Kaloor
  • Town Hall
    • The Government of Kerala has given the go-ahead to KMRL’s proposal to rename Lissie Metro Station to ‘Town Hall Metro Station’. The approval for the name change was granted on 30 January 2020.
  • M.G Road
  • Maharaja’s College
  • Ernakulam south
  • Kadavanthra
  • Elamkulam
  • Vytila
  • Thaikoodam
  • Petta

Metro Jobs Vacancy List 2020


Train Time Table


06:00 to 07:00Minimum 12 min Maximum 17:30 min
07:00 to 08:15Minimum 5:50 min Maximum 13 min
08:15 to 10:1505 min 50 sec
10:15 to 16:1006 min 45 sec
16:10 to 19:1505 min 50 sec
19:15 to 20:20Minimum 05 minn 50 sec Maximum 7:08 min
20:20 to 22:00Minimum 10 min Maximum 15 min


06:00 to 07:00Minimum 14:30 min Maximum 15:30 min
07:00 to 08:15Minimum 5:50 min Maximum 14:30 min
08:15 to 11:0005 min 50 sec
11:00 to 16:1006 min 45 sec
16:10 to 19:5505 min 50 sec
19:55 to 21:15Minimum 06 minn 09 sec Maximum 10 min
21:15 to 22:00Minimum 10 min Maximum 11:09 min
  • ✅ On Sunday, train service will start at 08:00 hrs
  • Actual train timetable may vary due to unforeseen circumstances


Feeder Service

The term feeder bus refers to small public transport vehicles approximately ✅ 7 m in size that provide short-distance travel to feeder rail transit stations. Feeder buses are an important part of urban public transport operation modes that provide a feeder service for large and medium capacity public transportation. Now, there is no specific or unified definition for a feeder bus. It is also called a community bus, shuttle bus, microcirculation bus, last Kilometer bus, and public light bus.

An electric bus service connecting Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) and the Aluva station of the Kochi metro was flagged off on Thursday i.e on 20.02.2020. The services will be operated every ✅ 40 minutes, and the fare of a single journey is ✅ ₹50.

✅ Aluva Metro Station – Airport

Feeder Service Timings

Time DestinationTimeDestination
5.4Aluva Metro Station5.4Cochin Airport
6.2Aluva Metro Station6.2Cochin Airport
7Aluva Metro Station7Cochin Airport
7.4Aluva Metro Station8.2Cochin Airport
8.2Aluva Metro Station9Cochin Airport
9Aluva Metro Station9.4Cochin Airport
9.4Aluva Metro Station11.1Cochin Airport
10.2Aluva Metro Station12.4Cochin Airport
14.3Aluva Metro Station15.1Cochin Airport
15.1Aluva Metro Station15.5Cochin Airport
15.5Aluva Metro Station16.3Cochin Airport
16.3Aluva Metro Station17.1Cochin Airport
17.1Aluva Metro Station17.5Cochin Airport
17.5Aluva Metro Station18.3Cochin Airport
18.3Aluva Metro Station19.1Cochin Airport
19.1Aluva Metro Station19.5Cochin Airport
19.5Aluva Metro Station20.3Cochin Airport
20.3Aluva Metro Station21.1Cochin Airport
21.1Aluva Metro Station21.5Cochin Airport
21.5Aluva Metro Station22.3Cochin Airport
22.3Aluva Metro Station23.1Cochin Airport


Cycle Hiring Facility at Kochi Metro

As part of the Centre’s smart city project, cochin Smart Mission Limited (CSML) and KMLR jointly implemented the Public Bike Sharing project along with private participation. Hexi, the joint venture of Hero Cycles and You Technologies, runs the project. Anybody can use the Cycle. The cycle are also equipped with GPS and Electronic locking system.

