Kisan Rail by Indian Railway

Kisan Rail by Indian Railway
Kisan Rail by Indian Railway

Kisan Trains by Indian Railway

Indian Railways have started Kisan Rail with a motive to encourage the villagers and farmers. Kisan Rail will ensure that agro-products reach from one corner to another corner of the country. Under the Indian Railway’s Kisan Rail Project, potential circuits for movement of vegetables, fruits, and other perishables are being identified in consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare and Agriculture/Animal Husbandry/Fisheries Departments of State Governments. The assessment is being done on the basis of seasonal availability of these items for both way traffic, so as to obtain efficiency and economies of scale.

Under the Kisan Rail Project, two train services viz. Devlali and Kolhapur (Maharashtra) to Muzaffarpur (Bihar), and Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh) to Adarsh Nagar (Delhi) are already operational. Another service from Yeshwanthpur (Karnataka) to Nizamuddin (Delhi) will become operational very soon. Following are the details of Kisan Rail by Indian Railway.

Kisan Rail Services ~ Summary

Ministry of Railway announced (12.02.2021) that Under the Kisan Rail Project, Railways have so far operated Kisan Rail services on the following routes:

  • Devlali/Sangola (Maharashtra) to Danapur/Muzaffarpur (Bihar)
  • Anantpur (Andhra Pradesh) to Adarsh Nagar (Delhi)
  • Yeshwantpur (Karnataka) to Hazrat Nizamuddin (Delhi)
  • Warud/Nagpur (Maharashtra) to Adarsh Nagar (Delhi)
  • Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh) to Howrah (West Bengal)
  • Sangola (Maharashtra) to Howrah (West Bengal)
  • Sangola (Maharashtra) to Shalimar (West Bengal)
  • Indore (Madhya Pradesh) to New Guwahati (Assam)
  • Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) to New Guwahati (Assam)
  • Indore (Madhya Pradesh) to Agartala (Tripura)
  • Jalandhar (Punjab) to Jirania (Tripura)
  • Nagarsol (Maharashtra) to New Guwahati (Assam)
  • Nagarsol (Maharashtra) to Chitpur (West Bengal)
  • Nagarsol (Maharashtra) to New Jalpaiguri (West Bengal)
  • Nagarsol (Maharashtra) to Naugachia (Bihar)
  • Nagarsol (Maharashtra) to Fatuha (Bihar)
  • Nagarsol (Maharashtra) to Baihata (Assam)
  • Nagarsol (Maharashtra) to Malda Town (West Bengal)
  • Dahanu Road (Maharashtra) to Adarsh Nagar (Delhi)
  • Tarkeshwar (West Bengal) to Dimapur (Nagaland)
  • Nagarsol (Maharashtra) to Agartala (Tripura)
  • Dhoraji (Gujarat) to New Guwahati (Assam)
  • Nagarsol (Maharashtra) to Dhupguri (West Bengal); and
  • Nagarsol (Maharashtra) to Gour Malda (West Bengal)

Since the launch of the first Kisan Rail service on 7th August 2020 and up to 5th February 2021, Indian Railways have operated 208 Kisan Rail services, transporting approximately sixty-eight thousand tonnes of perishables including fruits and vegetables.
However, in order to facilitate storage of perishables, temperature-controlled Perishable Cargo Centres have been established at Nashik, Singur, New Azadpur, Raja Ka Talab/Varanasi, Ghazipur, and Fatuha. In addition, cold storage Reefer Park has been developed at Inland Container Depot, Dadri and a cold storage facility have been established at Rai, Sonipat.

Alipurduar Jn. Division : NFR Kisan Rail

North East Frontier Railway announced that it has been decided to run one integrated Kishan Special Train from the following stations of Alipurduar Jn. Division for transportation of potatoes w.e.f 12.02.2021.

Agartala – Howrah – Sealdah: North East Frontier Railway (NFR) Kisan Rail

The North-East Frontier Railway (NFR) will be running Kisan special trains from Agartala to Howrah and Sealdah, a famous Online Newspaper announced on 11.02.2021. The Kisan special train will leave from Agartala at 1915 hours once a week on Thursday and will reach Sealdah on Saturday. The statement issued by Subhanan Chanda, chief PRO North-East frontier railway said that the railways have started running these Kisan special train services to transport perishables and agricultural products, including milk, meat, and fish. “This multi-commodity, multi-consignor/consignee, multi-loading/unloading transportation product is aimed at providing a wider market to our Kisans,” the statement said.

