Double Decker Trains
Double Decker Trains

Double Decker Trains for Kerala

A Famous Newspaper reported that Indian Railway decided to announce Double Decker Trains for Kerala Trains to control the extra passenger rush and for the convenience of the passengers. At first, Double Decker Compartment will come in the Day time Trains only in Kerala. Indian Government and Indian Railway took this decision because of the over the rush of the passengers in the trains including Jan Shatabdi and Railway can’t add any new compartments in the trains. Without any changes in the current track system, the Double Decker trains can run. Currently, Eight Double Decker Trains are running under Indian Railway, this includes Chennai – Bangalore route also. In 1981 there was Double Decker Compartments in the Enad Express in Kerala route. But it stopped because of the complaint regarding overheat and pollution. So this time Railway decided to implement Double Decker compartments in the AC section only.

What is Double Decker Trains

Double Decker are fully Air Conditioned (AC) trains with 2 Floor express trains. This is considered to be highest priority train in India. Double deckers having less number of stoppages also.

Double Decker Trains :: Features

  • In normal Chair Car Compartments there are 70 seats, but in Double Decker Trains this is 120.
  • The height of normal Train is 4025 cm but in the case of Double Decker Trains the height is 4366 cm.
  • The width of the Double Decker Train is comparatively less than the normal Train Compartment.
  • Actually the Double Decker Trains Compartment for Kerala has 3 Sections, the Lower part has 22 Seats, Middle section includes 48 seats and the Upper part includes 50 seats.
  • Manufacturing of the Double Decker Compartment for Kerala is going on in the Kapurthala Railway Coach Factory.

Of course, for every new implementation, there are some drawbacks or inconvenience also, here Railway decided to make Double Decker Compartments in the AC section only so has to convert trains like Jan Shatabdi into full AC and it will affect the ordinary passengers.

Double Decker Express Trains List

At present, there are 6 AC and 2 Non-AC Double Decker Express trains operating in India. Double Decker Express Trains List is here.


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