Indian Rail Online Fast Ticket Booking Services

Railway Online Ticket Booking Services

How to book a train ticket secure and fast using the internet?

Most of the persons loves to travel says this question every day. For helping those persons  I am giving details about the Indian Railways Approved Online ticket booking sites , so please don’t go with other sites that may be spam. Details of Railway Online Ticket Booking Services.

Official Website

  • IRCTC Official Online Ticket Booking Site:
    • provides all type services related to training ticket booking including Online booking, Reservation Enquiries, PNR Enquiry, Train Enquiry, Train/Fare Accommodation and Trains Between Important – Indian railway online reservation, train ticket bookingIRCTC users can either opt for I-Ticket or E-Ticket. I-Tickets are delivered to your address by courier. E-Tickets are more convenient since you can take a print copy of it from your computer. The cancellation procedures for the two are slightly different.IRCTC has also introduced IRCTC Mobile, Railway Ticketing through mobile phones. You can start using it right away if you are an IRCTC user and have a Java-enabled mobile phone or a smartphone with GPRS service activated on your mobile phone. Payments are made by credit card/cash card. Indian Railways Reservation enquiries can also be done through “India Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry” website online at
  • Indian Rail Approved Websites
    • Most of the time users complain that IRCTC site is slow or busy to book the ticket. I am also facing that situation previously but when I know about these sites me took my tickets within 1 minute rather than 5minuets to 1 hour. Another advantage of these sites is that load every page quick. We can book the flight tickets and Hotels also.
      • Clear Trip: To book the ticket via Clear Trip click on the link and then click on the Trains if you have an account in the Clear Trip otherwise create an account again goto location and book the ticket.
      • To book the ticket via open ixigo Website and then click on the Trains if you have an account in the otherwise create an account again goto location and book the ticket.

Both the and are providing fast ticket booking.


  1. There is a bug in the online railway ticket booking system through IRCTC.CO.IN site.

    Today I tried booking 2 tickets using irctc web site in NAGPUR PUNE EXP. At that time 67 seats were available. I have provided the option "
    Book my ticket only if atleast one lower berth is allotted.".
    I tried to book the ticket two time but for both the time system failed.

    Latter at my third attempt, i just clicked the option "Book my ticket only if all the above passengers are allotted berths in the same coach.". Surprisingly with this option I got one "Side Lower" berth and one "Middle" berth.

    In my first attempt I have already given the "Side Lower" berth as my preference, but that time system failed by saying no lower birth available.

    Is this a bug in online railway ticket booking system or this is feature not to assigned Lower berth to needy passengers.


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