Agartala - Howrah - Sealdah: North East Frontier Railway (NFR) Kisan Rail
Agartala – Howrah – Sealdah: North East Frontier Railway (NFR) Kisan Rail

Warangal – Barasat : First Kisan Rail from Telangana State

South Central Railway announced that Railway starts its first Kisan rail from Telangana State on 08.02.2021 to assist the farm sector in marketing their agricultural produce for better price realization by providing cost-effective transportation. The first Kisan Rail from Telangana has been loaded with Turmeric from Warangal station in Secunderabad Division. The rail has been loaded with 230 tons of Dry Turmeric in 10 Parcel Vans (VPs) and is being transported to Barasat station of Sealdah Division in West Bengal.

The Govt. of India has started the concept of running Kisan Rails for boosting the income of the farm sector while providing hassle-free, safe & fast transport services for the marketing of the Agriculture sector. To further encourage the farmers, the Ministry of Food Processing Industries announced the extension of 50% tariff concession o­n the transportation of notified fruits and vegetables through Kisan Rail trains, under “Operation Greens – TOP to Total”. Accordingly, SCR’s first Kisan rail from Telangana was also given a 50% tariff concession for transporting turmeric under this scheme.

The 50% concession being offered in the base freight for the Kisan Rail is much beneficial for the farmers as compared to other modes of transport. All these continuous marketing efforts have led to the starting of the first Kisan Rail from Telangana state, with the farmers/traders showing interest in transportation of their commodities by train instead of roadways.

Sangola-Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi-Daund : Bi-Weekly Kisan Rail

Central Railway has decided to run Kisan Rail between Sangola-Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi-Daund o­n bi-weekly basis with effect from 06.2.2021. The details are as under:

  • Train No.00101Kisan Rail will depart Sangola every Tuesday and Saturday at 16.50 hrs from 06.2.2021to 27.2.2021 and reach Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi at 01.30 hrs third day.
  • Train No.00102Kisan Rail will depart Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi every Monday and Thursday at 11.00 hrs from 08.2.2021to 01.3.2021 and reach Daund at 16.00 hrs the next day.

Kurduvadi, Daund, Manmad, Bhusaval,Itarsi, Jhansiand Hazrat Nizamuddin
Three parcel vans and o­ne luggage cum Guard’s brake van from Sangola, Three parcel vans from Kurduvadi, and 18 parcel vans from Bhusaval.

Tarakeswar – Dimapur : First Kisan Railway of Eastern Railway

Eastern Railway flagged off its first Kisan Rail Special train from Tarakeswar to Dimapur on 29.1.2021. There is a facility for loading the agro products from en route stations. The farmers can unload their booked consignments at intermediate stations also.

  • Train No.00329 Tarakeswar-Dimapur Kisan Rail Special train is a weekly train that will run up to 30.07.2021. This train will leave Tarakeswar at 10:00 hrs. o­n every Friday up to 30.07.2021 to reach Dimapur at 16:30 hrs. o­n the next day.
  • Train No.00330 Dimapur- Tarakeswar Kisan Rail Special (weekly) will leave Dimapur at 21:30 hrs. o­n every Saturday between 30.01.2021 & 31.07.2021 to reach Tarakeshwar at 07:10 hrs. o­n the 3rd day.

Bandel, Ambika Kalna, Nabadwip Dham, Purbasthali, Katwa, Azimganj, Azimganj City, Malda Town, New Jalpaiguri, New Coochbehar, New Bongaigaon, Guwahati & Lumding enroute in both directions.

First Kisan Rail from Nagarsol in Nanded Division

The first train has been loaded from Nagarsol in Nanded Division to Guwahati. 50% Tariff Concession granted for transporting through Railways.

The first Kisan Rail of Nanded Division has been scheduled to leave Nagarsol station at 17.30 hrs of today i.e., 5th January 2021 with 22 Parcel vans each with a capacity of 23 tonnes. The train will reach New Guwahati Goods complex at 21.00 hrs of 7th January 2021 with a load of around 522 tonnes of o­nions covering the distance of 2500 Kms in a short span of 50 hours.

