Disposable Pillow Cover and Napkins in Trains

Disposable Pillow Covers and Napkins in Trains
Disposable Pillow Covers and Napkins in Trains

Disposable Pillow Covers and Napkins in Trains

Indian Railway announced that Eastern Railway introduced disposable pillow covers and Napkins in Trains for the passengers. Railway authorities said it will provide more comfort to the passengers.

With a view to further improve passenger amenities and cleanliness, Eastern Railway has introduced disposable pillow covers as a trial basis in Howrah – New Delhi Rajdhani and Sealdah – New Delhi Rajdhani Express.

Disposable Pillow Cover in Trains : Rates

According to the proposal, if passengers take only disposable napkins and pillow covers, there will be no extra charge. But if they want the full disposable set, including a bedsheet, quilt, pillow cover, and napkin, they will be charged ₹100. When passengers were asked about the amount they would be willing to pay, 37% of the respondents said they would pay ₹160 over the ticket fare, 27 % said ₹50, 19% said they would shell out ₹100, while 17 % said ₹75. When the respondents were shown samples of the disposable linen, 97% of them preferred it to the existing linen.

  • Disposable Pillow Cover and Napkins – No charges
  • Full Disposable Set (including a bed sheet, quilt, pillow cover, and napkin) – Rs.100/-

The railways recently reduced the width of the bedsheets from 56 inches to 38 inches. Also, the earlier white bedsheets were replaced by printed bed sheets made by prisoners in the Yerawada and Aurangabad jails. The railways have procured 1,600 such bed sheets and 6,000 linen covers (made from discarded newspapers) from the two prisons.

However, the authorities were considering to start providing disposable linen for a number of factors. “We found that most passengers were not satisfied with the existing linen over the question of hygiene and other things. Also, from our point of view, handling the existing linen is costlier and more time-consuming than disposable linen,” the Western Railway official said. At present, the railway’s staff has to take the linen to the laundry and then back onto trains. Hence, disposable linen would be more convenient for passengers as well as for the railways.

Mukul Jain, Divisional Railway Manager, Western Railway, said, “We have sent the proposal to the headquarters. But to clear the proposal, the policy needs to be changed, and hence the headquarters have sent it to the Railway Board. Hopefully, we will get a positive response from the board.”

Earlier News

Disposable Pillow Cover in Trains

Nearly 92% of train passengers have said they are unsatisfied with the linen provided on long-distance trains, a Western Railway survey has found. The passengers also responded positively to the option of disposable linen, with 42% being in favor of an entire disposable set, and 48% in favor of just disposable napkins and pillow covers.

Western Railway has written to the Railway Board to start providing disposable linen to passengers.

A senior Western Railway official said, “Passengers are willing to pay for the disposable linen. The survey was carried out for a period of 15 days on air-conditioned trains as well as in sleeper coaches. Surprisingly, even the passengers traveling in sleeper class said they were ready to pay some amount for disposable linen sets,” the official said.



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