Diva – Vasai Road Suburban Train Time Table

Diva - Vasai Road Suburban Train Time Table
Diva - Vasai Road Suburban Train Time Table

Diva – Vasai Road Suburban Train Time Table

Central Railway will introduce MEMU services on Vasai Road-Diva-Panvel-Pen section. The inaugural service from Pen to Panvel will run on 11.11.2018 (open timing during inaugural function). Regular services on this section will commence from 12.11.2018 (Monday).

Total 8 MEMU services will be run on Vasai Road-Diva-Panvel-Pen section with effect from 12.11.2018 except Saturday and Sunday. The Station-wise time table of the 8 Memu services with effect from 12.11.2018 is given below. Following are the details of Diva – Vasai Road Suburban New Train Time Table 2019 – 2020.

The detailed timings of new MEMU services on Diva – Vasai Road will be as under.

61022 Diva - Vasai Road    61021 Vasai Road - Diva 
16.25 hrs16.25ThDiva JnTh18.35 hrs18.35 hrs
16.30-ThDativali Chord CabinTh18.30-
16.36-A DDombivli CentralD A18.20-
16.38, 16.3916.38ThKoparTh18.18, 18.1718.17
16.42-A DUlhas Bridge CabinD A18.14-
16.46, 16.4716.45, 16.46A DBhivandiD A18.09, 18.0818.08, 18.07
16.55, 16.5616.55A DKharbaoD A17.57, 17.5617.56
17.03 hrs, 17.0417.03A DKaman RoadD A17.49, 17.4817.48
17.09 hrs, 17.1017.09A DJuchandraD A17.43, 17.4217.42
17.25 hrs17.25AVasai RoadD17.3517.35

Introduction of MEMU Services on Diva-Pen and Diva-Vasai Road section

610196101561017Stations  610206101661018
11.20 hrs18.45 hrs09.25 hrsDepDiva JnArr15.30 hrs09.10 hrs11.10 hrs
11.24  hrs18.49 hrs09.29 hrsDepDativaliDep15.19 hrs08.58 hrs11.01 hrs
11.31 hrs18.55 hrs09.36 hrsDepNiljeDep15.14 hrs08.53 hrs10.56 hrs
11.40 hrs19.04 hrs09.45 hrsDepTaloja PanchanandDep15.05 hrs08.44 hrs10.47 hrs
11.45 hrs19.09 hrs09.50 hrsDepNavde RoadDep15.00 hrs08.37 hrs10.42 hrs
11.49 hrs19.13 hrs09.54 hrsDepKalamboliDep14.56 hrs08.33 hrs10.38 hrs
12.00 hrs19.25 hrs10.05 hrsDepPanvelDep14.46 hrs08.23 hrs10.30 hrs
12.10 hrs19.35 hrs—-DepSomatneDep14.35 hrs08.10 hrs—–
12.17 hrs19.42 hrsDepRasayaniDep14.28 hrs08.03 hrs
12.23 hrs19.48 hrsDepAptaDep14.23 hrs07.58 hrs
12.35 hrs20.00 hrsDepJiteDep14.09 hrs07.44 hrs
12.42 hrs20.07 hrsDepHamrapurDep14.02 hrs07.37 hrs
12.55 hrs20.25 hrsArrPenDep13.55 hrs07.30 hrs

Nerul/Belapur – Uran Railway Corridor 


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