Double Decker Trains In India

Double Decker Trains

Double Decker Trains In India are fully Air Conditioned (AC) trains with 2 Floor Express Trains. This is considered to be highest priority train in India. Double deckers having less number of stoppages also.

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Double Decker Trains Coach Factory Details and First Run

Double Decker Trains in India
Double Decker Trains in India

The Kapurthalas Rail Coach Factory (RCF), rolled out the country’s first air conditioned double-decker coach for oscillation trials on the Delhi-Muradabad section. RCF will start manufacturing the coaches after successful completion of oscillation trials. These futuristic high-speed stainless steel AC coaches would be introduced to cater to the heavy rush of commuters in high density corridors offering AC travel at a low cost.

The first double Decker train would be seen running on track by end of this year. The new coach with pleasing green-yellow color scheme has all the features and the comforts of a Shatabdi coach. A totally new coach shell design capable of running at a speed of 160 kmph was developed by RCF engineers in tandem with Research Design and Standard Organisation (RDSO) within a short span of just nine months.

In the new design, 128 passengers can be seated as compared with 78 passengers in Shatabdi chair cars, thus increasing the capacity by almost 70 per cent. The overall height of a double Decker coach has been increased marginally (four and a half inches) keeping in view the constraints like overhead structures, bridges, electric traction equipment, platforms etc, so that these coaches can be used without modifying any of the fixed structures except for clearing some minor infringements. Space for the two decks has been generated by optimally using the well space between the two bogies. To save upon space, it was decided to use End-On-Generation configuration where power for train lighting and air-conditioning is supplied by two power cars, attached at both ends of the train.

Double Decker Trains for Kerala

Double Decker Trains In India : History 

Based upon the Rail Budget Feb 24th 2010 presented by Mamata Banarjee, Double Decker Train building started at the Rail Coach Factory (RCF) of Kapurthala,in Punjab,boasts of developing a prototype of the country’s first air conditioned double decker coach.The officials of the factory claim that the double-decker coach has been completed in a record time of eight months. RCF’s General Manager Pardeep Kumar said that the preliminary testing of the double-decker prototype has been conducted successfully, and it would be rolled out next month for trials. “We have made India’s first double-Decker AC coach in the RCF. We have completed a prototype of the coach and the first stage of testing of the coach has also been completed successfully this month. Earlier also, double-decker coaches were made but they did not have any AC and had some or the other manufacturing problems. So, we have overcome all those problems and made this coach with a completely new design,” Kumar said. The new coach shell design is capable of running at a speed of 160 kilometer/hour, and it will be 1.5 feet higher than the normal coach and will have a seating capacity of about 130.

Travelling in an intercity air-conditioned double decker train, as proposed by the railway minister, could be the first of its kind experience for many, but the concept is not totally new to Puneites who have experienced travelling in non-AC double-decker coaches two decades back.In early 80s, the railways coined the idea of non-AC double-decker coaches which were attached to the Pune-Mumbai Sinhagad express. However, after a few years, the coaches were replaced by the normal ones without citing any reason.


  1. Train is very late as per the schedule ….people opt this train as emergency and this train is creating difficulty to reach us on time …please check its timing ….very dissappointed

  2. I also remember travelling in Black diamond express upper deck from dhanbad to asansol

    Even now there's non-ac double decker running betwn Mumbai and Surat.

  3. I miss the old double decker Sinhagad probably first train in white color. I liked it as a kid. I had travelled on its inauguration day with my grandma 🙂


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