IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System

All new IRCTC Next Gen Website Launched
All new IRCTC Next Gen Website Launched today

IRCTC Next Generation New Website ( ) : 2019

Happy news to all, most awaited new IRCTC ticket booking next generation website launched by Indian Railway. The new website having several additional features as well.

In line with Union Minister of Railways Shri Piyush Goyal’s vision to ensure better user experience by recommending best Information Technology industry practices, Railway’s Online Travel Portal – has now launched beta version of its new User Interface, Railway announced through a press release.  The new link has more user friendly features for easier navigation.

The ‘Digital India’ initiative has paved way for government organisations to harness power of technology and in making lives easier for citizens of India. By creating Next Generation e-Ticketing (NGeT) system the new online ticket booking system of Railways provides easy and fast way of booking rail tickets by automating the journey planning and purchase of tickets.

E-ticketing today constitutes about two third of total reserved tickets on Indian Railways.

IRCTC e-ticketing website migration to TLS 1.2 :- To enhance the security features on IRCTC e-ticketing website, it is being migrated to TLS 1.2. TLS 1.2 is not supported in older versions of operating systems like Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. After migration IRCTC e-ticketing website will not be accessible in Windows XP and Windows server 2003. Users may upgrade their operating systems higher than Windows XP/Server 2003.

IRCTC e-ticketing website migration
IRCTC e-ticketing website migration

IRCTC Loyalty Program

Salient features of the New User Interface:

  • With the launch of new interface of e-Ticketing Website, user can now enquire / search trains and check availability of seats without login also, thereby saving precious time of the users. User can now change font size throughout the website for comfortable viewing experience.
  • The new look and feel will have enhanced class-wise, train-wise, destination-wise, departure/arrival time wise and quota-wise filters for facilitating customer while planning their journeys. Single screen information about the train including the train no, train name, originating and destination station and distances between them, arrival and departure time and journey time has now been arranged.
  • In addition, more features such as new filters on ‘My Transactions’ where user can also view their booked tickets based on Journey Date, Booking Date, Upcoming Journey and completed journey.
  • In the new user-interface, the user can enquire/search trains and check availability of seat without login.
  • User can also change font size throughout the website.
  • User can predict the chance of waitlist or RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) ticket getting confirmed on the basis of historical booking trends.
  • Enhanced ‘Vikalp’ feature provides user the option of choosing alternate accommodation in case of waitlist tickets in different trains including specials.
  • The user can manage the payment option by marking six banks as preferred banks.
  • On completion of payment, the details of booking shall be displayed in user friendly manner.
  • Different filters as per departure/arrival time, class, train and quota have been provided for facilitating journey planning.
  • It can be used on multiple mobile platforms without any problem.
  • New user interface also facilitates seamless navigation in mobiles, desktops, laptops and tablets.
  • There are number of additional features such as filters on ‘My Transactions’ where user can view booked tickets based on journey date, booking date, upcoming journey and completed journey.
  • Single screen information about the train including the train number, train name, originating and destination station and distances between them, arrival and departure time and journey time has now been arranged.

First look and feel of all new IRCTC next Gen Ticket booking website is as follows

All new IRCTC Next Gen Website Launched
All new IRCTC Next Gen Website Launched today

All new IRCTC Next Gen Website Launched today

So be ready for Ease of Travel in India. Following are new features

  • Train Search without Log on to the IRCTC Ticket booking site like earlier
  • Probability of Ticket Confirmation
  • Easier Booking
  • Easier Search
  • Easier Confirmation

Open IRCTC Next Gen Website Now by clicking here

or using

IRCTC next generation new website login

Most of them still asking for how to login to IRCTC new website, for help all those people please find the following brief note with these details.

How to login IRCTC next generation new website ?

You can login to IRCTC online ticket booking website by following steps.

  • Step 1 : Visit the IRCTC website,
  • Step 2 : If you have already having IRCTC Login ID then proceed with Step 3 else visit following link ( How to Create :: IRCTC Login Account :: Free ) to create a new login id for you. Once you created the login come back on this page and proceed.
  • Step 3 : Click on the IRCTC Login link highlighted following image to open the IRCTC Login details entering screen
IRCTC next generation new website login
IRCTC next generation new website login

Step 4 : Once you click on to the login link one popup window will open. You have to enter the IRCTC Login User ID and Password. You have enter Captica text if displayed too to logon to the new window.

IRCTC next generation login new page
IRCTC next generation login new page image

Step 5: Press Sign in button to logon to the IRCTC Online ticket booking website.


IRCTC Launched Next Generation Website: Previous Change

Previous launch of IRCTC Next generation website is as follows. This happens more than 4 years back. Before this users struggled to log on to the ticket booking website during the peak hours. Hope you remembered those bad days.

  IRCTC Launched next generation e Ticketing system to book your train ticket more faster and user friendly than earlier.

