Cycle at Metro Stations For Rent

Cycle at Metro Stations For Rent
Cycle at Metro Stations For Rent

Cycle at Metro Stations For Rent

Cycles and e-bike hiring facility are available at Metro Stations, details are here.

E-Bikes at Kurla Station, BKC Soon

Central Railway on 01.03.2020 announced that it will provide exclusive 115 square non-motorised environment friendly transport hubs, the first of which will come outside Kurla station on its Western side. The e-bikes will serve commuters between the business and student district of Bandra, Kurla and BKC. It is the first time that the Indian Railways is providing docking hubs for e-bike docking outside stations.

This will be an app based service, commutes must download the Yulu App, which will enable them to scan the QR code and unlock the cycle. Usage fees of Rs.10/- will be deducted through the app. The user has to pay Rs.10/- to unlock the bike, and subsequently pay Rs.10/- for every 10 minutes of use. The top speed of the bike has been capped at 25 km per hour. The bikes are powered by interchangeable batteries, and hence would to need to be recharged at the docking hub.

Jagruti Nagar : Bicycles for Rent at Metro Stations

At just ₹2 an hour, Mumbaikars can hire bicycles from Jagruti Nagar Metro station to their destinations, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) Commissioner R.A. Rajeev and Mumbai Metro One president and CEO Abhay Kumar Mishra inaugurated the service at the Metro station on Sunday i.e 23.02.2020.

Mr. Rajeev and Mr. Mishra took the first bicycle rides to inaugurate the service that will be provided to commuters in collaboration with a company called MYBYK. The bicycles, equipped with an in-built GPS location system, will be available at ₹2 per hour and people can avail of multiple daily, weekly and monthly plans.

“It will enable us to provide a clean environment along with end-to-end solutions for public transport. Such projects can become successful only when there is supporting infrastructure. We have to build cycle tracks and remember the pedestrians before constructing roads,” said Mr. Mishra. “It is the ultimate kind of last-mile connectivity that any Metro station will aspire for.”

Mr. Rajeev said all the Metro stations in Mumbai will eventually be bike-friendly. “We will develop all the new Metro stations with multi-modal integration with share taxis, bikes including non-motorised bikes, buses and all other means of transport for parking spaces. People will have easy access to these. We have planned to increase the capacity of public transport to push the number of people utilising it. We will double the capacity of public transport,” he said.

On the complaints about the lack of cycling tracks, Mr. Rajeev asked, when people can travel by their own vehicles even when the roads are not up to the mark, why is riding a bicycle such an issue without a dedicated bicycle track. No mass traffic transport system in the world has been successful in diverting people towards public transport without taking care of the first and last mile, he said.

Electric Bike From Delhi Metro Station

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has been making plans to enhance last mile connectivity for its users. First, it was a bicycle sharing system setup at select stations and now DMRC is offering electric bikes in partnership with Yulu at a total of nine metro stations.

The confirmation came recently as the Bengaluru based ride sharing start-up for electric bikes announced the initiation of its operations in Delhi. This is not the first time that Yulu has undertaken such operations. Before Delhi, the micro mobility start-up already has made its mark in cities like Bengaluru and Navi Mumbai.

As per the partnership pact between the two, Yulu has deployed a fleet of 250 electric bikes across locations in Delhi. The e-bikes being used is the Yulu Miracle model that comes with a top speed of 25 kmph and a range of 60 km on a single charge. As of now, Yulu services will only be available through 40 Yulu zones built across nine metro stations on both Yellow and Blue metro lines. Going forward, the plan is to increase the count of these e-bikes to around 5,000 in Delhi-NCR, within this year. By the second half of the 2020, Yulu co-founder, Amit Gupta plans to have 25,000 of these units across the region.

How to use the e-bikes

It is interesting to note that since the top speed of the e-bikes have been limited, no driving license is required for their operation. Interested users can simply download the Yulu app on their smartphones and complete the registration process.

Once the user is logged in, he or she can visit the nearest Yulu zone and unlock a Yulu e-bike using a QR code on the app.

List of Station facility provided by Indian Railway


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