Orange Kisan Rail : Nagpur-Adarsh Nagar Delhi

Indian Railway flagged off the inaugural run of Orange Kisan Rail from Nagpur to Adarsh Nagar Delhi on 14.10.2020. The details of the inaugural run of Orange Kisan Rail were as under-

  • Train no 00101 Weekly Kisan Rail Nagpur depart at 18.00 hrs arrive Adarsh Nagar Delhi at 15.40 hrs next day. Inaugural Orange Kisan Rail left at 18.10 hrs o­n 14.10.2020.
  • Train no 00102 Weekly Kisan Rail depart Adarsh Nagar Delhi at 10.00 hrs o­n 16.10.2020 arrive Nagpur at 04.40 hrs next day.
  • The regular service of Orange Kisan Rail will be notified in due course.
  • This train will have 10 parcel vans and o­ne luggage cum brake van.
  • This Kisan Rail covers a distance of 1106 kms approx. in 20 hrs o­n a single trip. The train will halt at Katol, Narkhed, Pandhurna, Betul, Itarsi and Jhansi.

Grant of 50% Subsidy to Kisan Rail Trains

Grant of 50% Subsidy to Kisan Rail trains, under ‘Operation Greens – TOP to Total’ by Ministry of Food Processing industries.

Operation Greens – TOP to Total scheme Mandarin and Turmeric Included ~ Updated 16.02.2021

To boost farmers’ income, additional commodities (Mandarin & Turmeric) included for the subsidy through Kisan Rail transportation. Under the ‘Operation Greens – TOP to Total’ scheme of the Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), a 50% subsidy is being extended on transportation of notified fruits and vegetables.

Indian Railway announced via press release on 10.02.2021 to incentivize farmers to transport their agricultural produce through Kisan Rail, Ministry of Railways and Ministry of Food Processing Industries have included Mandarin (a variety of Orange) and Turmeric (raw) in the list of eligible Fruits and Vegetables for 50% transportation subsidy through any type of train service provided by Indian Railways under Operation Greens – TOP to TOTAL. Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) is providing a 50% subsidy on transportation of any Fruits and Vegetables through any type of train service provided by Indian Railways under Operation Greens – TOP to TOTAL.

Eligible Items under subsidy already:

  • Fruits- Mango, Banana, Guava, Kiwi, Litchi, Papaya, Mousambi, Orange, Kinnow, Lime, Lemon, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Jackfruit, Apple, Almond, Aonla, Passion fruit, and Pear;
  • Vegetables – French beans, Bitter Gourd, Brinjal, Capsicum, Carrot, Cauliflower, Chillies (Green), Okra, Cucumber, Peas, Garlic, Onion, Potato, and Tomato.

Kisan Rail ensures agro-products reach from one corner to another corner of the country in a quick time by faster transportation benefitting both the farmers and the consumers. The Kisan Rail catering to the requirements of small farmers and small traders is proving to be not only a game-changer but also a life changer as it fulfils the endeavour of increasing the income of farmers. Kisan Rail is surely changing the lives of farmers with the assurance of better price with faster & cheaper transportation, providing a seamless supply chain, preventing the destruction of perishable farm produce thereby opening up the scope to increase the income of farmers.

Sangola-Secunderabad-Solapur : Weekly Link Kisan Rail

Central Railway announced that due to overwhelming demand, Central Railway has decided to run link Kisan Rail from Sangola to Secunderabad and Secunderabad to Solapur o­n weekly basis with effect from 01.10.2020. This link Kisan Rail will be attached/detached to Train no 00759/00760 Secunderabad-Howrah Parcel Train at Secunderabad. The details are as under:

  • Train No.00121 Link Kisan Rail will depart Sangola every Thursday at 11.00 hrs from 01.10.2020 to 24.12.2020 and reach Secunderabad at 20.00 hrs same day.
  • Train No.00122 Link Kisan Rail will depart Secunderabad every Monday at 23.45 hrs from 05.10.2020 to 28.12.2020 and arrive Solapur at 06.00 hrs next day.

Solapur and Wadi
Five parcel vans and o­ne luggage cum Guard’s brake van.

Note : No passengers will be allowed to enter/board these trains.

KSR Bengaluru – H.Nizamuddin : Kisan Rail Trains

Karnataka’s first-ever Kisan Rail will be operated on 19.09.2020. The train will be between KSR Bengaluru and H. Nizamuddin on 19.09.2020 and between H.Nizamuddin-Bengaluru on 22.9.2020. Details are attached.

KSR Bengaluru - H.Nizamuddin : Kisan Rail Trains
KSR Bengaluru – H.Nizamuddin : Kisan Rail Trains

Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh) – Adarsh Nagar (New Delhi): South India’s First “Kisan Rail”

South India’s First “Kisan Rail” and Indian Railway’s second Kisan Rail was flagged off from Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh) to Adarsh Nagar (New Delhi) today i.e. 9th September 2020, Railway announced via Press release on 09.09.2020.