Now onwards if you are login on the ticket booking website of IRCTC (, then you will get following kind of screen which says on the intermediate screen  “Dear Customer, You have been successfully migrated to Next Generation e-Ticketing website. To Print/Cancel/FileTDR of your old transactions done before migration, click “My Transactions” below. To book e-tickets , click “Proceed For Booking”. After migration new transactions can be viewed in “Booked Ticket History” in Next Generation e-Ticketing website” To book a new ticket you have to click on Proceed for Booking option. Once you have clicked you can able to view following kind of screen which shows

  This screen having inputs same as older websites like From Station, To Station, Journey Date and Ticket Type. Please note the earlier General / Tatkal option not available but don’t worry there are moved to next screen for more friendliness. This move actually appreciating one because by the help of that you can able to view multiple availability status without any Page refresh and can able to go to the older option you have chosen. Remember on the earlier website all time you have to refresh the page to do the same and page load time consume more. I hope now you are thinking to skip the intermediate webpage for the older website transaction. Yes its possible for accessing, the IRCTC new website directly just click on the following new Next Genartion webpage path and enter the User ID and Password. IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System or Once you have open the new website path can able to view following kind of screen which says to enter the User ID , Password and Captcha.

Enjoy Booking Tickets using new Next Generation IRCTC Website and post your comments.


  1. the new web site of irctc is a very big problem to us.The old one was good.many a problems occur during log in the website.irctc should relace it in old website.

  2. Sir,
    The new IRCTC Website is really much more complicated instead of previous website. It was much simpler in previous website. Important issues which I personally faced by using the new IRCTC Website are: i) It is not easy to login into new website. Many a times, I have to click 3-4 times at least to login in (even after deleting cookies/ history etc. in browser’s settings), ii) Trains appear not in order of 00 to 24.00hrs, rather they appear randomly. for e.g. a train departing from a particular station at 22.00hrs appears first while the one departing at 09.45hrs. appears at the end somewhere; iii) In case of cancellation of transaction…it comes ‘transaction failed’ simply and I need to follow up my bank statements whether the money is refunded or not, iv) Outlook of webpage is too much complicated, instead of smooth and soothing one – so much of information on the same page, while the actually required information for booking/cancellation is much lesser, v) The right side popup window is also complicated; instead simple links at the top or bottom of webpage or even on right/ left could have been better.

    Logging In is really prblematic, as far as I experienced while using this new version of IRCTC Website.

  3. I’m unable login with my old user id and password in the new system.

    Unable to register in the new system and use the same phone number and email need IRCTC help in fixing the problem

  4. Sir,
    Request you to switch back to your old IRCTC eticketing system asap. The new website: IRCTC Next Generation eticketing system is very unfriendly to the users. I am finding it very difficult to book/check my transaction history in the new system. Request you to SWITCH BACK to the previous system immediately. This NEW SYSTEM IS GIVING A LOT OF PROBLEMS TO THE USERS. Krishna Murty

  5. hi… I have booked 4 tickets (4 different transactions) today (userid: lalitha_ll). But got SMS for only one ticket..Want to check the reamaing tickets so that I can request for SMS again. However Iam unable to see any tab related to Booked History/My Transactions…Please help…

  6. Kindly simplify reservation and more particularly CANCELLATION which is to be done in a time bound way otherwise customers stand to loose their hard earned money.
    I am trying to cancel one of my booked ticket but not able reachelp me. right site. Please h

  7. This New system has screwed the booking process, Old Site is very user friendly and has streamlined flow, it seems that railway is helping the bookies for ticketing process not for common person.Payment gateways are all messed up it takes lot of time and in mean time the ticket agents stole all the available seats.If IRCTC have some ear for our comments then please, rectify these flaws.

  8. New IRCTC site is seriously pathetic. It showed me booked tickets for 5 mins and then when I tried to take printout, it didnot happen. Now if I try to cancel the ticket, I cannot search the option for cancel the ticket or view my booked transactions. Everytime I opened the site, it simply take me to search train but no where i can see the booked transaction and no place to cancel the ticket. I am going to loose the amount of booking because of this site.
    Previous site was slow but atleast was clear and user friendly.

  9. Im not able to proceed with Make Payment. My bank is not listed under Debit Card / Netbanking. I didn find any payment gateway option. Im not able book ticket. Please solve this, how can I proceed with make payment?

  10. The new IRCTC system is flawed big time. I cannot cancel the ticket which was booked prior to the IRCTC migration to the nextgen ("so called") system as it expects me to enter "transaction id" along with PNR and other details just to look up my booked history. So, if you have not noted down the transaction id, you cannot cancel the ticket. The worst part is that the transaction id is not mentioned in the IRCTC email as well.

    Way to go IRCTC!!!, you just cannot seem to get things right. Your systems provider (Dev guys) do not seem to get basic business functionality right. Its a big shame!!! Due to your screwed up system, i am going to lose money as i cannot cancel the ticket now.

    • You can Cross Check or Cancel the Old tickets from booking history available in My Transaction –> Old Transaction History

  11. I got debit card payment option then after I select other bank options(because my bank is BANK OF BARODA), but other bank options is not coming. so please solved my problem.


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