Data Logger System in Railways

Sagarmala Yojana
Sagarmala Yojana

Data Logger System in Railways

Data Logger System in Railways
Data Logger System in Railways

Ministry of Railways have eliminated the practice of manually recording punctuality performance at 41 major railway junctions across zones to ensure correct reporting of such data.  Following are the details about Data Logger System in Railways.

Data Logger: A data logger (also data logger or data recorder) is an electronic device that records data over time or in relation to location either with a built in instrument or sensor or via external instruments and sensors. Data logger system monitors the railway signaling system by monitoring the status of relays and data generated by processor based signaling equipment. Potential Free contacts of relays are mined to data logger as input. Data from processor based equipment is acquired through communication port.

Railways instructs Zonal Railways to link the arrival and departure of trains with Data Loggers. The Railway Board has instructed zonal railways to link the arrival and departure of trains with data loggers from January 1, 2018 without the fear of drop in punctuality and report authentic punctuality status. Punctuality of almost 80% of mail/express trains is being monitored through this system. This system will improve punctuality of trains and provide real time train movement information to passengers, Railway announced through the press release.

Railway zones have provided such data loggers this across 41 stations which include Howrah, Mumbai CST, Mughalsarai, Lucknow, Kanpur, Chennai Central, Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

It has been an endeavour of Indian Railways to run trains punctually and provide information to their customers more current, reliable and accurate, with minimal human intervention. Data Loggers were provided at Stations to monitor the status of functioning of signaling gears. For train control, Optical Fibre network has also been laid and linked to control centres of the Divisions.

It was decided to utilize these data loggers for capturing trains running information and update Control Office Application (COA) automatically at the central server. For this purpose, to start with, the data loggers of one terminal station and one more station at each zonal railway is linked with COA through optical fibre backbone for automatically picking up the train running status. The work at 17 terminal stations and 17 other stations has been implemented as a pilot project. The system has been working since 1st Jan.2018 and extended to total 41 stations. (List attached)

As on date, punctuality of almost 80% of mail/express trains is being monitored through this system. It has been planned to further expand the network covering all the terminal stations. With the implementation of this system, the information available to the passenger is reliable and more current.

List of Railway stations zones where data loggers have been provided :

Station Name and Division of Railway are following :-

Khandwa Bhusawal –  CR
Balahrshah Nagpur – CR
Roha Mumbai – CR
Mumbai CST Mumbai – CR
Asansol Asansol – ER
Howrah Howrah – ER
East Outer Cabin Mughalsarai – ECR
Manpur Mughalsarai – ECR
Mughalsarai(NEWC) Mughalsarai – ECR
Goldenganj Sonpur – ECR
Seemapur Sonpur – ECR
KIUL Danapur – ECR
Pradankhunta Dhanbad – ECR
Bhubaneshwar Khurda Road – ECoR
Bhadrakh Khurda Road – ECoR
Duvvada Waltair – ECoR
Chipyana Delhi – NR
Palwal Delhi – NR
Kanpur Allahabad – NCR
Lucknow Jn Lucknow – NER
Gorakhpur RRI Lucknow –  NER
Varanasi City Varanasi – NER
Guwahati Lumding – NFR
New Bongaigaon-3 cabins Rangiya – NFR
Rani nagarJalpaiguri Katihar – NFR
26 Old Malda Jn Katihar – NFR
Katihar RRI-3 cabins Katihar – NFR
Jaipur Jaipur – NWR
Rewari Jaipur – NWR
Chennai Central Chennai – SR
Jolarpetttai Chennai – SR
Gudur Vijayawada – SCR
Secuderabad Secuderabad – SCR
Jharsuguda Chakradharpur – SER
Bilaspur Bilaspur – SECR
Banglore Banglore – SWR
Ahmedabad Ahmedabad – WR
Nagda Ratlam – WR
Bina Bhopal -WCR
Jabalpur Jabalpur – WCR
New Katni Jn Jabalpur – WCR

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