Main Features of the Second Kisan Rail

  • The newly introduced Kisan Rail starts from Anantapur Railway Station in Andhra Pradesh and reaches Adarsh Nagar Station, New Delhi.
  • The rake is loaded with 14 parcel vans – 04 vans load meant for Nagpur and another 10 Vans load for Adarsh Nagar – totalling 332 tonnes.
  • The inaugural Kisan Rail loaded with Tomato, Bananas, Sweet Orange, Papaya, Muskmelons and Mangoes.
  • The train provides fast transport connectivity between Anantapur to New Delhi with a distance of 2150 Km being covered in approximately 40 hours.
  • Anantapur is fast becoming the Fruit Bowl of Andhra Pradesh. More than 80% of the 58 lakh MT of fruits and vegetables in the district is marketed out of the state, particularly to the north Indian States of Delhi, UP, Punjab and Haryana among others. Earlier this was being transported by roadways which were not only time taking but also leading to a reduction in price realisation of the farmers due to en route damages. Transportation by railway provides safe, reliable and fast transportation which will aid in better price realisation for the farmers and thereby helping in better incomes for the farmers and traders.

Devlali – Danapur : First Kisan Rail

As announced in the Budget 2020 – 2021, railway start timetabled “Kisan Rail” in order to provide a seamless supply chain of agricultural and perishable produce. Ministry of Railways introduced the first Kisan Rail from Devlali to Danapur o­n 07.08.2020. Further details are following.

Ministry of Railways has introduced the first Kisan Rail to run from Devlali to Danapur o­n 07.08.2020. This train further from Danapur extended up to Muzaffarpur and also increased frequency from weekly to 3 days in a week as a result of good response from the farmers taking advantage to send their produce to the distant places of Northern India.


  • Kisan Rail will be game changer in ensuring a fast transportation of agriculture produce across the nation. Indian Railways have been maintaining food grains supply chain during Covid 19 times.
  • This train will serve as a milestone in doubling Farmers’ income. The Kisan Rail will provide a good market to the farmers for their produce.
  • The Bhusaval Division of Central Railway is primarily an Agro based area, where there is a huge produce of vegetables (especially o­nions), fruits, flowers and other agro products and there is a huge demand for these produce in the Patna-Allahabad- Katni- Satna region. Aggressive marketing is being done by Central Railway with co-ordination of local farmers, businessmen and APMC so that maximum farmers can benefit.
  • Indian Railways aims to help double farmers’ income with the launch of Kisan Rail.
  • This train will help in bringing perishable agricultural products like vegetables, fruits to the market in a short period of time.
  • The train with frozen containers is expected to build a seamless national cold supply chain for perishables, inclusive of fish, meat and milk.

Train Details

  • Train no 00107 Devlali – Danapur Weekly Kisan Rail will depart Devlali at 11.00 hrs every Friday and reach Danapur at 18.45 hrs next day.
  • Train no 00108 Danapur – Devlali Weekly Kisan Rail will depart Danapur at 12.00 noon every Sunday and will reach Devlali at 19.45 hrs next day.


  • This train will have 10 parcel vans and o­ne luggage cum brake van.
  • Kisan Rail will cover a distance of 1519 kms in 31.45 hrs o­n a single trip.
  • This train has been provided scheduled halts at Nasik Road, Manmad, Jalgaon, Bhusaval, Burhanpur, Khandwa, Itarsi, Jabalpur, Satna, Katni, Manikpur, Prayagraj Chheoki, Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay Nagar and Buxar.

Freight per Tonne

Nasik Road/Devlali to DanapurRs. 4001
Manmad to DanapurRs. 3849
Jalgaon to DanapurRs. 3513
Bhusawal to DanapurRs. 3459
Burhanpur to DanapurRs. 3323
Khandwa to DanapurRs. 3148

Indian Railways have earlier run single commodity special trains like Banana Specials etc. But this will be the first ever multi commodity trains and will carry fruits like Pomegranate, Banana, Grapes etc and vegetables like Capsicum, Cauliflower, Drumsticks, Cabbage, Onion,Chillies etc. Aggressive marketing is being done with local farmers, loaders, APMC and individuals. Demand is being aggregated. It is expected that the train will be patronised well and will be a great help to the farmers, as freight of this train will be charged as per parcel tariff of normal train (P Scale).

Interested parties can contact Parcel Depots

  • Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, Bhusaval – 7219611950
  • Deputy Chief Commercial Manager, Freight Services – 8828110963
  • Assistant Commercial Manager, Freight Services – 8828110983
  • Chief Commercial Inspector, Freight Services – 7972279217


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