How to get the cycle

  • Download Hexi mobile app from the Google PlayStore or the App Store
  • Sign in and select your plan
  • Once your reach the cycle station, use the scanner on the app to scan the QR code on the cycle to unlock it.
  • When you finish the ride, the cycle has to be returned at the cycle station. You can find out the nearest cycle station using the app. At the end of the journey, you can select end trip and lock the cycle.
  • May the payment via app as per the plan selected.
  • If the cycle has any technical issues, contact Customer Care number of 7528810000
Package Rates
  • 1 Day – Rs. 23
  • 1 Week – Rs. 49
  • 1 Month – Rs. 175
  • 6 Months – Rs.706

For every package, the fixed rate is for the 30-minute ride. The user would have to pay an additional amount of ✅ Rs. 5/- for every extra 30 minutes.


Fares and Rules

Details of KMRL Fare and Rules are here.

Fare Collection System

Automatic fare collection system with combination of smart card and computerized paper tickets. The proposed ticketing system will be a combination of smart card and computerized paper ticket issued through the same ticket office machines (TOM) provided at each station counter/ booking office and at convenient locations. These TOMs will be connected to a local area network with a computer in the Station Master’s room, which will be further connected to central computer.

For smart cards, simple turnstile type gates will be used. Smart cards will have provision for future applications such as bus, parking, toll etc.

Manual checking will be done for paper tickets. Ticketing System proposed is a foolproof system to avoid chances of ticket less travel. If so desired, a manual ticketing system similar to that of Indian Railways can also be adopted to reduce cost of ticketing system which may come down to about 15% to 20% of the automatic fare collection system proposed above. However, it will have its own inherent disadvantage of leakage of revenue due to chances of ticket less travel. Moreover man power requirement will also go up.

Kochi metro station wise fare chart details from Aluva to Thykoodam. This includes Metro fare details of following station between any one Aluva, Pulinchodu, Companypady, Ambattukavu, Muttom ,Kalamassery, Cochin University, Pathadipalam, Edapally, Changampuzha Park, Palarivattom, JLN Stadium, Kaloor, Town Hall , M.G Road, Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam south, Kadavanthra, Elamkulam, Vytila, Thaikoodam, Petta.

So here by you may check Kochi Metro Ticket Price list easy
Kochi Mtero Rail – Ticket Fare List between any station
  • All Fares are in Indian Rupees.
  • The ticket is valid for the exit at the destination station automatic gate up to 90 minutes after entry through the automatic gate at origin station.

Metro Cards

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Parking Facility by KMRL

Sl No.StationTotal SpaceAvailable SpaceTotal SpaceAvailable Space
1Palarivattom - Edappally Rd, Sonia Nagar, Mamangalam, Palarivattom12001000
2Palarivattom - Edappally Rd, Sonia Nagar, Mamangalam, Palarivattom10001000
3Edappally, Kochi5001200
4South Kalamassery, Kalamassery, Ernakulam500500
5Muttom, Choornikkara500500
6Ambattukavu - Kunnathery Road, Ambattukavu, Choornikkara500500
11Changanpuzha Park250150
13MG Road1000400
14Stadium, Kaloor500200
15ST Road800600
16Under Aluva Overbridge400300
17Metro Parking Space under Edappally Overbridge200000
18Metro Station Edappally Junction400500



✅ What is Trip Pass?

Trip Pass is a fare product which can be added in Kochi1 Card. Trip pass can be used to travel between two fixed stations (chosen at the time of issuance) at the cost of deducting a trip instead of available balance.

✅ What are all the types of Trip Pass?

There are two types of Trip Passes as below: A. 30 Trips Pass with 30 days validity and 25% discount. B. 60 Trips Pass with 60 days validity and 33% discount.

How long a trip pass is valid?

The validity associated with the trip pass is given below: A. For 30 Trip Pass- 30 days from the day of issuance. (inclusive of issuance day) B. For 60 Trip pass- 60 days from the day of issuance. (inclusive of issuance day)

✅ Can we renew the trip pass?

Yes, A trip pass can be renewed with the exactly same trip pass type before finishing the last trip or trip pass validity whatever occurs first. After renewal remaining trips shall be added to the renewed trips and validity get reset from the date of renewal.

✅ Which is the official site of KMLR

Official Website of KMLR is http://kochimetro.org.


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