Indian Train Tickets for Foreigners : Rules and Conditions

Booking of Reserved Tickets by Foreign Tourists Online
Booking of Reserved Tickets by Foreign Tourists Online


Details of Indian railway rules for foreigners in India. Following are the rules and conditions.

Foreign Tourist Quota Booking via IRCTC Website

In 2017 Ministry of Railway made some  changes  in the policy of Booking of Reserved Tickets by Foreign Tourists Online, now based on the feedback received, the scheme has been slightly modified . A revised scheme of Revised Policy of Booking of Reserved Tickets by Foreign Tourists Online, released on 24.04.2018.

✅ Revised Scheme for Booking of Reserved Tickets by Foreign Tourists

  • For booking the tickets the passport number, Nationality and the International Mobile No. of the passenger has to be mandatorily entered for generation of the ticket.
  • All tickets are booked on applicable fare and no concession is admissible
  • Payment is to be made only through International debit/Credit cards
  • An SMS confirming the reservation of the ticket is sent to the registered mobile number.
  • The fare is uniformly charged at 1.5 time the base fare by Indian Railways and IRCTC collects enhanced charges of Rs.200/- per ticket
  • The passenger who has reserved the ticket under this category has to carry the original Passport (given at the time of booking ticket) with valid visa as identity proof and make it available for check during the journey.
  • In case the passenger is not able to show the original Passport with valid visa, the passenger is treated as without ticket and charged penalty equivalent to 3 times the fare of the ticket and if passenger fails to pay the penalty, legal action will be taken against the passenger.
  • Foreign tourists are allowed to register their demand up to 365 days in advance till the train is made open for booking as per advanced reservation period (ARP).

The limit up to which the demand of foreign tourists is registered is as under:- 

  • Eight berths per FAC
  • Four berths per FACCW
  • Eight berths per 2A Coach
  • Ten seats per EC coach
  • The demand is registered for all types of trains. The status on the ticket will be “Confirmed”. Coach/Seat/Berth Number will be allotted on the day of opening of reservation as per ARP except in case of Fist AC in which Coupe/ Cabin is allotted at the time of preparation of first reservation charts. 
  • As on the day of registering of requests, no train exists in the system, the composition of the train on that date is taken into account for allowing the number of berths/seats for which requests are registered e.g. beyond ARP, if there are 04 coaches of 2A in a train, then provision is  made for registering 4*8 i.e. 32 passengers. In case on the day of opening of reservation as per ARP, the number of caches of that class varies, the number of berths/passengers allowed to be registered does not change.
  • If class itself doesn’t exist once ARP opens, passengers will have to be manually allotted berths/seats in another class by database operation as is being done presently.
  • The last request being registered is honoured even if the limit above has to be extended, however, beyond that no request is registered e.g. if the last request received is for 6 passengers and there is a scope for registering request for only 3 passengers, the above said limit is extended by 3 berths/ seats to accommodate the last request. However, thereafter, no more transaction is allotted in that class beyond ARP.
  • In case of cancellation of the tickets booked under this facility by the passenger flat 50% of the fare is deducted in addition to the cancellation charges applicable while refunding the amount. The time limit for granting 50% refund is as per extant Refund rules i.e upto 4 hours before  scheduled departure of train for confirmed PNRs. Part confirmed/ part waitlist will be given refund as per rule upto 30 minutes. This rule is applicable for e-tickets as well as counter tickets.
  • No change of name is permissible on such tickets under any condition.
  • Authorised ticketing agents are not allowed to book accommodation under Foreign Tourists Quota. 
  • On the day of opening of reservation as per ARP, the accommodation will be released for general booking after accommodating of such request is registered. 

Foreign Tourist Quota within ARP

  • This quota is defined by zonal railways based on demand pattern. 
  • Booking against this quota starts from the day of opening of reservation in the train as per ARP.
  • Accommodation against this quota can be booked within ARP on payment of 1.5 times the base fare. 
  • For booking across the counter through FT Quota within ARP, payment is accepted through any type of mode i.e. Indian Currency/National/ International Credit/Debit cards.  Foreign nationals booking berths under general quota can book ticket on normal fare.
  • The accommodation under this quota is allowed to be booked up to the limit of foreign tourist quota defined by the Railways subject to the condition that the last party is accommodation in general quota if partial accommodation is available under foreign tourist quota. The fare for the entire party in such cases is 1.5 times the base fare.
  • If foreign tourists quota is exhausted, system will not automatically book in GN quota, the passenger has to explicitly book in General quota on payment of normal fare. 
  • No waiting list tickets are issued except in case the last request for foreign tourist quota is more than the quota and there is no accommodation available in general quota at the time of booking. 
  • The unutilsed accommodation under foreign tourist quota is released to RAC/ waiting list passengers at the time of preparation of first reservation chart. 

Detailed PDF of the above policy are attached here:-



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