IRCTC Hotels Booking

IRCTC Hotels Updates
IRCTC Hotels Updates

IRCTC Hotels Booking Details

IRCTC is providing the best deals on Hotel room booking in India and abroad with the best Hotel rates. IRCTC is a web portal and one of the few affordable hotel booking websites which contain a huge list of low-cost hotels in the country. The hotels are compiled in such a way in the database that you can choose them according to your destination, prices, etc as you browse through online hotel booking deals. The site is very user-friendly with 24/7 user support and a search bar that allows you to fill in all the specifications like number of guests, number of rooms, city, and more. IRCTC is providing the best deals on Hotel room booking in India and abroad with the best Hotel rates. Here the updates and details including how to book, types of services they are providing, new plans, etc are here.

IRCTC Hotels ~ News Updates

Work From Hotel With Nature travel plans by IRCTC

IRCTC launched “Work from Hotel with Nature” packages for Puri, Konark, and Gopalpur (Beach Destination of Odisha). Booking started on Wednesday i.e 09.06.2021.

During the severe hit of the COVID, -19 Pandemic and the ongoing lockdown period, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation LTD (IRCTC) has launched Exclusive Packages for professionals to continue with their work with a different set amongst natural environment near the beach, forest from the comfort of hotel rooms, wherein they can relax and enjoy along with their routine. Working away from the typical office setting has become the new normal during these pandemic times. Professionals can pick their favorite destination among the list of hotels offered under “Work from Hotel”.

As remote working becomes the new norm, and with location independence becoming an increasingly viable option, it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking for inspiration beyond the four walls of their home office.

Over time, there is an increased demand for more secluded and private environments due to health and safety concerns. IRCTC has launched exclusive packages for professionals who want to continue with their work with a different yet natural environment near the beach, forest from the comfort of hotel rooms, wherein they can relax and enjoy along with their routine.

Working away from the typical office setting is expected to become the new trend during these pandemic times.

Professional can choose destinations among Puri, Konark, and Gopalpur. The duration of the package would be for a minimum of 03 nights which can be extended on prorate basis. Similar packages for other locations are also being explored.

IRCTC Hotels ~ Types of Services

There are many types of services in the hotel industry.

  • Food and Beverage
    • All food and beverages provided in the train are part of a good selection of champagne, wine, fresh fruit and chocolate to satisfy your palate and taste faculties.
  • Spa
    • Some of the hotels you book with IRCTC offer spa facilities providing the ultimate relaxation after a long journey. Travelers can enjoy classical massage and other body treatments to feel completely rejuvenated.
  • Room Upgrades
    • On rare occasions, IRCTC provides hotel upgrades cheering many guests up with this surprise. However, in all cases it won’t be free as the hotel may charge a nominal fee for it.
  • Room Special Features
    • IRCTC provides rooms with balconies, king-size beds, bathtubs, LCD, and wireless internet among other amenities that travelers can choose according to their interests.
  • Preferred Views
    • Some may prefer a view of the ocean while others may prefer the view of the hills. IRCTC provides the room with a clear view of sights that you will prefer and definitely rejoice in.
  • Additional services
    • Additional services are always appreciated by the guests such as breakfast in bed, birthday decorations, flowers, special meals, and others for a truly memorable experience
  • Transfer
    • Good transportation is always appreciated with guests as there are many transfers required from the hotel to within the city and then back to the hotel which saves a lot of time and energy. Check the IRCTC’s hotel which you book for these facilities.
  • Fitness Activities
    • Even while traveling one needs to stay fit and in shape which can be easily attained with fitness facilities in some IRCTC hotels. One can enjoy tennis, swimming, bicycling, sauna room and other activities for a good time in our hotel packages.

List of IRCTC’s Top Hotels Destinations

Indian Railways are also in the business of running hotels which will take you to the era of comfort and hospitality to discover the lost world.

  • Hotel Puri unfurls before you a sense of timeless grace with its inexpensive room, magnificent corridors, and well-appointed terraces. All truly reminiscent of the bygone era. 4 AC, 3 Non-AC Rooms, Lounge, Billiard, Table Tennis Rooms, Library, and Bar. The hotel, as it is on the beach of Puri on the Eastern coast, provided unique bathing pleasure to the tourist.
  • Hotel, Ranchi is set amidst the sylvan settings of the Chota Nagpur plateau. Ranchi has slumbious climate, a perfect picnic spot. The hotel has 9 AC, 13 Non-AC rooms, a lounge, and a library.
  • New Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Jaipur
  • Tirupur
  • Udaipur
  • Haridwar
  • Amritsar
  • Agra
  • Goa
  • Katra
  • Shirdi

IRCTC’s Hotel Booking

IRCTC’s Hotel booking details are here.

IRCTC Hotel Booking Registration
IRCTC Hotel Booking Registration


How do I make a Hotel Booking?

Booking can be done via IRCTC website or directly search for and make the booking.

Are the room rates inclusive of taxes and service charges?

Service Charge policy differer from Hotel to Hotel. There rates are exclusive of taxes.


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