Flap Gates at Railway Stations

QR Code for Mumbai Local Trains and Stations
QR Code for Mumbai Local Trains and Stations

Flap Gates at Railway Stations

Railway started to install flap gates at the Railway Stations especially Mumbai Suburban Railway stations. Further details of Flap based gate system at Railway stations are following.

Flap Gates at Entry and Exist of CSMT to Screen Commuters

Updated : 07.10.2020

Central Railway has installed flap gates on the entry and exit point of CSMT Mumbai to screen outstation passengers and study passengers movements. This is the first time that falls gates have been installed at any station on Mumbai’s suburban railway network. 

The gate has a quick response (QR) code scanner and thermal scanning facilities. Passengers will have to place the QR code generated on their e-tickets at the entry points of the station for the validation of their tickets. This will be generated from the tickets booked through the Indian Rail Catering Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website. Passengers who book their tickets from the booking windows will receive the QR codes on their mobile phones. 

Access inside the station will be permitted only after temperature screening of passengers. “The falp gates will facilitate safe travel and promote social distancing between passengers. It will also help railway staff to detect unauthorised access to station premises,” the official said. 

The Western Railway will also be soon installing flap gates on Churchgate railway station. 

Flap Gates at Railway Stations – Benefits and Working Method

Railway decides to install flap gates at the Railway Stations. The system will allow access only after validation of ticket details and temperature screening. Further details of Flap based gate system at Railway stations are following.

Main Benefits:-

  • Safe travel of the passengers during the pandemic like Covid 19.
  • Promote social distancing between passengers and railway staff.
  • Help in detecting unauthorised access to station premises and rationalise human resources.

CSMT Mumbai, railway station to soon get Metro station like flap gates. Passengers will be able to use QR code provided on their tickets to enter the station, an online newspaper published the news.

With the Central Railway finalising the plan of installing flap gates at the Mumbai CSMT within a month, it is set to become the first railway station in the city to have the special feature. However, a similar plan for the Churchgate station is still in the planning stage.

Railway decided to install flap gates within a month for long-distance passengers. The gates can be accessed only using QR-coded tickets. The gates will have both a QR code scanner and a thermal scanner. Passengers will have to scan the ticket details at the gate to enter the railway station. Access will be granted only after ticket details and body temperature are validated.

Currently, a QR code is generated for tickets booked through the IRCTC website or PRS counters. The code carries all the ticket details, which passengers can access through the IRCTC app or by clicking the URL provided in the SMS received on booking the ticket.

Ticket checkers at the CSMT have already been given optical character recognition (OCR) ticket scanners using which they can scan all kinds of tickets, not just QR-coded ones. Western Railway also said a similar feature was being planned for the Churchgate station. However, as per the plan, two main entry points at the CSMT outstation terminus where passengers get down from taxis will have flap gates. Gate A would have two gates and Gate B three of them.


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