India’s First Blind Friendly Train

Mysuru-Varanasi Blind Friendly Express Train

India’s First fully reserved coaches with blind friendly signal boards introduced on Mysuru – Varanasi Express train. Mysuru – Varanasi Blind Friendly Express Train details are following.

Mysore Railway Station Board
Mysore Station
All the bogies of the Train no. 16229 / 16230 Mysuru – Varanasi Express which leaves Mysuru for Varanasi on Tuesdays and Thursdays, has been provided with metallic Braille signages inside the coaches indicating the location of alarm pull chains, toilets ,emergency windows and berth numbers for the

convince of the Blind peoples.

Train No. 16229 Mysuru to Varanasi Express Time
16229 Mysuru to Varanasi Express Time
Varanasi to Mysuru Express Time table
Varanasi to Mysuru Express Time
This new initiative was financed by Pratap Simha, Mysuru Member of Parliament (MP), from the MPLAD Fund. Mr. Simha inaugurated and inaugurated by him on Monday. He also financed Mysore
Railway station blind friendly initiative happens on last November 2015 also.
As per announcement railways plan to implement this feature for other long distance trains departures from Mysore as well.
This moment was done because currently lots of Blind peoples can’t able to find their reservation seats properly and their needy places available on the train. Also by implementing blind friendly baord for the Emergency Exit plan to guide the Blind persons for the correct location of the Emergency window when there is any emergency occur. The common practices seen on daily trains are General peoples are guide Blind people wrongly because rush of train. Hope this will change the matter too.

Upcoming Trains Changed to Blind Friendly

Following are the 2 new trains planning to do the Blind Friendly moment.
  • Train No. 16215 / 16216 Chamundi Express and the Mysuru-Talguppa Express
  • Train No. 16205 / 16206 Mysore (MYS) – Talgupa(TLGP) INTERCITY EXP
Mysore railway station having total of 118 train services and railway plans to implement the blind friendly features on all the long distance trains also.
Mysore Railway station is directly linked with Indian Railways history several places now this moment also add a feather to this Indian Railways station. Mysore Station located on Karnataka State on India. Railway zone name for this station is South Western railways. Mysore station was opened on 1870 year.


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