Go – India Smart Cards

Northern Railway published that Indian Railway decided to tuning into the life – changes of the public, for this Railway decided to launch Go-India Smart Cards. Go-India Smart card would afford rail passengers advantages like avoiding problems of Coin Change and save valuable passenger time (queue time)and for hassle free purchase. Details are following.
  • Introduced as a pilot project, this value proposition would cover 11 stations of the New Delhi – Mumbai and New Delhi – Kolkata sections spread over 6 Zonal Railways. on Northern Railway, New Delhi has been identified as one of the centers under this Pilot for the Go-India Smart Card project. 

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How to get Go-India Smart Cards?

  • 2 counters one for Unreserved Ticketing System(UTS) and one for Passenger Reservation System(PRS) have been made operational towards Ajmeri Gate side at New Delhi and a separate counter for issue of Go-India Smart card has been opened. The passenger can purchase UTS ticket through Go-India Smart card from the nominated UTS counter and also can purchase PRS Ticket from Go-India  PRS counter installed adjacent to PRS current reservation counter towards Ajmeri Gate side.

Features of Go-India Smart Cards 

  • Go-India Smart Card will be used for Indian Railway application i.e. Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS), Passenger Reservation System (PRS) and Retiring Room (RR) counters and existing Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM)s.
  • Go-India smart card will be a separate card from existing ATVM smart card. 
  • Go-India smart card can be used across UTS, PRS, RR and existing ATVM of Indian Railway but existing ATVM smart card can be used only across ATVMs of that region. 
  • Go-India Smart Card akin to ATVM can be purchased by paying a security amount of Rs.50/- with the first minimum recharge/top-up of Rs. 20/- 
  • Both Go-India Smart Card and ATVM Cards can be recharged in the multiple of Rs. 50/- but maximum recharge amount is Rs. 10,000/- for Go-India Smart Cards as against the maximum recharge amount of Rs. 5000/- for ATVM card.
  • on Go-India Smart card at ATVMs/UTS counters, instead of giving bonus advantage, 5% discount will be given on ticket face value.
  • On Go-India smart card, no concession benefit is available on PRS ticket, booking of RR, renewal of season ticket and non-suburban journey ticket beyond 150 kms. 
  • Purchase of platform tickets, BPT tickets, miscellaneous tickets and money receipts will not be allowed through Go-India smart card.
  • In case of PRS/RR tickets, there is no bonus/discount advantage given at the time of booking and during booking/issuance of ticket, ticket fare/amount will be directly debit from the Go-India smart card.
  • Security deposit and balance refundable can be taken back at any time during the validity of Go-India Smart Card while it can be refunded up to one month after expiry of validity of ATVM Smart Card. 
  • No refund will be given nor duplicate card issued in case of loss/theft/mutilated card on both Smart Cards. 
  • Refund on unused/partially used Smart Card will be done on deduction of Rs.15/- as processing costs.
  • The Railway reserves the right to modify/withdraw any facility currently allowed on both the Smart Cards.


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