Covid Kits Available at Railway Stations

Covid Kits by Indian Railway at Platform
Covid Kits by Indian Railway at Platform

Covid 19 Kit Assistance, Special Counters at Railway Stations Details

Details of Covid 19 Kit assistance, special counters at Railway Stations are here.

Covid – 19 info counter set up at Secunderabad Railway Station

South Central Railways has opened a special counter to disseminate information about Coronavirus threat to life. The counter operates from Platform 1 at the Secunderabad railway station. It provides all data pertaining to government and private hospitals with ICU and bed facility as per daily bulletins released by the state government, as also details about the oxygen distributors, the helpline numbers, online doctor’s consultancy, hotels with quarantine facility, caretaker services, ambulance numbers, information about lifesaving medicines, vaccination centres, government quarantine and Isolation centres, as also Covid testing centres.

Covid-19 Assistance Kiosk Installed At KSR Bengaluru, Yesvantpur & Bengaluru Cantonment Stations

South Western Railway announced (22.04.2021) that to aid the fight against Covid19, Railway Protection Force (RPF) Bengaluru Division has installed a COVID-19 Assistance Kiosk at KSR Bengaluru, Yesvantpur & Bengaluru Cantonment stations where passengers are made aware about COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Important information about state COVID-19 helpline numbers, details of testing centers, contact of ambulances, contacts of hospitals, bed availability, covid 19 state guidelines of Karnataka and movement and protocols of other states are also being given to passengers.

Covid Kits Available at Railway Stations

Coronavirus essentials like masks, gloves, sanitisers, bedroll kits to be sold at MRP at Railway Platform. The protective items to be of good quality with purpose of maintaining hygiene and fulfilling the needs of passengers.

Coronavirus essentials like masks, gloves, sanitisers, bedroll kits will now be sold at the multi-purpose stalls at railway platforms. The stalls, run by private contractors, carry most items that travellers could require, like toiletries, books, medicines and packed eatables. The stalls will now also be able to sell essential items required to protect passengers from coronavirus infection, according to a set of instructions issued by the Railway Board.

“Mindful of the fact that passengers travelling during these times might need certain essential items which they would need to buy in case they forget to get it from home, we have directed our multipurpose stalls to sell them. However, we have said that they have to be sold at MRP and no profiteering will be allowed through it,” said a senior railway official.

Sr No.Rs/-Item Name
1250/- 1 Bed Sheet, 1 Mask, 1 Sanitizer Sachet, 1 Blanket, 1 Pillow
2200/- 1 Bed Sheet, 1 Mask, 1 Sanitizer Sachet, 1 Blanket
3100/-1 Bed Sheet, 1 Mask, 1 Sanitizer Sachet, 1 Pillow
450/-1 Bed Sheet, 1 Mask, 1 Sanitizer Sachet

The official said bedroll kits, which are no longer provided on board trains due to fear of the coronavirus spread, will also be available at these stalls. They will be sold as a kit, with pillow, pillow covers, blankets and face towel. They will also be sold separately.

The order issued last month stated that the emphasis was on maintaining hygiene and fulfilling needs of the passengers.

“These takeaway bedroll and other protective items should be of good quality and not exceed the MRP,” the official said, clarifying that the stall owners are not bound to sell these items manufacturing by the Railways.


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