Journey Extension Tickets

Journey Extension Tickets
Journey Extension Tickets by Indian Railway

Journey Extension Tickets

Journey Extension Tickets by Indian Railway details are here.

Journey Extension Tickets Details

  • Journey extension tickets are either ✅ ‘card’ or ‘paper’ tickets and should be issued on suburban sections only as notified by individual railway administrations, to season and return ticket holders, when, before commencing their journey, they desire to travel beyond the station for which their season/return tickets are available.
  • These tickets are printed and supplied in the same manner as other card or paper tickets, as the case may be, and should be treated as such for the purpose of indent, issue, accountal, etc.

Journey Extension Tickets Features

  • When the demand for journey extension tickets in connection with commuter traffic is abnormally heavy, the railway administration may introduce ✅ printed tickets of fixed denominations for issue as journey extension tickets.
  • These tickets are machine numbered, printed on both sides, on durable thin paper in single copy, perforated for easy detachment and issue; and bound in books of 100 tickets each, with two holes at the binding end so that the books could be screwed in special aluminum boxes provided for the purpose.
  • On the reverse of the tickets, the names of the stations on the ✅ suburban section are printed and serial numbers given to each station, hereinafter referred to as stages.
  • On the obverse of these tickets, the stages are indicated only by numerals on the left and right hand side margins to indicate the station from and to, respectively, for which the journey extension ticket is issued.
  • These rickets should be issued in continuation of season tickets only and should be entrusted either to a separate Booking clerk or the Ticket Collector at the gate, who should punch the ticket at two places on the obverse to indicate the station from and station to.
  • The date and hour of issue should be stamped on the ticket with a rubber stamp or be perforated on it with an embossing machine.


✅ Can a passenger extend the Railway Tickets?

Railway ticket can be extended further, to an after station, by a TTE on board.

✅ How we can extend a Ticket?

If the passenger wants to extend his ticket further, has to approach the TTE on board, before reaching at the destination station and he will extend the ticket.

✅ Is there any extra charges for this?

Yes, TTE will collect the requisite charge before doing the procedure. But the fare charged will be on point to point basis, i.e. it will be equal to the price of a new ticket from the original end station to the extended station.

✅ Is this facility for all ticket types?

However, it is for unreserved tickets only. In case of the reserved ticket, it can be extended if and only if, accommodation is available up to the station of extension.


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